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March 20, 2019

Master instructs me

I was planning this afternoon from instructions that my online Master had given me a couple of weeks ago. I had been away from home on holidays with my hubby, we had a fantastic time. He’s gone back overseas for a short stint and I am left to play up.

I had a loan car as my car was at the repairer being repaired. They rang me around 1.30pm and said to come and pick it up. I had organized to pay a friend of mine from work a visit a specific task my Master had asked of me. I have an African friend whom works in the same building as I do, he is a big man, tall, muscular and well endowed. He lives in a suburb near our repairer and shares a house with 3 other African guys. All three are also muscular, fit and well equipped. A while back I used to visit this household and haven’t done so for some time. When I used to visit my friend John and I would fuck in his bedroom and it was not uncommon for one of the other guys to either join in or take me off to his bedroom after John was finished.

I got out an empty back pack and put in two leather ankle cuffs, two leather wrist cuffs, four small padlocks all keyed the same as well as five pieces of black rope each about three metres long. I also put in one large padlock. The key to the large padlock I threaded a length of nylon string into a large loop so I could hang around my neck. In my drawers of my bedroom I found two long T Shirts one white and the other black. I folded the Black one and placed that in the back pack as well. Before leaving to pick up my car and visit my friends place I had a shower making sure I smelt nice a clean and shaved anywhere that might needed it. I buckled on my black leather collar around my neck and locked in on with a small padlock. This collar is about one inch wide. I put on my long white T Shirt and stood in front of the mirror noticing that it was kind of see through. Wearing slip-on sandals I picked up my back pack full of toys and headed off to the repairer.

When I walked in the door of the motor vehicle service centre all three guys sitting behind the desk sat up and looked like they were going to pop out their eyeballs. You see by this time of day the afternoon sun was shining on that side of the glass walled building. When I walked in through the door my dress would have been virtually see through. Before I could say anything all three jumped up to serve me and noticed that there was some stuttering going on in their voices as well. They bought my car around to the front for me and two of them made sure I got in safely. When I sat in the driver’s seat my long T Shirt was sitting quite high on my lap and I am certain that they got a glimpse of my nakedness beneath. Amazingly there was no charge for this repair.

I drove off towards my African friends place stopping about a block away near a park. I opened up my backpack and got out the cuffs. I buckled on both the ankle cuffs and locked them with the small padlocks. One by one I did the same with my wrist cuffs making sure that the D Rings of all of the cuffs were facing to the outside except that the wrist cuffs have a second set of D Rings on them. Satisfied that I was ready off I drove around the corner pulling up out the front of my friends place. It was a very hot day so I expected them either to be out in the back yard under their verandah in the shade. I hung the key to the large padlock around my neck, retrieved the large padlock and rope from the back pack, got out of the car and headed to the front door. I dropped four pieces of rope to the ground between my legs. I tied the fifth piece of rope to the D Ring of my collar and let it drape down in front of me. The large padlock was unlocked already, I spread my legs wide directly in the doorway and rang the doorbell. I quickly put both my wrists behind my back and locked the large padlock to both wrist cuffs so I was now helpless with my hands behind my back.

