April 7, 2020

Cheating at work

My wife, Stacey, began to cheat after our second child was born, I we had an IUD placed to avoid any further pregnancies.

I knew other guys found her hot. There was no denying that. She is a brunette with bedroom hazel eyes, and a well endowed bosom that stood out on her medium frame. They were an eye catcher, and now she had two babies, and feeding, they were well engorged. She would take her pump to work with her and milk herself at breaks and lunch. She had just returned to work, and maybe two months since returning that I came across a pair of her well used panties. I became enthralled and some what upset by this discovering. However, I didn’t take them to my wife, I just used them for my pleasure.

She talked about different guys at work. Now i knew someone was fucking her, and dropping their cock load inside her. It was at this point i began to feel small and somewhat weak in knowing some guy was taking advantage of me. Stacey wasn’t satisfied sexually and needed another man.

It was about two weeks afterwards that I got lucky and found a letter from a coworker in her glove box. His name was Mike, and he said how much he liked being with her, how pretty she was and how good in bed she was. But his letter was a goodbye. He said he wanted to keep their relationship quiet, because he wanted to keep his reputation. He said he was asked by other co workers if he was seeing Stacey too? He said rumors were going around that Stacey was different guys in the office, and was asked if he was one of them. I was floored. Not just one guy, but a few?? Mikes letter not only confirmed he was bedding my wife, but other guys were also. I never imagine that my wife would be the office slut.

I wanted to know everything. It was like reading a fantasy. How big were the mens cocks? Did she suck their cocks?, were they bigger than me? More satisfying? Where’d she do it?

All this raced through my head as I went to bring it to her attention. When I opened the door, holding the letter, she immediately went defensive, “It’s all lies”, she said. I could only laugh at the statement. I wasn’t as mad as expected.

She would finally admit there were four guys she was sleeping with. She said she felt pressured, as they would always tease about her tits, and wanting them and play with them and “help” with her pumping. She admitted it made her feel sexy and attractive with the attention. The four were Mike, Dennis, Tony and Brian. She said the only one she was attracted to was Mike. She was with him twice a week. He would go shopping with her after work. They would first go back to his place and fuck.

Tony and Brian were mainly her lunch guys. They wanted to go to lunch and park and watch her pump her tits. She said they wanted her to get naked and pump her breasts. But she’d only let them watch and fondle her tits. She would blow them only once or twice, before the letter.

Dennis was the only one she said came over to our place. She told me while she was pregnant that he asked her to go to lunch on their days off. I said “he knows your married right?” She said “of course he does” but then added “that didn’t stop him before, as he had been with a married woman before.” He started calling and checking up on her after our second child and was soon coming over before she went back to work. She told me she had sex with him the most. She thought it was about 10 -15 times.

She cried while telling me all this. And she never returned to her job. She said people were jealous and started a lot of gossip. I knew she was only doing so because she got caught. I never let her know how I knew before the letter. I knew each guy she talked about from work that she was possibly sleeping with them. I would continue to find used panties.

by: Eric, California - USA