December 16, 2016

Black Cock Bitch

Message from reader JJ.

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JJ Wife

Submitted by: JJ, Asia


December 10, 2016

My cuck experience

I had an incredible cuckold experience and after reading some other stories, I felt compelled to share. I took pictures and videos of the encounter, but unfortunately lost everything when we ended up splitting up a few years later for unrelated reasons. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. Let me know what you guys and gals think!

So my gf and I had been dating for two years, and our sex had always been amazing. Multiple orgasms, cumming at the same time, just all around good sex. I’m about 7.5 inches with decent girth, so I’ve never had an issue with making my partner’s climax. I’m a kind hearted guy, and I always want to pleasure my partner in any way that turned her on.

First, it started with sharing fantasies and watching porn together. All my relationships have ended with me being cheated on, which I hold no grudges. I’m all about honesty and mutual respect. Anyways, one day she told me about the personal adds on craigslist. She was making fun of all the dick pics people would post in desperation. We laughed, and then I headed to work. I got to thinking about watching her cheat on me with another man, and it got me extremely horny. I sent her a text saying, “If you want to, we should reply to some of those adds and have a mmf threesome. She immediately agreed, and that weekend, we had one for the first time. It was alright, though it was nothing special considering it was our first time. We kept in touch with the guy, (who was a little smaller than I am,) and it was fun. Not long after, he was transferred to another state and we lost connection.

At this point in my life, (before I got a good job,) we were recreational drug users. Weed, coke, E, LSD, nothing beyond that. I lived with her and a room mate and she knew a guy that could get some really good blow. One night, we all went to the bar and had some drinks and shot some pool before heading back to the trailer. Her dealer showed up with some blow and we all shared it and just continued to enjoy the night.

I’ve always fantasized about a BBC hot wife cuckold situation. She had never been with a black man before. I sat down in a recliner, and my gf sat down in my lap. I pulled her against my rock hard cock, rubbing it against her ass and leaned up to whisper in her ear. “How would you like to take a BBC while I watched?” I asked. I felt her tense up and softly moan. We already knew this guy. She would tell me stories about how he would always hit on her and ask her for sex when her and my room mate would go get stuff from him, but she would always refuse. I knew he wanted her bad, so convincing them wouldn’t be a problem. She agreed to it, so later that night I pulled the guy aside and looked him straight in the eyes. I said, “I know you want to fuck my girl. You are welcome to after the party dies down.” He smiled and nodded his head and we continued hanging out for a few hours. Eventually, my room mate left to go stay at her boyfriends house, and the only people left were my gf and I and our dealer and one of his friends.

We then retreated to our room with some more blow, but his friend made his bed on the couch in our living room. Nothing happened for a while, and I started to come down and get really sleepy. My gf and our dealer JD were still wide awake, and obviously turned on. Right before I fell asleep, my gf nudged me and showed me a text from JD. It read, “Hey bae, show me your tits.” She asked me if it was okay, and I nodded yes so she pulled up her shirt. Her boobs were 34 C, perfect nipples, and flat toned stomach with tattoos. I saw him smile and stand up. As he walked towards our bed, he unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. Sliding off his boxers, his huge 11 fat cock was already hard, swinging in the air.

She immediately grabbed his shaft and began sucking his head. She was always really good at deep throat, and I was extremely surprised she was able to swallow at least 3/4’s of his cock. I was instantly aroused watching her suck up and down on his big black dick. I got up and snorted another line, took off my clothes and just watched her while she sat on the edge of the bed with his cock in her mouth. He started moaning louder and louder. She knew he was about to cum, so she pulled his dick out of her mouth and told him, “No, not yet. You have to wait.” She stood up and took the rest of her clothes off and then laid back on the bed, spreading her legs. She said, “I want you to eat my pussy NOW!” JD nodded and began sliding his tongue in and out of her pussy, licking her deeply and massaging her clit. It was only a matter of about 30 seconds and she came so hard, it was unbelievable. After her moans died down, she stood up and pushed him on the bed and said, “Wait right here for a minute.”

I was confused at first, but then my gf opened our bedroom door and walked out into the living room butt ass naked. She walked up to JD’s friend who was asleep on the couch, woke him up and told him, “I want you and you’re friend’s dick inside me while my boyfriend watches. He immediately jumped up as I imagine he wasn’t really sleeping and could hear her moans in the other room. He began stripping his clothes off and was completely naked by the time he entered our room. His dick was just as big as JD’s. She sucked him for a while and then ordered me to come sit on the bed next to them as she got on all fours. She looked at JD and said, “I want you to fuck me while I suck your friend’s cock.” JD jumped up and got behind her and slowly slid his unprotected cock inside her super wet pussy. She gasped loudly, not use to the incredible size, and then started to moan, She looked at me with seductive eyes for a moment, and then started sucking the other guy’s dick just as she had JD’s.

