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August 4, 2015

Not last time cheating

First But Not Last Time To Cheat

I was standing at the counter of the service desk of the hotel I was working at when I was approached by a familiar face. I looked up and saw a regular customer walking towards me to check in. His name was Tony, and I knew him because he had stayed in our hotel at least twice a month for the last several months. He worked for a big company that had an office downtown in our city so he was here at least twice a month to attend to business. I was working for a hotel that was located near the city airport so a lot of business people stayed here often. Over the months, I had a couple friendly chats with Tony whenever he would come in to stay with us. He was always very friendly and polite and would even complement and playfully flirt from time to time. He was in his late 40s and was a decent looking guy with a nice build. He was always charming whenever he spoke with me or any of the other coworkers and we were always friendly with him.

A few months after meeting Tony, things changed and got a bit interesting. One afternoon, as I was taking my break, I headed down to the restaurant that was located within our hotel. I sat down and ordered my meal and was enjoying it when I heard somebody speak from behind me. I turned to see Tony standing there with a meal of his own and asking if he could join me. I didn’t mind and invited him to sit down. He joined me at the table and the two of us enjoyed our lunches while we chatted. As we chatted, he told me all about himself. He was married with children and lived in Chicago. He traveled into our area at least twice a month because he was overlooking a project that was going on at the office located downtown. We continued eating, and like I said before, he was quite the charmer. He made sure to complement me often and I could sense that he was flirting with me. I didn’t mind the attention because things weren’t so good back home. After having our son, things became extremely dull in the lovemaking department. My husband and I both worked and whenever we were home, he usually spent his time watching a ball game and drinking. It wasn’t exactly the most exciting situation but somehow we made it work. Tony continued to chat me up and I enjoyed his company. We eventually finished up our lunches and he offered to pay the tab. I thanked him and after saying our goodbyes, I went back to working the front desk while he went off to do his work.

During the next couple of months, this would happen on a regular basis. Tony would fly in twice a month and whenever he was here, he would make sure to join me for lunch. He always made sure to charm me and complement me, which made me feel great. I found myself enjoying it and always looked forward to his stays at our hotel. We enjoyed many lunches together and got to know each other a bit. All his flirting and complementing made me feel great and attractive and that was a big confidence booster. My husband hasn’t said a nice thing to me in a very long time, so hearing it from a stranger made me feel really good. About six months after all this began, Tony came in on a Monday morning to check into his room. I took care of all his paperwork and when I was about to give him the key card, he asked me if he could have two of them. I set up another one and handed both of the cards to him and after thanking me he went off to his room.

Later that day, he joined me during my break. As we enjoyed our lunch, I noticed he was being extra charming and very flirty. Naturally, I didn’t mind and welcomed the attention. We enjoyed our lunch and he really had me feeling good about myself by the time we were done. After paying the tab, we got up to leave and he walked me down the hall towards the front desk. I was feeling very good and was in a great mood and thanked him for a wonderful lunch. He smiled and told me that he was glad that I had enjoyed and once again complimented me. As we stood and chatted for a moment, he told me that I was a gorgeous looking woman and that it was a shame that I wasn’t getting the attention that I deserved. Before I could answer, he pulled the second key card out of his pocket and handed it to me, while telling me that I should stop by after work. I didn’t say anything and just stared at the key card. As we both stood there, he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek before turning and headed for the elevator. I was a bit in shock and didn’t know how to react. Of course I didn’t have much time to think about it because I had to get back to work.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working the front desk and checking people into their rooms. The entire time, I thought about the key card that was in my pocket. I obviously knew what it meant if I were to take his offer and stop by the room. Naturally, that wasn’t the right thing to do but in my current situation, it didn’t sound like such a bad thing. Like I had said, the lovemaking at home had come to a complete stop. My husband and I hadn’t had sex in close to a month and I had to depend on toys to satisfy my needs. I knew I was a married woman and going into some stranger’s hotel room to fuck wasn’t the logical thing to do, but at the same time, I wouldn’t mind some good action. Hey, a woman has her needs as well and Tony was certainly an attractive looking guy that could possibly satisfy my needs. I knew that if I went, it would only be for the sex and nothing else. It was a decision that weighed on my mind heavily and one that I knew I would have to make by the end of the day. I thought about it throughout the afternoon and a part of me felt very excited to have even been made an offer like that. It was nice to know that I could still grab a guys attention. As the afternoon came to an end, so did my shift. I went into the back office to clock out and grabbed my purse. As I finished up my workday, I walked down the hall. As I reached the end of the hall, I had two ways that I could go. I could either go straight ahead and walk out the door to my car, or I could make a right and head into the elevators and go up to Tony’s room. In that split second that I had to make the decision, I ultimately decided to head into the elevators. I decided to go and enjoy myself and whatever happened after that, happened. At that exact moment I wasn’t thinking about anything else and felt very anxious and excited as I pushed the number for his floor. The elevator began moving and within a few seconds I was up on the fifth floor. I nervously walked down the hallway towards his room, arriving about a minute later. I grabbed the key card from my pocket and after taking a deep breath, I swiped it and the door unlocked. I knew there was no turning back now and walked into his room.

