December 30, 2019

A snapshot

I adore helping my wife get ready to go on a date with another man. I get in the shower with her and wash her body from head to feet. Carefully shaving her pussy the way her boyfriend likes. Then I dry her off completely and lotion her entire body. She’ll then start to put on her makeup while I make her a drink and lay out some of her sexy clothes on the bed. (Mind you, I’m stroking myself throughout this entire process.) Eventually she’ll come into the bedroom and select some clothes to wear. Her lover has already told us some of the things he likes to see on a woman. I help her get her stockings on (making sure they’re straight), fasten her high heels (kissing her feet in the process) and zip up her sexy dress. Throughout this process I’m continually thanking her for letting me help her get ready to go fuck another man.

Then he comes and picks up my wife. They have a proper date (dinner, drinks, then back to his place for sex) while I wait at home writhing with delicious angst, stroking my cock non-stop. (I’m careful not to cum. That comes later, if at all.) Sometimes I’ll get a message update or a picture. And that causes me to stroke my cock furiously and it’s heaven. I’ll message back and again thank her for being such an amazing wife. I’ll watch TV or clean and try to distract myself a bit (until I get another update and then I’m immediately hard and jerking my cock). Hours later I’ll get a message that she’s on her way home. Again, I’m impossibly hard and stroking. When she finally comes in the front door, I’m on my knees, cock in hand. I can see how disheveled she is from hours of sex with him (her hair is a mess, her dress obviously just thrown back on). She walks over to me (still on my knees stroking) and lifts up her dress. Of course her sexy panties that I help her put on are now gone. Her freshly fucked pussy is SO BEAUTIFUL! Her pussy lips are swollen and wet and her pussy is gaping open from hours of sex with her lover. I’m in an absolute euphoric nirvana as I very gently begin to kiss and lick her sore pussy. All the while continually thanking her for going out with another man and having sex with him. The rest of our night will consist of me worshiping her pussy slowly as she gives me details of her evening with her lover. Eventually I might cum in my hand as I taste her and her lovers sex from her amazing pussy.

The next morning I will get up and make her breakfast, waiting on her hand and foot. Never missing an opportunity to thank her again for fucking another man and begging her to please have more sex with him. For weeks afterwards I will treat her like the Goddess she is, worshipping the ground she walks on. Bring her flowers, tell her how much I love her, giving her massages every night, licking her pussy whenever she wants (sometimes while she’s sexting with her lovers).

by: StagLifeSac


December 17, 2019

My cuckold life

I fell in love with my wife after she had her first child. She didn’t know the father of the little girl as she had unprotected sex with all her boyfriends and in the time period little Kimmy was conceived, Brianna had been fucking 4 different guys. One was her college age ex boyfriend and the other 3 were my high school friends.

The fact as she was a such a slut was a turn on for me even then. Even as we dated (supposedly exclusively) I was pretty sure she was still getting her ex boyfriend’s big thick cock. I routinely asked her to tell me how and where she got fucked. My favorite story was when two high school jocks fucked her in the unused stairway between classes. Her pants around her ankles, shirt pulled up over her head and hands against the wall, she couldn’t fight them off if she wanted too.

It was no wonder with all the cock she had that after we got married that she we would.start screwing other guys again. At first I didn’t recognize the clues. But after a while her super moist pussy that tasted so very different gave her away. I began by asking her, on the night of our 2nd wedding, anniversary, who’s cum I was eating. She paused but then matter of factly told me it was either boss or the neighbor, as she fucked both of them before I got home.

Her lack of shame made me eat her all that vigorously. Looking for every creamy ounce. I was hooked on eating another man’s load from my wife’s shaven little cunt.

By: Paul, Ilinois, USA


December 9, 2019

Need Advice

I’m a regular reader and visitor to hotwifeblog. I’m a married man of 60 years but full of energy and sexual desires. My wife whom I’ve been married to for many years is a great mother, lover and best friend. She is not that much experienced in sexual matters and over the years I’ve introduced her to stories, pictures and video’s in the hope of expanding her pleasures. She is fairly submissive and I most always take the lead, which is good. However the one thing that she is reluctant to do is fuck another man for me either with her or without her. I did though on one occasion when she was a little drunk convince her to bring back home a guy we had met one evening at a party. Mind you she was in her 30’s at the time with looks and a body (which she still has) that make men notice her and I can see them wondering what she would be like to fuck. Anyway they both ended up in bed with each other and I watched though a small gap in the door. I so much wanted to get in a join them but knew it would ruin the situation. After they had finished I drove the guy back to where he lived and arranged another date to meet up again. Unfortunately when I got back home from dropping him off and getting into bed with her to relive and talk over what had happened. She went all cold and distant. With a little stroking, kissing and advances on my part I managed to get her in the mood. When I eased my dick into her I felt the cum and warmth of what the guy had left in her. I was blown away and this was the best fuck I have ever had. I had never cum so much. Needless to say we didn’t make our second date.

I had always envisioned and wanted her to give me a cunt full of fresh cum that I could fuck. Although me being quiet dominant and her submissive I’m driving myself mad on how I can get her to be as accommodating and promiscuous as she once was. I read the stories from other cucks and how willing and cooperative their wives are to willingly and wantingly fuck mother men for them, that I’m reaching out for advise and ideas on what I can do to get her to be a hotwife. It’s been so long since I had a great fuck. I don’t want to do it with anybody else. I just want her to be the hotwife that I know she can be. Any ideas or advice please?

From: Alf - London