August 30, 2015

Street blowjob

Can’t get enough of this amazing blonde Hotwife Elisa lately.

Here’s an amazing video clip of her picking up a guy in the city and getting naughty with him in the streets. Amazing!

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August 28, 2015

Seedy Country Bar

Seedy Country Bar

My wife went with a girlfriend and some other friends to a seedy country bar. Her girlfriend knew the band playing. I didn’t go. Her friend is a slut and I told my wife to be bad. But, I always tell her to be bad and she never does. I laid in bed and thought of 100 scenarios of what I wished she was doing.

In one she had a few long island ice teas (they fuck her up) and danced with some guy. He hits on her real hard hoping to get some form this out of town babe. He lets his hands wander and feels her up on the dance floor which combined with the alcohol makes her horny. He finally says he needs to go outside to smoke and will she come with him. She does. He then says its cold out and he wants to smoke in his car so they go sit in his car. He finishes and starts kissing her and feeling her up again, sliding his hand under her skirt and fingering her. He finally work her panties down and her skirt up, lays her own and slides his dick in her. She lays back and takes it.

He hammers her hard and fast and finishes before her, thanking her for the ride. She tells him she wasn’t done and can he finish her. He says he is spent but has an idea. He makes a phone call and a minute later his buddy is at the car. He gets out and says this bitch needs to be finished off can you help her. His buddy says hell yea jumps in the car whips out his dick pushes her on her back and proceeds to fuck her. While he is pumping away on her pussy the car door behind her head opens and another friend sticks his dick in her face telling her to suck it. She willingly complies.

The two of them decide to switch places, but one guy says the car is to cramped so they drag her around to the hood and bend her over it taking turns fucking her cunt all the while telling her what an absolute slut she is being.
One guy finishes in her cunt and backs away. The other one that had been taking turns steps up but he says I don’t want your cum on my dick, that’s gay. SO he sticks his cock straight up her ass causing her to yelp out in pain. His friends laugh and tell him to fuck that dirty whore up her ass which he does until he empties his load deep in her bowels. They then laugh at what a complete slut she is and leave her there dirty, sweating and covered in cum while they head back inside to finish drinking. As they walk away one of them tells her they come here every Friday night and she should come back next week for a repeat of the action. He says he is sure he can have a few more guys here next time after this story.

She comes home to me disheveled and sore. I kiss her and fuck her gently as she is so tender while she tells me the whole story. As she tells me the end I ask. Well…do you want to go back? She coyly says …kind of, yes.

by: ogreogre


August 26, 2015

Creampie overflowing

For those of you who like creampie gangbangs with hotwives then check this out. Slutty Cathy has been taking creampies for 14 years. Here’s a great video of Cathy holding herself open as each Bull empties his load into her pussy until it is overflowing.


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August 24, 2015

Wife at his office

Wifeys first stranger at his office

I had been egging my wife on about a guy she has to meet with for work stuff about once a month at his office. She has always told me they have flirted and he wants her and then she started telling me how they would get a little touchy feely. It then turned into her telling me he has rubbed up against her and has spanked her too. I always ask a lot of details and it became soo hot with her responses.

Then last week I had to pop the question if they have been all the way since some days she comes home creamy and will even start oozing a white creamy substance out when I start fucking her. I also came home one day from work and she was home first and she was doing dishes with no panties on. I asked her why she took them off and she said she was hot. I then went to the laundry basket and she had worn a black thong that day that ties on both sides and it was pushed down in the laundry basket and it looked like it got cum blasted all over the front. I was hard instantly and knew she was naughty. I then went right back in the kitchen and put one of her legs up on the counter and shoved my cock in her soaking wet pussy.

The next day I told her it looked cum blasted and asked why she hid it and she was beating around the bush for a while and then told me the truth. She had met up with him that day and carpooled to a meeting with him and said they pulled off the road and he made her cum in her panties. Yum!

The next day I texted her my questions below and got these responses. I find it very hot and want to watch him giving it to her good. They have a meeting next Tuesday as well.







by: tightwetmilf


August 20, 2015

Craigslist Sub Slut

Craigslist Sub Slut

While surfing the ever popular Craigslist personals I came across an add from a married woman looking for some excitement. Same as most of us on there. I made email contact and we emailed back and forth for a bit. I was in her town and suggested we meet up. It did not work out but we arranged to meet in a local hotel.