As I entered the room, Tony walked over and greeted me with a smile on his face while thanking me for coming up. He quickly walked over to the countertop that was nearby and poured us each a glass of wine. After handing me my wine, he raised the glass and toasted to a wonderful evening. We each took a couple of sips before he took over. He didn’t waste any time as he quickly pulled me into him and began to softly kiss me. I instinctively kissed him back and the two of us stood up and kissed passionately for a little bit. After kissing for a bit, we broke the kiss and Tony slowly led me by the hand into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, he laid me on the bed and joined me. We once again began kissing each other. This time, as we kissed, his hands began to slowly roam around my body. He softly squeezed my tits through my blouse before running his hands down to my legs and rubbing them. After doing this for a little bit, he began to unbutton my blouse and I sat up to allow him to remove it. He followed that up by undoing my bra and taking it off as well. My tits sprang free and he quickly went to work enjoying them with his hands and mouth. He took his time, licking and sucking my nipples as I laid back and enjoyed it. After doing this for a bit, he worked his way down to my skirt. Slowly, he began to unzip it before pulling on it. I lifted my ass in the air, allowing him to pull both my skirt and panties off, leaving me completely naked on the bed in front of him. It was the first time that I had been naked in front of another man and even though I was a bit nervous still, a part of me began to get excited.

After taking in my naked body for a few seconds, he lowered himself down to my pussy and began to lick and kiss my clit. He took his time and worked his tongue all around my pussy, driving me wild. It only took a couple of minutes of him doing this before I began to feel a climax building. I couldn’t believe that this was all that it took. My husband hadn’t been able to do this in years. He worked his tongue on my clit and after a little while, I bucked my hips upwards and began to cum extremely hard. I let out a loud moan as I did and came all over his tongue. He continued licking and sucking my pussy as I experienced one of the best orgasms I had ever felt. Tony continued to enjoy my pussy for a little while longer until I finally came down from my high. Once I was all set, he got up from in between my legs and began to take off his clothes. He started with his shirt, quickly pulling it off and tossing it aside, revealing a nicely toned chest and abs. After taking off his shirt, he undid his pants and slid them off, along with his boxers, revealing a very nice-looking cock to my eager eyes. It wasn’t extremely long, but looked fairly thick and I was definitely turned on by it.

