July 19, 2018

Mandy at Hedonism

Here’s a diary update from gorgeous Hot wife and creampie Queen Mandy Monroe with a diary update of her visit to Hedonism in Jamaica.

Jamaica Dress Up

First Day at Hedo:

Once the Florida trip was over, Tyler and I head across the water to Jamaica. I had never been out of the country. I was nervous about that. It all went smoothly going through customs and we arrived in this beautiful amazing green place. The people were a gorgeous deep chocolate color. We got on a bus and travelled over an hour to the Hedonism Resort. I enjoyed watching out the window at this island that I have never experienced but heard about many times. We did get teased a bit by the driver that we were going to get naked. Well yeah! Maybe he was just jealous. The people at the resort were so friendly and escorted us to our room right away. The rooms are simple and clean. We get unpacked and look out at the view of the water and beach. Naked people are even walking by the window in our room. I couldn’t wait!! We wanted to get to the pool as soon as we could. We decide not to waste much time getting naked and heading to the pool area. We were a little nervous since this was our first time at a clothing optional resort. We had been to several secluded hot springs where you could be naked, but very few people were at those. This was different since there were going to be a lot of people and from all over the world. People you would just sit and visit with… naked. Seems so crazy and amazing! There was already a good size group hanging out at the pool. That’s why you go there! We decide to take a deep breath and embrace it and just walk to the pool… all fears set aside. We find some seats and Tyler goes to get us drinks so we can relax. I’m hoping there is plenty of alcohol in those drinks! I just want to chill and sit in the sun and watch the naked people walk by. We find some seats and get to the sunning. Not too long before people are introducing themselves and chatting with us. One couple had been there many times. They love it and it’s their little get away. I went to get another drink and the bartender told me we don’t get your quality of people here and also that I had a beautiful body. I didn’t understand that. I saw so many hotties around and considered it to be quite a compliment. So off I went with my pina colada to sit in the sun more and enjoy the down time. Later that evening we went to dinner. You have to be clothed and its themed each night. This particular night was a simple black theme and I’ve included pics of what I wore. We had met one particular couple by the pool and visited with them quite a while. We decided to meet them at dinner too. After, we headed to the afterparty. People were having fun and dancing and you could find people fucking everywhere outside. We somehow got separated from that couple and eventually we headed back to our room. Not long after, we got a knock at the door. It was that couple. I let them in and they had that look. The hubby shut the lights out on his way in the door. The room was very dark. My eyes couldn’t adjust that quickly so I couldn’t see a thing. No one said a word either. I was led by one of them to the bed. Then I feel the other one touching me. My clothes are slid off me. I don’t know at this point who is doing what. Is my husband helping? Is he being touched too? I have no idea but I go with it because there is a hand lightly on my pussy and I am paralyzed. I eventually gain some movement and I help in the touching. We play for a very long time in the dark. My pussy is worn out by both men and filled a few times. I know the wife was worn too. I did get a chance to eat her out at some point in the night. Once they were done, they left as quietly as they came in, hubby and I fell into an exhausted slumber for a while. Before the sun came up we went for a walk on the beach and had sex in one of the beach chairs while the waves crashed. We held each other for a long time watching the sun rise and feeling the cool breeze blow over us.

Kisses, Mandy

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

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