Something in her emails hinted that she was submissive. When asked, she said she was. I had her send me some pictures which she did without question. I never sent any pictures back. I got a room at the hotel, emailed her the room number and instructions on where to have the cab drop her off. The instructions also told her there would be a blindfold on the door knob and she was to put it on and push the door open.

The cab pulled up, she got out and walked in the end door and up the stairs. I heard the door handle jiggle and she pushed it open. There she was, blindfolded reaching out to feel her way. “I can’t tell where I’m going so you’ll have to guide me” she said. I pulled her clear of the door and closed it behind her. The first word I said was “KNEEL”. She went to her knees, still fully clothed. Without saying anything else I unzipped my jeans, pulled out my cock and rubbed it on her lips and told her to”Suck my cock” . So her I am , getting my cock sucked by this submissive slut. And a very good blow job it was if I might add. I get very verbal during good sex. I was asking her if she liked being a slut? Hmmmpfh was all she said at first. Of course it’s hard to answer clearly with your mouth full. I had her see how far she could get my cock in her mouth. Turns out she could take it almost all the way in.

I had her take off her clothes while still kneeling. She kept her panties on for several more minutes of cock sucking. I then had her take off her panties and lean back against the door and play with her pussy. While she was leaning back playing with her pussy, I stepped forward and fucked her mouth some more. Several times I had to stop to keep from cumming to quickly.

I had her stand up and led her to the bed. She sat down and was laid back. She did not flinch when I pulled her arm to the side and tied it down. I continued to the other hand and both legs until she was tied spread eagled. Now like most guys, I take advantage of a hot mouth when I find one so I knelt by her head and fed her my cock again. Before blowing my load I moved off and picked up a toy I brought to play with. It is a larger than average dildo. I lubed it up a little and proceeded to push it into her pussy. The toy also vibrates so it was turned on. I continued to use it on her pussy but moved to kneel near her head. She opened her mouth and resumed sucking my cock. This time, while reaching down to fuck her with he vibrator and have her suck my cock I decided to shoot my cum into her mouth and on her face. I pulled out, told her to keep her mouth open and jerked off into it. On purpose I aimed away from her mouth and shot a stream of cum on her cheek then pushed my cock back in her mouth to have her swallow the rest.

I moved off of her and continued to use the dildo on her until I could get hard again. Once hard, I put on a condom and slid into her pussy. She liked getting fucked hard and begged to have her legs untied. I freed her legs and let her fuck me back more. She really liked it hard. I wish I could say that I lasted for ever but I was unable to cum again so soon.

I tossed her clothes into the bathroom, untied her, led her in,shut the door and told her to get dressed and put he blindfold back on. When the door opened she was redressed with the blindfold on. I pushed her to her knees again and had herr suck my cock some more. (Never get enough of that). I then open the door to the hotel room, let her out, told her to take he blindfold off after the door was shut and leave it on he door. After waiting several minutes and getting my things together I opened the door. There was he blindfold and she was gone. She never did see me even though she sucked my cock, swallowed my cum and let me fuck her as she was tied up.

A true submissive slut.

by: frontrowfan69


August 18, 2015

Pimping the Dirty Whore

So lovely to hear from the one and only Hotwife Queen Jackie. I love sending and getting text messages from my gf’s dates, how hot are these.. smokin’

Pimping the “Dirty Whore”! That would be my wife Jackie!

I’ve been whoring out my wife Jackie for a long time. She’s really just a regular housewife and only a part time whore and even though she’s been fucked by many guys over the years, she on occasion still lacks some confidence and is sometimes unsure how she should dress and present herself to her dates.

Most of her dates are one time only affairs. I take her to the hotel and the guy fucks her once or twice that night and they move on. Some guys are from out of town and we can’t make another connection or circumstances in guys lives change and they aren’t interested or can’t date her anymore.

