November 1, 2019

Cuck fantasy

It began several months earlier, I had approached my wife and discussed my desire to share her, but not in the way that she or most women would consider. Before she could say no I explained that my desire was not to be swingers, was not for me to join in a 3-way with her and another, but to watch, just watch. Confused I told her about cuckoldry, and how I have long had the desire to submit to this fetish and watch her have sex with another man. Never mind that I would prefer the bull to be a black man, but I just needed to start with the definition and idea. She was against it at first but as the months went on, I would roleplay this idea with her in bed. It never turned her off, in fact sometimes it seemed to add some fire to our sex.

The next step was to go to a bar and where I would enter before her and take my place in a booth far away from her. She would enter and sit at the bar entertaining conversation and drinks from strangers. When we got home each time the sex would be hot, she was so turned on. Finally we decided that it was time. To keep her at ease we decided to try this out of town, this would minimize us running into anyone that we knew.

We checked into a hotel near a street of bars. After check-in, we went to one bar after another, finally finding one with people that look like they were in business to get laid. As usual I sat away from her for a while, and eventually to my surprise and pleasure a black man befriended her. They spoke for quite a while, drink after drink, my cock grew hard watching it all go down. Finally she pointed over at me and they both walked over. I shook his strong hand and we began to chat. He asked us both if we were sure, of course I was and my wife with a bit of a buzz agreed too. We cashed out and headed back to the hotel room.

Once in the elevator he took her hand and held it. Whispered into her ear and they exchanged some kisses that I caught in the reflection of the elevator mirror.

When we arrived at our floor he told me to lead the way, him holding my wifes hand a few paces behind me. I could just sense how turned on my wife was and I could barely get the key card in with my trembling hands.

Once inside he instructed me to undress my wife while he sat on the bed. Once disrobed he told me to sit in the chair and not move.

Upon his direction she undressed him, him playing with her tits and feeling up her wet pussy. He had a massive cock, one I’m sure neither my wife nor I had ever experienced first hand. He told her to suck his cock. She struggled to get even half of it into her small mouth, slurping and drooling with every deep thrust of his massive cock deeper into her mouth. Finally he pulled her up from her knees and placed her on her back onto the bad. The sound she made as he entered her pussy for the first time is one I will never forget. She moaned and made noises I had never heard. He fucked her for a few minutes, flipped her over and took her from behind, pulling her hips close making each thrust deeper and deeper into her pussy. She moaned even louder, “yes…yes” was all she could get out. After a few minutes he flipped her back over, pulled her face close to his cock by her hair and she began to suck his rock hard cock. It glimmered in the wetness from her pussy. Returning her to her back he fucked her harder and harder. By now my cock was out and I was jerking off fast and hard, just as I was cumming so did he, deep inside of her womb, both of them letting out noises of complete satisfaction. Once he was done, he told me to get him a towel, which I quickly fetched for him and brought to him. I was a loss for words, all I could do was thank him. I could see in my wifes eyes that she was completely satisfied and exhausted.

He kissed her passionately, looked at me, winked and said “That is how you do it Cuck”. He dressed himself and before he left wrote his number on the hotel tablet. “Call me if you guys ever come back”

With that he left, my wife showered and before I could get to bed after my shower, she was fast asleep. We both slept great that night and the next morning returned home not speaking once of it. We both knew that we were hooked.