September 8, 2017

Mandys Theater Visit

Here’s a diary update from gorgeous Hot wife and creampie Queen Mandy Monroe with details on her visit to an Adult Theater.


On my Florida visit, we hung out with Jenny Jizz. She is awesome and so sexual! We went to dinner with her and her hubby. After getting to know them a little and a few drinks, she almost got naked in the restaurant and seduced the waiter. He definitely got many boob shots that night aside from the generous tip he was given. Jenny and I became quick friends! She’s so fun!

After dinner we went over to the adult theater. This was my second time at this theater but never with another girl. On the drive there, she was hanging out the window flashing us! She had guys arranged to meet us at the theater. They waited a long time because we were having so much fun at dinner that we got to the theater very late. But they were there anyway… Jenny and I went to the bathroom and shared a large stall as she told me she was taking care of me and knew these guys. So sweet of her! Well they were all strangers to me and little did she know, I can take care of myself. We took one of the rooms and took several of the guys in there with us. Most were black with a few white guys mixed in. I wouldn’t know for sure because immediately I was half undressed so my boobs were out and my face was buried deep in a circle of cocks that I was working to pleasure. Jenny was helping and still we weren’t getting to them all.

I had sucked them all and really wanted to be fucked so I flipped over. I was upside down taking it in the pussy. Most of the time it was bareback, but a few insisted we be safe and use condoms despite my begging. Jenny did her thing. She is the blowjob queen!! I did my thing…love a good creampie which I did get as we took care of the guys in the room together. Each of our own styles worked for them. She likes the loud dirty talk blow jobs. So hot! That got her several loads of cum in her face! I like being face down and passed from guy to guy. I did have one guy that took over my pussy and pounded me for a very long time as I was disappearing and sunk into a couch that was very well used. Eventually Jenny told him to take turns…

I was fucked by I don’t know how many guys and how many times. Such a rush! I enjoy being watched and used and pummeled. Here and there I get a peek through the arms and legs and cocks surrounding me to see who is watching. One lady came in and watched for a while. All I saw was her shoes and the bottom of her skirt. At one point while I was pounded on the couch, DFWKnight took a turn with Jenny, letting her suck his cock. She struggles to get it all in her mouth because it’s much bigger than the other dirty dicks in the room. Then he bent her over the couch and pounded her deep in her pussy. It’s amazing I saw that part in my upside down state!

Once the guys were done with me, Jenny’s hubby, Cum Artist, came over wanting a blow job, which I accommodated. I was creamed all over my face and hand. I just laughed at the amount of it! So much cum!! I got a huge blob in my eye. I asked Jenny to come help clean me up which she did. Don’t worry, this was all videoed..


Mandy Monroe

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