There are a few exceptions. A few guys have fucked her regularly and keep coming back for more. Those guys are a pleasure to deal with for her and for me. We all know what to expect. She knows what they want, she’s given it to them many times before and it’s easy for her. The guys get serviced by my wife in the manner they want and she gets the thrill of getting fucked in front of me which I of course enjoy.

The problem for her and I on occasion is with the first time repeat date. The guy has fucked her once and had a good time but now wants something a little different. Some men are funny in that way, they don’t reveal all their sexual preferences the first time. On the first date they are on their best behaviour. They don’t make any demands before the date or on the date. However Jackie dresses for the date is not an issue the first time. They are more reserved sexually on the first date.

When I take my wife to their hotel and introduce her to them they are usually gentlemen. They are content with polite conversation and often Jackie has to take the initiative sexually. She will place her hand on the guys thigh to get him going if he is shy. That usually perks them up and they go forward fondling her tits and sucking on her nipples after they get her dress off.

My wife will usually get down on her knees, which she knows men love, and unzip the guys pants. She will take his cock out and begin sucking till he is hard then she moves to the bed and spreads her legs for him playing with her pussy. He can’t resist that and takes it from there, driving his cock into her pussy and fucking her till she asks him where he wants to shoot his load on her or in her.

Once he has deposited his load of cum on or in my wife, he usually gets dressed quickly and does not hang out for more polite conversation. If my wife enjoyed herself she might say “We should do this again!” as he makes for the hotel door.

As I said before, most guys just move on and we never hear from them again. Fair enough. The problem that confronted us last weekend is with a guy who fucked Jackie the week before and texted me that he wants another date with her. Only this time he is “feeling his oats.” as they say. He is getting particular about what he wants and how he wants it.

He has had this fantasy about fucking a real whore and wants Jackie to help fulfill that fantasy. He wants her to dress sluttier than last time. His text to me was: “Jason, I’d like another date with your wife Jackie. I enjoyed fucking her last week. This time I’d like to fuck her like a real whore. I want her to dress very slutty so I can fuck her like the dirty whore I know she is!”

Well, my wife Jackie may or may not be a bonifide “dirty whore”, but it certainly made her feel unsure about herself and how she might play that role for him. She went to great effort and shopped for a new outfit she thought he would like to fuck her in. The afternoon of the date I had her model the outfit for me so I could shoot some IPhone pictures and text them to him to get his approval.

It took some convincing, shooting more pics, having her fuck herself with a dildo for him and finally having her suck my cock to show him how she looked, If she was “dirty whore” enough for him. When he saw the last picture of her mouth flooded with cum, he texted back. “That’s the dirty whore I want to fuck! Bring your wife to my hotel and I’ll fuck the whore!”

And so I did. Later that evening I took my wife to his hotel and he indeed fucked the “dirty whore!”
His fantasy was fulfilled by Jackie and he was very happy. It was an effort so I should echo that song from a few years back: “It’s hard out there for a pimp!” and for a “dirty whore” for that matter!

I should mention that I got a text from him today. He wants to set up a third date with Jackie. God knows what he wants her to do next!….Jason








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August 16, 2015

Trial separation

My ideal fantasy which was her reality.

My wife and I had a trial separation but we both agreed to stay faithful to each other until she sorted herself out. My wife started going to night clubs with her single girlfriends and one night after too much to drink she got picked up by a handsome guy called John, he was obsessed with her big silicone tits, she let him take her home to his place where they fucked each other silly. The next day she felt so guilty but so excited by her cheating.

she used to go away for weekends with him, lying to me made it so more exciting, it escalated in even starting to take risks as in taking photos of him in bed and her in our motel rooms. He told me one hot thing about John was his large uncut cock, it was a good 8 inches long and really thick, he used to get her to shave his balls and ass so she would not have any problem with hair when she went down on him and sucked his big cock, he had this thing about her rimming his ass as he jerked off over her very big tits. Very erotic.

Eventually she and John drifted apart, she used to catch up with him every second week. It was odd because she was still seeing me and we would often verbally fantasize about her fucking another guy, little did I know that my dirty wife was actually doing it, just not as often. What I did figure out that I wanted her to fuck another man to achieve her and my fantasy.

