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January 18, 2018

Hesitant Wife

Where you (the man) was totally into it but your wife was pretty hesitant? I’ve been turned on by the idea for a long time, fought the fact that it turns me on for a long time. We have role played a bit by ourselves but my wife has been fairly hesitant. I totally respect her wishes. It’s not that it seems like a hard limit for her but she’s just not sure about things. She will tell me that she’s completely satisfied with out sex life and doesn’t need anybody else, doesn’t need a bigger cock, etc. To me, it’s not that I think she needs it, but it’s fucking hot as hell and we can. We’re totally secure in ourselves. I have zero worries when it comes to anyone else. I want to see her cum all over someone else’s cock, look me in the eyes while it disappears down her throat… nothing about our marriage or relationship is basic and this feels like another step in that. We can have anything we want. I want her to be free to have some variety and excitement and I of course will get off on it too lol. I dunno. Thoughts? Anyone start off this way? Anyone have any success?

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