August 23, 2018

Your Wife’s Pimp

For the past two years I’ve been tormenting one of my little cuckolds. He has slowly come to accept that his precious house wife is nothing but my eager little fuck toy. He even attending her collaring ceremony last June, acting as “Least Man” and literally giving away the bride. At the end of it I had him kneel in front of her while I fucked her hard and deep from behind. He stared into his beloved’s eyes while she told him how much she loved me.

I have recently been pimping her to close friends. She collects money from them and then kneels and lays it at my feet as an offering. I take perverse pleasure in making cucky describe me as his wife’s pimp.

I totally control their sex life. She is mine, after all, and I don’t like sharing her without compensation.

It was the greatest personal victory on Saturday when cucky asked me, in his humblest voice, if he could pay me for the privileged of having sex with my whore, his wife. I am still considering it.

by: ConquerDisciplin


August 13, 2018

Bar Pick Up

This fantasy is all about my wife, it’s about what she wants.

She’ll be at the bar alone you need to find her and start the seduction. The very first part of the seduction is that you can carry on a conversation. You need to be interesting, funny, and most of all not pushy. Let’s just slow things down and flirt with her. If things are moving in a positive direction she’ll give you signs like turning towards you, you need to find the opening to give her a nice short sweet kiss which will set the tone for the rest of the night. Depending on how conducive the bar is for some public sex you two now start to get serious.

The public sex phase of her fantasy involves very erotic touching in a very public place without getting arrested. She has got plenty of experience with this so the key is I know how to dress. She’ll wear the thinnest, and tightest leggings commando so when she stands up close to you at the bar and gives you a nice long kiss your hands can cup her ass cheeks and it’s almost like your touching her bare ass. Maybe you two find a dark corner to kiss again and now you move your hands up her loose fitting top to find her braless tits and caress my nipples until their hard. The final phase is at the bar she’ll stand next you with her legs apart so you can slide your hand up her thighs and start to caress her pussy lips below the bar, just gently guide your fingers back and forth on her pussy lips through the very thin material while you kiss her. When you feel wet pussy ask her to fuck you.

My turn on is to watch you two all night from across the bar. Again this is what I want so if you’re not into this I understand, maybe the night ends here or maybe you go somewhere to fuck. It all depends on the chemistry between you two and where this is happening. If you two decide to go somewhere to fuck, I will need to be involved at this point, she will tell you I’m across the bar but its OK I like to watch. She will task me to get some water and beer and text me the location, I will show up after you two get warmed up together. When I arrive it’s time to vocalize things for me , tell me how good her mouth feels on your cock, how tight her pussy is and how hard your going to cum.

Depending how good you make her feel we may be friends for a long time after this special encounter.

By: openwife hubby