It happened mid-week, at about 9.30pm, all she could do was think about how she was going to fuck Johns big cock, so she put on a pair of loose pants and a jumper, got in her car (no underwear) and I drove the 15 minutes to his house, he was a single dad, so the 2 young kids were in bed by 8 and he was in bed by 9.00 as he had a gardening business, (early starter).

He had given her a house key earlier in the relationship, so when she got there she let herself in. Quietly so not to make any noise, she sneaked into his bedroom and stripped off her tracksuit pants and jumper, now naked my slutty wife crawled into his bed, still not a word has been spoken, and she started to suck on his large cock, which she could just fit it into her mouth. He was either asleep or making out he was asleep. She sucked on his cock until he was rock hard and then squatted over that big cock and slid that big fat cock right up into her wet cunt, she had left her house knowing that she would be fucking him in such a nasty dirty way so his cock would slide straight in, filling her completely.

She rode up and down on that monster cock and talked dirty to him, she said she found during our relationship he could not cum unless she talked to him in a filthy slutty way, which also aroused me as well. She would tell him to fill her filthy married pussy up with his cum, just to use her (she was using him) blow in her like a slut, just use her… After what felt like an eternity (it was probably 10 minutes) he finally blew his load of cum inside her, still saying nothing just groaning. Once his cock was drained of cum she gripped his cock with her cunt muscles until he was limp, His now soft cum covered cock slipped out of her pussy, she then got out of his bed got dressed into her track pants and jumper and left quietly. The short drive home was hot with her cunt throbbing and wet, feeling very slutty and exposed.

Once home she stripped off and got into her bed and thought about what she had just done, she was so horny she got out her 10” vibrator from the middle bedside drawer and began to rub the head of it against her wet swollen and very sensitive clit. She just laid back and kicked off the sheets and spread her long legs apart exposing the cum filled cunt, as she rubbed the vib against it she felt some of his cum leaking out. Her big swollen tits were aching and the nipples were like erasers.

She put the head of the vib against her swollen pussy lips as groaned and arched her hips towards it the pink vib slipped inside her effortlessly. All she wanted now was to cum, proceeding to fuck herself with the 10” vibrator, fucking all of his cum back into her, after about a minute of the pink cock fucking her she started to have the most intense orgasm talking to herself as she came, uttering “fuck it”, “fuck it hard”, “hurt me, hurt my cunt with your cocks”, “fuck me like a slut that I am… Once she had finished cumming she rolled over and slept the sleep of the dead, satisfied and sated.

When she woke the next morning she began to run her hands over her body, brushing against her tits and nipples, she was still horny from what she had done the night before, then she leaned across and picked up the phone, selecting the speaker mode as she need and wanted her hands to be free, My dirty slut wife called me and proceeded to tell me to get undressed as she had something for me…..and to start stroking my cock as she had a story to tell me. She then filled me in on what happened the night before, I fucking loved it, and I could hear her groaning with desire as she gave me each nasty detail. It didn’t take long for me to cum and I begged her to do it again but this time I wanted to be waiting outside his house in the car ready to take her home and fuck his cum back into her.



August 14, 2015

Public Gloryhole

Dogging loving UK slut wife Rachel Reveals has been very slutty visiting a public gloryhole.

Friday Fun at the Gloryhole!

Today I have spent the entire day enjoying the company of many men via a public gloryhole.

Being at the gloryhole is SOOO addictive, I love hanging around, sitting and waiting for the next hard cock to come through the hole for me to pleasure – not knowing if it’s going to be big or small, fat or thin, whether I’m going to suck it of fuck it.

I must of fucked and sucked a good 20 cocks today in the space of 6hrs or so, driving home with real wet soggy knickers, sperm trickling from me, throbbing quim and my throat slightly sore from lots of deep throat.

I adore being a public gloryhole slut, sucking and fucking any cock that presents itself through the hole, laying there putting on a show for anyone willing to watch me pleasure myself, it’s a real heart racing adrenaline buzz.

I took some horny little teaser pics for you all to enjoy, however if you want to see the full days worth of fun then your just going to have to join my website.

