January 19, 2020

Cum into wifes panties

Although tame compared to other stories, I have to tell someone about this experience.

I got chatting to a guy in a chatroom about my wife and allowed him to see my wife’s revealing photographs, she was unaware of the exchange. Eventually I agreed to allow him to visit my house and told my wife that I was selling a few PC games. He arrived and was able to meet and see my wife in person, all without her knowledge. I took him upstairs on the pretence of showing the games on my PC, but instead opened the file containing my wife’s photographs.

We both got very aroused looking at her photographs, made more exciting that he had met and seen her only minutes before. He asked if I had a pair of her worn knickers he could inspect. I went to the bathroom laundry bin and found her most recently worn white cotton knickers and handed them to him.

With his very large stiff veined cock in his hand and holding her knicker gusset over his nose he began slowly wanking whilst I showed each of her photographs in turn. We were both so very hard and I too was slowly wanking.

His cock seemed to swell and expand as his breathing got more rapid. He placed the head of his cock into the gusset of her knickers and with a stifled grunt spurted a massive load of cum into the place where her cunt had previously been. I too followed by spurting my load onto the carpet.

He left after saying goodbye to my wife, obviously pleased that he knew what was under the clothes she was wearing. He even shook her hand with the same spunk stained hand his cock had been in

Never chatted or seen him again. Even telling you about it has got me aroused again.

by: Bazfox