He looked down at me as he crawled back onto the bed and I parted my legs wide, inviting him to take me. He wasted no time getting in between my legs and I soon felt the tip of his cock rubbing against my wet opening. Slowly, he penetrated me and easily sunk a good six or 7 inches of his hard cock into my pussy. I let out a soft moan as he buried himself inside of me. Once he was buried in me, he began to slowly slide in and out of my pussy, taking his time and allowing me to enjoy the feel of his cock as he enjoyed the feel of my pussy. We both moaned softly and I could tell that he knew exactly what he was doing as his cock felt amazing sliding in and out of me. Usually, my husband would stick his cock in me, and after a few thrusts, he’d be done. Tony was taking his time, allowing me to feel the full length of his cock and that’s exactly what I wanted. The more he buried it in to me, the more I wanted it. He fucked me slowly for several minutes and even leaned down to kiss me. After several minutes of a nice slow fuck, he began to pick up the pace. He began fucking me a little faster and I found myself gripping his back tightly while wrapping my legs around his waist to pull him deeper into me. We both began moaning louder and louder with each thrust and I knew that he wouldn’t last much longer. As he fucked me, I found myself moaning into his ear and telling him how good his cock felt and for him to fuck me harder. This turned him on even more and he began fucking me even harder. I continued moaning into his ear and could feel him tensing up. I should’ve had him pull out of me at that point because I really didn’t like a pussy full of a guys cum but instead I wrapped my legs even tighter. I pulled him into me and he fucked me as hard as he could. Within a few seconds, he exploded, flooding my pussy with his hot seed as I moaned into his ear for him to fill me with it. He continued thrusting as he shot wave after wave of hot cum deep inside of me. It was an amazing feeling and I enjoyed every second of it. After shooting off the last of his seed, he pulled his cock out of me and collapsed onto the bed by my side where we both laid and try to catch our breath.

After lying for a bit, I noticed his cock coming to life. I reached over and began to slowly stroke it before getting up onto all fours. I then decided to return the favor and took his cock into my mouth and began to bob up and down on it. I was so turned on by this guy that I didn’t care that his cock had just been in my pussy. I wrapped my lips tightly around his tip and took as much into my mouth as I could. He laid back and enjoyed as I bobbed up and down on his cock for several minutes, getting him extremely hard. Once he was at full attention, I took his cock out of my mouth and climbed on top of him, straddling his crotch. I grabbed his cock and lined it up with my pussy, as I lowered myself onto it. He easily penetrated my cum soaked pussy, as his cock buried itself inside me once again. I sat for a second and just closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of him inside of me. After a few seconds, I began to raise and lower myself on his cock as he reached up and played with my tits. He squeezed them tightly and even raised himself to suck on my nipples as I bounced up and down on him. I took my time, allowing us to both enjoy the feel of the moment and could feel another orgasm beginning to build. I continued to fuck him at a steady slow pace as he moaned in enjoyment. The feel of his cock slowly sliding in and out of my pussy was all that it took to send me over the edge once again. I shuddered and moaned loudly as I came yet again. I flooded my pussy with my juices as I continued to work his cock. After coming down off my high yet again, I decided to pick up the pace and began riding him a bit harder. He began to moan as I bounced up and down on his cock at a faster pace. We both began to sweat as I worked my pussy harder and harder. We went at it for several minutes as he was able to last quite a while the second time around and I once again enjoyed every moment. As I bounced on his cock, I began moaning louder and louder and couldn’t wait to feel his cum flooding my pussy once again. I worked his cock for a few more minutes before he grabbed me tightly by the hips and let out a loud moan while thrusting his hips upwards into me and exploding. He once again flooded my pussy with his hot seed, shooting wave after wave deep inside of me. I continued bouncing on his cock, using my pussy muscles to milk it of every drop. Once I had him drained, I climbed off of him and collapsed onto the bed as we both laid in a sweaty heap and once again tried to catch our breath.

We laid in bed for a while before I decided that I needed to get going so that my husband wouldn’t come looking for me. We cleaned ourselves up and I eventually redressed. Once I was ready to go, Tony thanked me for coming up to his room. I kissed him on the lips and thanked him for an amazing experience. After saying our goodbyes, I left the room feeling extremely sexually satisfied and didn’t feel an ounce of regret. I headed home with a pussy full of another man’s cum and that led me to grabbing one of my toys later that evening and enjoying myself in the bathtub because like usual my husband paid no attention to me. Needless to say, I enjoyed the experience and since then, I’ve had no problem providing Tony with regular room service visits whenever he comes to town.

by: pcblonde43

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