Rach xx






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August 12, 2015

Slut wife to use

As a bull I’ve got an experience to share. I had this one young whore I started out fucking behind her husbands back. Soon after meeting her husband at a BBQ, I realized what a lame little cock he is from his introverted personality to fawning “Yes Dear” submissiveness. Two weeks before his birthday she caught him looking at some porn site in the middle of his night with his Vienna-sausage beat to hell. Apparently he was watching some slut get hammered in a gang bang. She told me that when she asked him if liked the idea of watching her get gang fucked he got super stiff and jizzed without being touched.

Leading to his birthday she talked incessantly about getting gang banged and he never talked her out of it. For his birthday she invited me and some of my whiskey drinking buddies over for another BBQ. Her husband was surprised to see 5 guys he didn’t know at a BBQ where he was made to cook and serve us drinks. His wife walked around like a total whore in short shorts and heels bending over in front of us while we sat around watching the ball game. She wore a tiny tank top without a bra and her dark little areolas glistened through the white cotton as her hard nipples, the size of thick bullets, pierced the shirt.

Before long we were openly groping her and her husbands flushed face got redder when I made her suck my cock in the backyard. Soon after we took the mattress from their guest room bed and tossed it onto the dirty garage floor. I told her husband to watch from a lawn chair we set up, and we ran a train on her. Straight doggy style with no teaser. While my buddies were fucking her I asked him what his fantasy is for his wife. He said that he’d never fucked a girl in the ass and he’d like to be the first guy to fuck his wife in the ass. I told him I thought that was a great idea. I got her to lube up my cock then we positioned ourselves so that he could look us both interchangeably in the eyes. Then I fucked her tight 23 year old virgin ass slow. My cock head barely fit and she started whimpering like a dog, but I pushed my 8 incher into that blackhole and pushed her back into an arch. Slowly I got into her balls deep enough that I could feel my nuts slapping between her meaty pussy lips. She is the kind of whore with small tits and a thick, not fat, ass. I watched my big cock get smothered between her thick ass cheeks as if it were a gigantic bratwurst smothered a hogie roll. Once I broke the whore in she couldn’t get enough. After everyone had run a train on her ass I took turns pumping her pussy then her ass. Just as I was about to blow, I pulled out of her pussy and jammed my cock up her ass. With handful of hair and another pinching her bullet nipple, I blew my balls so deep in her ass she probably could taste jizz. Her husband watched with a face flush with jealousy and joy. His pants were soaked.

Anyway, we’ve been fucking her pretty regular. She is so broken in that she can do dp, double anal and double pussy.

Submitted by: Rodney1


August 8, 2015

Lucky Craiglist Guy

Cuckold Place Update

Fantasy - Lucky Craigslist Guy

It’s Saturday morning, and my wife and I are sneaking in a quickie before our day begins. We are so busy with our lives that we are lucky if we have sex once or twice a month. Even her fuck buddy has been super busy lately, so she has gone without. That was all going to change today, or so we thought. We pillow talk about her upcoming date that night with her long time lover. It’s been almost three months since she has been with him, and I’m hard as a rock as she strokes me while telling me all of the very naughty things they will be doing to each other tonight. Just then, her phone beeps (she has set her lover’s number to a unique tone so that she knows it’s him when he texts her). She checks her phone, and his text is not good. He has the flu and won’t be able to meet with her tonight. She is obviously dejected, but continues to tell me what she would have done with her lover, and what he would have been allowed to do to her. After our foreplay, we begin to have sex. My wife is a goddess and making love to her is the ultimate high. I ask her how much she wants a cock in her pussy, and she tells me that at this point, she would let any man push his cock into her and pound her for all he was worth. That got me thinking, and I stopped making love to her, and told her to grab her phone. I quickly pulled up craigslist and under misc romance, I began to scroll through the ads. She asked me what I was doing, and I told her I was finding her a date for tonight. There were many ads, but I finally settled on two of them. One was a younger guy looking for a milf to teach him a few things, the other was a mature man looking to unload a months worth of cum into a lonely housewife. I told her to review these two men, and pick one or both, it didn’t matter to me. She read them, and her body twitched when she read the mature mans ad, so I knew she had picked the mature one, and that she was still puzzled with what I had in mind. I told her that was fine, grabbed the phone back from her, and quickly snapped a picture of her lying naked in our bed. Then I handed her the phone back and told her to respond to him with that picture, and tell them that if he is available tonight, she would like to meet him and see what happens.