The front door opened and standing in the doorway was John, a tower of a man. He smiled and picked up the rope from the ground in front of me, he grabbed the rope attached to my collar and pulled me inside. He led me through the house out to the backyard where one of the other guys whose name is Dave was sitting beneath the verandah. John announced to Dave look what the delivery man left on our doorstep and I could see his face beaming. Both the guys already had their shirts off and looked pretty cut and relatively cool. John’s cock is long and fat whilst Dave’s cock is just long. Put it this way I can hold both of their cocks with two hands along the shaft and have some left over. John got the rope I bought and started to tie my legs apart to a verandah post each side with me facing the back yard. With the third bit of rope he tied to my wrist cuffs and the other end to the verandah beam. He pulled it up so now I was forced to bend forward. Next they started tugging at my shirt and I could the snipping sound of them cutting off my T Shirt. This was the reason I packed a second one. John had already taken the key from around my neck. After they cut off my T Shirt they cut it into several long strips and made it into a blindfold. This blindfold didn’t take long to fall off anyway. I felt so vulnerable and quite helpless tied naked with legs spread and arms up behind my back and bent over. They both kept on drinking beer and sitting behind me. Every now and again I felt a sharp crack, one of them would whip my arse cheek with a thin bamboo garden stack. My whole body would flinch at the sudden pain and I would moan slightly. Then they would trace that piece of thin bamboo over my naked body, down my back, between my arse cheeks, up my inside thighs, around my pussy lips. I was getting so turned on by them teasing me. Dave got up stood in front of my face and dropped his shorts to the ground. His long cock sprang to attention directly in front of my face. He grabbed my hair and tilted back my head pushing the end of his cock into my mouth. I sucked eagerly on the head, working the rim, flicking my tongue into the eye. I could taste his precum forming. John was at this stage behind me fingering my pussy. He commented on how wet I was already. He had fat fingers, he was working two of them inside my pussy and the tip of his thumb into my arse. It wasn’t long before my first orgasm flooded through my body. John pulled out his fingers and rubbed his large cock up and down my pussy and arse crack. I could feel how hard it is but it was the wrong angle to fuck me there.

They untied me from the verandah posts and led me inside to the lounge room. They stood me at the back of the couch at the middle point and pushed me forward over the back. They tied my legs wide apart with the rope from the ankle cuffs going to the legs of the couch and coming back to my legs so they could tie my knees apart as well. My arms were still cuffed behind my back. I was very exposed and spread wide apart. The rope through my collar was tied off under the couch holding me in the bent over position. By this stage my pussy was soaking wet, Dave stood behind me and pushed his cock into me. I let out a moan of pleasure as I could feel his rock hard man hood work its length into my tight pussy. His hands were holding onto my waist as he fucked me long and deep strokes. All the guys in this household are well hung, there is no way I can or would do anal with them and I even struggle to get my mouth around their cocks. Because of the position I was tied in I started to have numerous orgasms, He kept fucking me for ages. I was almost screaming at this stage and oblivious to everything around my.. Next it was John’s turn to fuck me. He is a big gentle man. He applied some cold lubricant to his shaft and my pussy, my body jerking slightly at the coldness. Slowly he wriggled the head inside me, it was spreading my pussy lips apart. Initially it hurt but slowly bit by bit he worked it in until he couldn’t go any deeper. My pussy was stretched and filled with this huge cock. He knows that he could do some serious damage to me but he is very gentle. Slowly he started to fuck me, Oh my god I was close to passing out with the pleasure of his huge cock sliding inch by inch inside of me. Dave knelt in front of me and his long shaft up against my lips. Whilst I was being slowly fucked by John I licked the head of Dave’s cock. They both took it in turns to fuck me from behind.

I had lost count of the number of orgasms I had, at some stage a third guy from the household, Marko turned up. I didn’t even notice him walk in. His cock still big but shorter he method of fucking me was fast and furious. They untied me and led me to a bedroom. They had moved the double bed ensemble into the middle of the room. John unlocked the large padlock, took the remnants of the failed T Shirt blindfold from me then fixed a length of rope to each wrist and ankle cuff. They pushed me back into the middle of the bed then tied off each of the ropes to the bed legs at each corner. There I was in the spreadeagle position with now three naked men standing around with hard cocks staring down at my totally helpless body.

The fourth guy of the house, Andy returned home from work and came into the room. He saw the other three cheered and ran off to have a shower. John, Dave, Marko and Andy all took it in turns to fuck me. Whilst one was fucking me another had his cock at my mouth, the other two had their cocks in my tied hands. They fucked me for almost five and a half hours until all of them finally cum in my pussy, my mouth and over my body. These guys produced copious amounts of ejaculate I was covered in it and when I was untied to jump into the shower it was running down my inside thighs.

After yesterday’s experience my pussy is still recovering today. By the way thanks to ebay new long white semi translucent T Shirt is on the way.

by: Laura_AUS

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