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July 23, 2015

Wife Keeps Giving

My Wife Just Keeps Giving

Deb and myself have been playing for the last 13 years. It was after the very first time that we realized we should have chosen to start playing long before we did. I enjoy reading about the exploits of others, so I thought I would share a story of my own.

Deb is now in her mid 50s but has realized that keeping herself in good shape enhances her chances to get the “best” out of life. We enjoy playing with one of her 3 regular lovers at least 2-3 times a month, sometimes more in a good month. Last Thursday we invited Steve over for drinks and fun. Steve is the youngest of her lovers so Deb sometimes plays little mind games with him to create more excitement. As we sat around she would get close enough to him where he could touch and feel her, but would move away when he tried to get a good hold on her. This had him on edge. He became extremely excited.

Once he was as excited as I’ve ever seen him. She came to me, she hugged me and reached into my pants to rub my hard cock. Deb pulled my pants off and began to suck my cock. It was hard for me to pay attention to Steve. He was so horny his pants were off and I could hear his cock slapping in his hand. Deb must have sensed that the teasing needed to end. She told me to get her lube lotions. She knelt on one side of the couch and told me to rub it on. Her smooth cunt was shining and puffy when I felt she was ready.

I thought she would want Steve right away but was surprised when she told me to fuck her. I was so excited that after a short time I could not hold back any longer and spurted my cum deep inside her. Steve could wait no longer and was pushing his cock in her puffy pussy as soon as I pulled out. I know the feeling of Deb’s cunt after she is fucked, so I was not surprised to see Steve cum in just a few minutes.

Surprisingly I was hard again. Deb rolled over and on her back, cum oozing from her, was ready for more. I moved between her opened legs and fucked her. The second time was great. I could not cum right away,so I was able to steadily fuck Deb’s wet hot cunt for a long time. Deb just kept cumming and cumming from the long fucking she was getting. I finally was able to get up the energy to fuck faster and cum again. I was spent, but Steve was ready to pick up where I left off. I swear he fucked Deb for almost another hour. Deb’s eye’s were closed as she just kept cumming. Steve finally came in the end deep inside her. He laid on her as I heard him groan with every spurt deep into Deb’s cunt.

We recuperated. Steve then left. I was able to lick and taste Deb. She was worn out, and I think it was the first time she could not cum again. Her cunt was all foamy around the outside from the intense fuck. I did get to finish my job first thing in the morning.

by: cstarr

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