She doesn’t object to my request, and responds to his ad, complete with picture and cell number. I notice her squeeze her legs together and ask her what she is thinking about. She said she can’t believe a man would openly post an ad implying bareback sex on the first meeting. No woman is going to allow a stranger they just met to cum inside of her bare. Think of how long Steve and I had been together before I allowed him to fuck me without a condom. It was months and months. I told her that would be up to her, after all, she was expecting to have her pussy filled tonight by Steve before he cancelled, so if it felt right with this stranger, then do it. Her body twitched again at the thought of what I just said. She asked if I was sure, and I said yes, do what feels natural. At that point she begged me to finish making love to her, and as I began to enter her again, I couldn’t help but notice how wet and sensitive she was. She closed her eyes, and told me to just do it and take her. I knew she was thinking of this strange man when she told me that. I made love to her, and filled her with my cum.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. We both had plans for the day and errands to run, so we went our separate ways and promised to meet up back at the house later that afternoon before her date.

When I got home that afternoon, I found my wife upstairs getting herself ready for her date with this stranger I had found for her on CL. She was obviously excited. She told me that her and this man were texting each other all afternoon, and that she really liked him so far. I of course was very happy for her. I enjoy seeing how excited she gets for a date. It makes her feel sexy to be wanted by someone other than her husband. She decided to have another shower just to freshen up after a long day, so while I was waiting I grabbed her phone and began to review her texts with this new man. They started out pretty tame, tell me about yourself, that kind of thing. But then I raised my eyes at one of my wife’s texts. She texted him that she has been dripping all day thinking about another man entering her bare and finishing inside of her pussy, and his response was that by the end of the night, she will be dripping their combined juices and his cum. Her response was that she was very nervous about that but it was fun to fantasize about. He responded back with a picture of his hard cock in his hand, and the words, hard and full of cum for your pussy. It was a nice sized cock, about the same length as mine from what I could tell, but maybe a bit thicker around. She responded back with a picture of her pussy, her entrance being held open with her fingers, and the words, I can’t wait!

I put her phone down as she came out of the shower, and quickly sat down to hide my erection. I watched her start to get dressed, and she seemed to be taking extra care in selecting her outfit. She was humming a tune when she finally came out of the bathroom for the hundredth time, and I knew she was ready to go.

There are so many thrills from having a ‘hot wife’. I enjoy it all. Reading her texts, watching her getting ready, having her tease me and kiss me as she heads out the door. Smelling her perfume still in the room, long after she has left. Watching the clock, guessing when she would be arriving at the bar and meeting him for the first time. Imagining their nervous flirts with each other, and wondering how long until they head back to his place. I enjoy wondering, and I enjoy hearing from her when she texts me her updates. She wanted to meet him ahead of time at a bar, instead of just showing up at his house. She didn’t want to be that easy! She texted me that she got there safe and that the place was almost empty (It was only 7:00 pm). Then about thirty minutes later, she texted me that he was very handsome, about 50 years old, smelled great and that they were having a great conversation. The next text was from inside his car. They had been making out and she had felt his cock through his pants until he couldn’t take it any longer and asked if he could drive her back to his house. She said yes, and texted me the address. It was about 9:00 pm when she texted me that they were there and that she will text me later if she can. About 10:30 pm she texts me again. That was fun, I’m going to stay and see if there is a round two! At 2:30 in the morning, I hear her car pull into the driveway. I open the door as she walks in the house. She sighs, and melts into my arms. Instantly I can tell she has had an entire night of lovemaking with another man. A hot wife husband just knows the signs. She smells different, there is the smell of another man on her. Her cheeks are flushed, he must have made her orgasm several times. Her perfect make up from earlier in the night is just gone. Her lips are red, maybe even a bit raw from his scruff as he was kissing and making out with her. Her legs are bare, the stockings she was wearing are no doubt rolled up and tucked into her purse. And her beautiful blouse is wrinkled, most likely from when they were making out in his car.