JD fucked her hard and fast once she was use to the enormous size of his cock. After a couple of minutes, she pulled his friend’s dick out of her mouth and turned around to JD and said, “I love the way your huge cock feels. Its so much bigger than my boyfriend’s. I bet you never thought you would be behind me fucking this tight little pussy, I’m yours, all night long.”

I was watching, stroking my hard cock gently. I was so turned on and I didn’t want to cum yet. After she said that, JD tensed up and moaned loudly as he dumped his hot cum inside her pussy. She came hard too, and after he was done, he pulled his cock out and told her to suck his dick. She turned around and licked all of her juices and his cum off his cock, which was a surprise to me. She had never let me cum in her mouth or even showed interest in tasting it. I could tell she was super turned on and she wanted more. This made me want to watch her get fucked even harder.

She rolled over and spread her legs for JD’s friend and he entered her cum filled pussy with ease, even though he was bigger than JD. His cum was the perfect lubricant. With his forearms, he pinned her ankles all the way back to her ears and pounded her extremely hard. She moaned and screamed his name as she came again. After a couple of minutes, he pulled his throbbing cock out of her and came all over her tits. She ran her fingers through his cum and put it in her mouth, sucking her fingers dry. She did this over and over again until all the cum on her chest was in her stomach.

After that, we all got up, everyone of us completely naked, and we did another line. At that point, I was too fucked up and my blood flow was limited so I was currently unable to maintain an erection. I told her it was okay if she kept having fun, though,

She turned to JD and said, “We have lube in the bathroom. I want to feel your hard, throbbing cock in my ass.” He went and grabbed the lube and applied it to his finger first and began teasing her asshole with his finger tips. She moaned and sighed with excitement while I just sat in the chair next to the nightstand we had the drugs on. I did another line, completely blown away and decided to sit back and enjoy the show. After working her with his fingers, he laid down on the bed and she jumped up and slowly slid his cock into her tight asshole, reverse cowgirl style. I could tell it was painful at first. I mean, I’m pretty big, but nothing compared to these guys. It took a few minutes of slowly sliding up and down half of his monster cock, (and some extra lube,) before JD was as deep inside her ass. She leaned back, putting all her weight into his hands pressed into her love handles and began riding his cock. She came almost immediately, and as she was cumming, she yelled, “I want a cock in my pussy!!!”

I was too coked out to get an erection at the moment, but JD’s friend was rock hard again from watching my girlfriend getting fucked in the ass. JD spread his legs wide so his friend could crawl up and he shoved his massive dick into her cummy pussy with east. She screamed loudly in pure pleasure and started squirting almost immediately. I had never seen her squirt before. They both continued to fuck her in a gentle, yet firm motion. She came again from the pure please of DP, but they kept going. Eventually, both of them got close and they told her they were about to cum. I could tell this turned her on fiercely and they all three came at the same time. JD dumped another load in her ass, and his friend came in her pussy and she shuttered with delight, cumming harder than she ever has before.

They both pulled out and she fell down on the bed in between them, JD open tongue kissed her and caressed her breasts while his friend fingered at her cummy pussy and clit. She was sandwiched in between them like an oreo, still reeling with pleasure. At this point in their marathon fucking, I was too exhausted to perform. I stood up and looked at them and said, “I’m going to bed. You three can continue to have fun as long as you want. I don’t mind.” I walked to the bed and bent over to kiss my girlfriend good night and I could taste a distinct salty taste of cum on her tongue. She told me she loved me, and I left the room and crashed on the couch. For about 20 minutes, I could hear them fucking in the next room. When the drug started wearing off, my erection returned and I masturbated and came to the thought and sounds of my girlfriend getting fucked by two hung black men. Soon afterwards, I passed out.

The next morning, JD’s friend was gone and I walked into my room to see JD and my girlfriend cuddled up and naked in bed, I had to be at work though. I took a shower and got dressed, and by the time I walked out of the bathroom, they were both awake, bumping some more coke. I told JD, “Hey man, make yourself at home. If you two want to fuck while I’m at work, its cool. Just send me pics.” They definitely did for the first few hours I was at work, but then they stopped texting me. I have no idea to this day if they continued, stopped, or if he took her to his friends house for a BBC gangbang. I suspect the latter, because she was extremely stretched out that night I got home. I came so hard as we talked dirty about the whole ordeal. Either way, we both got tested and there were no diseases present. For the next 4 years of our relationship, she would sneak off and fuck him without me present and then tell me all about it when she got home.

It was the hottest experience in my life. I’m currently talking to a new girl who I plan on dating here soon. She is pretty open minded so far about sexuality. I would love to watch another guy bigger than me fuck her brains out.

Anyways, To be continued?

Submitted by: Hunter, Alabama, USA