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July 31, 2015

Wifes fantasy

This is something my wife sent to me once, from her dirty mind:

I don’t know how I ended in a changing room full of guys. But when I was there, I certainly knew about it. I was supposed to be meeting the press officer at 10.30am. I was early, it was hot in the stadium that day, I unbuttoned the top of my blouse. Lucky for me I had a pretty short skirt on. The sweat was making the top of my legs clinging and I felt just like I needed a bath.

I walked down the long corridor, I was pretty sure the press room was somewhere near here. I opened a door, just slightly ajar and took a peek. It was the changing rooms. No one there, so I thought I’d have a nosey. I went through the door and could see the shirts hanging up, maybe it wasn’t empty? As I stepped a little further in I realised that singing was coming from behind the long white wall at the end of the room. It made me giggle a little, which prompted a tall, very lean looking guy, absolutely naked, to appear from behind it.

“Well, what do we have here?” he said “Oh I am sorry, I just, umm” I stumbled to get the words out He walked towards me, eying me up and down. I felt so hot. And why did he not have a towel? His cock swinging between his legs, his balls large, trimmed hair. I couldn’t help but look. “Like what you see?” he said “I…. I’m……” I still couldn’t speak. He walked up right close to me and placed his hand on my cheek. “Nice skin” I started to breath more heavily, as he stroked my face, moving his hand down my neck, still standing there perfectly naked in front of me. “Guys, we have a visitor” he shouted, as he grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him. His control was immense, his gaze captivating as he pulled me firmly in the direction of the white wall. I followed obediently. Why was I so aroused by not knowing what I would face behind this wall? “Well, well, we need to give our visitor our customary welcome” said my new found friend. As we walked behind the wall, I found myself confronted by three more guys sitting in a giant white bath, all naked, arms sprawled, legs casually open displaying a fine array of cocks. My pussy started to drip at the sight of such masculinity in front of me. “Do you like baths?” said one of the Adonis in front of me. “Yes” I mustered as I watched him smirk at me. They were laughing. I’d seen a naked man before, more than one.
They think I’m scared?

I decided that this was my chance to cool off. I kicked off my heels. Leaving my skirt on, I hitched it up to remove my panties first. I was greeted by a loud round of wolf whistles as I slid them down my legs and over my ankles, dropping them to the floor. Boy was I glad I wore my matching hot red underwear today. The appreciative shouts spurred me to unbutton my blouse before removing my skirt. Mr impatient still standing by my side decided to give me a little helping hand, firmly gripping my waist and pulling at my zip to remove my skirt. I stood there soon enough with just my bra on and his skilful unclip of my bra. He took my hand and led me into the water - carefully down three steps. In front of me a young, blonde haired man, boy really, wild curls, pulled me onto his lap. I laughed as he started to fondle my tits as the bobbed on the water. Mr Impatient was now sat in the water, his cock hard in front of me, which he started to rub. It was hot! My nipples were starting to tighten as the Blondie worked his fingers across my tits, from one to the other. I may have been sat in the water but that didn’t stop me feeling how wet my pussy was getting. As if reading my mind the guy opposite decided to move a little closer and carefully insert his finger into my now aching cunt. His hand was warm from the water and soon one finger became two. His hand brushed against the Blondie’s cock but he didn’t flinch and somehow this situation seems completely comfortable. There was nothing awkward about how well these guys knew each other and there seemed nothing awkward about how they were admiring my body. Mr Impatient, true to form, wanted in on the action. His proud cock moving above the water. He picked up one of my feet and began to rub it. I felt the sensations shoot up to my cunt, which now had three firm fingers pressed tightly within it. One guy sat and watched and didn’t move. He watched every move his mates were making, but just starred into my eyes, which I opened with wild fire, then closed again. Blondie began to kiss me on my neck as I tipped my head back. This was awesome, immense! As he pulled me back, he somehow managed to spin me around so I was facing him. Straddle across his thick thighs I started to massage his cock, up and down with my fingers rubbing his shaft. I soon found my cunt with his cock and sat on it, clenching my buttocks as I pulled him into me. This feeling, the water swishing and being watched as he fucked me, it was amazingly dangerous.

Time escaped me and any thought of my meeting went out of the window. “Come on now, share nicely mate” said Mr Impatient as he piped up again. I was being nicely filled by the handsome, horny man, but I knew there were three other guys in need of attention and right now every one of them wanted me. Annoyed, he pushed me slightly off his knees. I felt a bit hurt as I wondered what to do next. I didn’t have to wonder long as Mr Impatient pulled me back onto his chest, my legs now floating, and the very quiet guy who’d yet to make his move edged closer. “This one’s mine, you know I love eating pussy”. Shit. Really? With Mr Impatient’s hand around my throat, pulling me into his chest so all I could do was look up at the ceiling I felt warm lips begin to nipple on my flaps. They worked their way slowly across the outside of my pussy, planting little kisses across each side as only an expert would know how, ending up finally at my clit with just a tiny bite, I gasped. - As I gasped, I felt the hand tighten around my throat. It suddenly dawned on me that I couldn’t fight these four men off if I wanted to. They could do whatever they wanted to me! I was highly aroused. My cunt now yearning for this man, as he nibbled away at me. His mouth now forceful, his tongue working through me from top to bottom, up and down as I moaned with delight. Aware that my tits were being tickled but unaware who by or how.

As this man’s delicious mouth worked through me a wave engulfed, I succumbed to an amazing orgasm that simple shook every bone within my body. “And now lady, it’s our turn” said Mr Impatient. As I watched, he lifted his body to sit up a couple of steps and pulled me back so I was now facing him. He firmly, forcefully pushed my face down onto his now throbbing cock. It was hard, so hard! His pre-cum spilling into my mouth as I licked it up, like a good girl. He was full of cum and it didn’t take too long, disappointingly, before he spat everything he had out into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, licking his cock clean with delight. I looked up, he smiled. I could see, the others were watching approvingly. Did they want the same or was I going to get fucked I wondered? I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Blondie pulled me back next and was lying down across the third step as he pulled me across his toned body. He really was gorgeous! His cock found my cunt without any trouble and his movements saw our hips meet in what I can only describe as a perfect motion of two bodies trying to grind into sheer desperation. It was so deep! I was caught in a motion, before I realised the arms looming over me, as another guy was prodding his cock against my asshole. He was big, really big and the thought of this man’s weight on me terrified me. But not only that, his cock was big and I already had one cock inside me. Now two? I shivered at the thought! As he entered, I let out a yelp as the shock of pain shot through me. He was hard, his cock tight in my ass, his hand how placed across mine, his weight holding me down. He joined the rhythm we’d already established and it was sensational: the feeling of being completely filled by these two very big men, being sandwiched in between them as these two huge cocks completely filled me, with no escape. It was Blondie who came first and my cunt delighted as he throbbed within me. It wasn’t long after that, as he pushed me backwards with his arms, that my ass was filled with thick cum.

I was so overwhelmed, that I felt the need to come again. This time it was me to take the lead. My one last guy, patiently waiting, sat and watched as I climbed over these now limp figures, to straddle him. I began to ride him, pulling back at his longish curls, tugging at them as I pushed myself deeper onto his cock. I rocked and rode and he slapped my arse as I continued with this motion until I let out an almighty scream. Fuck! I came in such blazing glory, that he came at the same time as me, my pulsating cunt and his throbbing cock motioning together. How rare that happens and how totally unexpected. I looked up at the clock: 11.10am. Shit. I was late for my meeting…

by: mjc2

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