Still at the doorway to our house, I ask her if she had fun. She stares deep into my eyes and nods yes. And to that nod, I give her an approving smile. She sighs again. A hot wife feels the highest when she has just been thoroughly and deeply fucked by another man, and when she returns to the arms of her husband, and knows that what she just did is completely natural, and okay, and approved. I think that’s one of the big differences between a hot wife and a cuckold’s wife. It’s late, she’s obviously spent. We’re far past the typical husband question of “Did you guys go all the way?”. I’m so torn, I want to hear every single little detail, and peel off her clothes and examine and explore and and taste and reclaim her body for my own. But should I let her sleep and wait until morning?

I lead her up to our bedroom and she flops down onto the bed. Undress me she tells me, I’m too tired to do it myself. Gladly I tell her, and smile as I begin to unbutton her blouse. She arches up to allow me to take off her top, and then her bra. I kiss her before she settles back down. “Can you taste his cum on my lips?” she asks me as she stares up to the ceiling. I answered honestly with a “No, I can’t”. “That’s right. I did lick a lot of his pre-cum off of his cock, but he had no intentions of finishing in my mouth tonight”. “And I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth tonight anyways!” she added. I began to look at her. Even in the dim light of our bedroom, I could see her breasts were still swollen and red. She even appeared to have a bit of a hickey on the lower part of her neck. My hands made there way down her body to her skirt. She leaned to one side so I could unzip the back. I carefully pulled her skirt down her legs, and then up and over her knees and past her ankles. That’s when the smell of sex filled the room. Their sex, not ours. My wife laughed out loud when she saw me take in a breath. “Do I smell like sex honey?” she asked with a smile. I could see how puffed out my wife’s pussy was even though it was still hiding under her panties. I had to inspect her pussy. I moved my nose up to her beautiful pantie covered mound and took in a deep breath of her sex. I placed a couple of fingers at the entrance to her pussy and touched her panties. They were soaked. I knew they would be. I then reached up with both hands and began to pull down her panties and take them off of her body. She was now naked and waiting for me to re-claim her.

“Be gentle, he was a little scruffy and I’m a little sore.” she said. So I climbed up beside her on the bed, and asked her to tell me what happened when they arrived at his house. She sighed again, thought for a moment, and then told me about her night. They had been making out in his car and things were heating up fast. She said she almost pulled out his cock right there in the car! The drive to his house seemed to take forever. She said crazy thoughts went through her head. Why was she doing this, was she really going to let this man she just met take her into his house and do whatever he wants with her? What if the sex wasn’t good? They seemed to hit it off, but who knows? Finally they got there and she said he came around and opened her door for her (something she loves men to do), and he led her into his house. She said he appeared to be well off and his home was lovely. He shut the door behind him, and proceeded to embrace my wife, kissing her deeply. She said she just melted in his arms and instinctively pushed up against him to rub her pussy mound against the bulge in his pants. He dropped a hand down and lifted her skirt, and slid his warm hand up to her panties. He cupped her mound through her panties, and she responded by reaching for his belt on his pants. He slowed things down at that point, asking her if she wanted a drink and a tour of the house. She said at that point she wanted him to throw her up against the wall and fuck her, but she settled for a glass of wine and the tour, knowing it would end up in the bedroom. She said she could feel her wetness between her legs as she walked through the house. Finally, he took her by the hand and led her upstairs. He told her that she was the only woman who responded to his ad, and admitted that perhaps it was too honest and too strong of an ad, but that he was very happy if she was the only one to respond. She said she was glad she was the only one to respond, I want all of that stored up cum for myself! With that she finished her glass of wine at the top of the stairs and kissed him deeply. They embraced and then he led her to the bedroom. Once inside, they began to kiss again, but this time, his hands were undoing her blouse, and her hands were undoing his belt and the zipper to his pants. She dropped his pants to his ankles as he took her blouse off. He stepped out of his pants and reached for the zipper on her skirt, still kissing her while he worked to undress her. She said it was amazing to feel his warm hands reach her ass and lower her skirt. He pulled her close and they rubbed against each other. His underwear and her panties were the only things separating their sex now. He undid her bra and rolled the straps off of her shoulders and then off of her completely. He kissed her neck, and then her breasts. She reached down and pulled his cock from his underwear and began to stroke him with her hand. His hand found her pussy at the same time, and soon pulled her panties aside to slide a finger into her. She said they pleasured each other this way for a few minutes and then he stripped off his underwear and socks, and he took her panties off, leaving her in just stockings. She said it felt wonderful to feel the air of the room hit her bare wet pussy. She could feel pre-cum on the head of his cock, and instinctively lowered herself to lick it up. He responded with a groan and began to lightly fuck my wife’s mouth. His cock grew harder as he continued to press it in and out of her sweet lips. She reached for his balls with her hand and deep throated his cock, expecting him to explode in her mouth. But instead and cupped her head and then brought her back up to his face and kissed her deeply again. My turn he said to her. He layed her down on the bed, and dove his mouth and tongue into her pussy. She said she wrapped her legs around him and gave herself fully to him, cumming on his face several times in just a few minutes.

