February 10, 2016

Fucking my boss

More true wife confessions from Annie…

Fucking my boss with out my husbands knowledge

I work for a small company that deals in medical supplies. My boss Bob is a real flirt who makes my legs go weak whenever we work closely together on a project.

I’ve worked for him for almost a year and he’s actually younger than me. He seldom dates because it seems that he’s married to his job. One recent evening we were working on a tight deadline so I called my husband and let him know not to stay up and wait for me.

“We’ve got a lot to get done, so don’t wait up for me. We’re getting dinner sent in because we have a lot to get done,” I explained. “Okay. Hope everything works out,” he replied.

“Hey Anne, what do you want for dinner?” Bob asked. “I’m not that picky.” “How about pizza, wings and beer?” “Sound great to me,” I replied.

I figured he’d order beer to loosen us up because we were working on a bid with a large hospital that could make the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was expecting others to stay behind but Bob told me that since I made the initial contact with the hospital that if I did most of the leg work the commission would be mine.

I was in my office crunching the numbers when Bob walked in with a pepperoni pizza, Buffalo wings and a six pack. “Break time Annie.”

“Okay thanks. I’m so tense. I really wanna get this contract,” I explained.

“You’ll be fine. I have no doubt you’ll get the business.” We both ate and split the six pack in less than 15 minutes. I went from felling tense and nervous to getting a nice beer buzz.

“I think I have it figured out,” I explained to him. “We’re close on margin but if we get the contract our supplier will give us a better discount so we’ll make more money.”

“Great job Annie,” he replied. “You still look tense though.”

“Yeah I must’ve slept wrong last night. My neck hurts.”

“Sit up Annie. I give great massages.” I sat up in my chair and Bob got behind me and he cracked his knuckles then started massaging my neck and shoulders. “Oh Bob! That feels great,” I cooed as his fingers released my tension. Bob put his hands inside of my blouse so he could massage my shoulders better. I was getting really turned by this time so I told him to stop. I sat up and unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall off my shoulders. “There. Is that better?” I asked.

“Yep.” His magic fingers made me forget all of my problems and I didn’t even realize that he pulled my bra straps off my shoulders. He was standing close behind me and he leaned over and kissed my neck and nibbled on my earlobe. I was feeling very flush and was getting really aroused. “Bob! What are you doing?” I asked. “Making you relax,” was his reply.

He continued to kiss my neck and his hands started to unbutton my blouse. I was so turned on that I didn’t stop him. He pulled my blouse off and my bra was barely covering my breasts. His hands reached behind and unclasped my bra releasing my firm perky 34Bs. “Kiss me Annie,” he commanded as our lips met. Our tongues were dancing in each others mouths and his hands were all over my tits. He was rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples as we kissed. Then he stopped and leaned over and picked me up and carried me into his office. He had a large couch in his office and he placed me on the couch.

“You’re getting a raise from me,” he explained as he quickly undressed. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the bulge in his shorts and as he pulled them off revealing a nice thick cock I pulled my skirt and wet panties off.

“Fuck me Bob. I’m yours.” “Not yet Annie. I’m gonna make you cum first,” he explained as he buried his head between my legs. He kissed his way up my thighs to my ‘honey pot’ and he spread my swollen pussy lips apart and licked my clit. “Oh yes! That’s the spot!” I screamed as he brought me to climax. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” He let me relax for a moment then he quickly guided his cock into my wet cunt.

“Jesus Annie. You’re really tight,” he exclaimed as he completely penetrated me. I wrapped my legs around him as he pounded away. We were both covered in sweat as we made love on his couch. We kissed as we made love and Bob stopped pounding away and his cock exploded inside of me. I felt him unleash his warm sticky seed deep inside of me. He collapsed on top of me and I stroked his hair as we relaxed after making love.

“That was awesome!” Bob explained. “I know. Thanks for making me relax,” I replied. We got dressed and finished our work and sent in our bid.

A couple of weeks later we won the bid and we celebrated by fucking in his office again. We fuck regularly and my husband has no clue. But I’m making great money and keeping my boss happy. I guess this makes me a slut….so be it.

by: topgear78