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August 14, 2015

Public Gloryhole

Dogging loving UK slut wife Rachel Reveals has been very slutty visiting a public gloryhole.

Friday Fun at the Gloryhole!

Today I have spent the entire day enjoying the company of many men via a public gloryhole.

Being at the gloryhole is SOOO addictive, I love hanging around, sitting and waiting for the next hard cock to come through the hole for me to pleasure – not knowing if it’s going to be big or small, fat or thin, whether I’m going to suck it of fuck it.

I must of fucked and sucked a good 20 cocks today in the space of 6hrs or so, driving home with real wet soggy knickers, sperm trickling from me, throbbing quim and my throat slightly sore from lots of deep throat.

I adore being a public gloryhole slut, sucking and fucking any cock that presents itself through the hole, laying there putting on a show for anyone willing to watch me pleasure myself, it’s a real heart racing adrenaline buzz.

I took some horny little teaser pics for you all to enjoy, however if you want to see the full days worth of fun then your just going to have to join my website.

Rach xx






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