She said she was in a daze when she felt his body climb up on top of her. Kissing her belly and then her breasts, and then her neck, and then finally her mouth. She could taste herself on his lips, and she hungrily kissed him for more. As he kissed her, she could feel the head of his cock at her entrance. It felt so natural. She reached down for it. It was dripping pre-cum, and she could tell he wanted to put his bare cock into her very badly. She had asked him earlier that day in a text if he was std free, and he told her yes. She decided to stroke his cock firmly and squeeze out a large droplet of pre-cum, and then rub it all over her pussy lips and mix it with her own juices at the entrance to her pussy. The head of his cock was now very slippery, and she guided it into her bare pussy. Then she pulled him out, and then back in, a little more this time, and then she squeezed and stroked his shaft while he was still inside her, knowing that she had just released some of his pre-cum inside of her. “I have very large loads when I cum” he whispered to her. That alone made her pussy pulse around him She said, “Well, I guess there’s no point in a condom now, I just milked some of your cum into me, so we might as well continue without one”. With that she said he kissed her and pushed his cock all the way in. She came almost instantly, his cock was very thick. She said they began to talk very dirty to each other, him telling her he was going to fill her pussy full, her begging him to shoot that months worth of cum deep inside of her. She said she would arch up her body to meet his thrusts, and that her orgasms kind of melted into one continuous wave. It had been so long since a strange cock had entered my wife, and she said she just wanted to be fucked hard at that point. She felt his hardness inside of her growing and she knew he was going to cum. His cock seemed to get even thicker. It triggered her pussy to clamp around him, and milk him past the point of no return. She remembers saying “Give it to me” after he said he was going to cum. And then she said she felt the pulses of his cock. That tell tale sign that a man is ejaculating. Her pussy instantly came, and pulsed with his cock, accepting every drop that sprayed from it. She’s not sure if she said it aloud, but the thoughts of “Oh yes fill my pussy” entered her head. She looked up at this man she had just met, and watched him as he filled her full of his cum. This stranger who she had just contacted this morning on a request from her husband, had just fucked her and came inside her.

She said her body began to shake as he finished cumming, and that she was overwhelmed with what had just happened. She just gave her pussy to a complete stranger, and wanted it to happen! He was out of breath as he asked her if she was okay. She nodded that she was fine. He withdrew his cock, and a gush of his cum immediately dripped from her pussy. “That felt so good, I hope it felt good for you” he said. She said his cum just kept running out, and she could feel it wetting the bed sheet near her bum. She just layed there and let it happen, let most of his cum run out. Then she felt the urge to pee, and she said when she went to the bathroom, another large blob of his cum came running out. She walked back into the bedroom and just shook her head. He wasn’t kidding that he had big loads. That’s when she texted me that she was going to stay longer. She wanted this man again. The second round was much slower, she said they explored every inch of each other. She got on top of him and rode him for a while. Then missionary, then doggie style (her and his favorite). She begged for his cum this time and he filled her again. She said she screamed as she felt him pulse inside of her. They layed together for a short while, kissing and petting each other, and then he drove her back to her car. The bar was packed now, so no one even noticed him give her a passionate kiss good-bye before closing her drivers door and sending her home to me.

By: London Couple

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