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July 19, 2015

Tina Outted

Tina Outted

As I have started sharing our exploits, I explained Tina was an unrepentant exhibitionist and unashamed slut wife. However, we only played when we were on vacation or traveling. Tina was a little naughty in our everyday lives. Tina wore light bras that allowed her breasts to sway as she walked and her nipples would clearly polk through her bra and whatever she was wearing if she became aroused. It was exciting for both of us when men tried to not to be caught ogling Tina’s breasts and occasional disapproving look from wives.

We would have fun at parties on our nights out. Tina was not much of a drinker, but after a couple of glasses of wine she would get flirty, her inhibitions evaporate and her libido would go into overdrive. Tina generally would not drink unless we were out together. One of our favorite exploits would be after Tina had a couple of glasses of wine, I would get her aroused by discrete touching or whispering that a particular man was ogling her tits. This would get her aroused and her nipples would get hard and prominent poke through her bra and blouse. In her frame of mind she would pull her shoulders back to make her nipples more prominent. After an evening of showing off we went home had some of our hottest sex.

On to how Tina got outted. In the early 90’s we became involved with a charitable organization both financially and volunteering. One of the wealthy benefactors sponsored fundraisers at his mansion and it was a mansion. We bought tickets and planned to attend. I had a business trip with arrangements to return Friday afternoon in plenty of time for the fundraiser. However, the day of the fundraiser my flight was cancelled due to inclement weather and the next available flight was Saturday morning. We agreed since we already had tickets, Tina should still attend.

The event was a semi-formal affair. Tina decided to wear my favorite black halter dress. The dress wasn’t too short only a couple inches about her knees, was cut low in the back and she could not wear a bra. Her nipples would be prominently on display through the light material of the dress if she became aroused.

Tina told me the party was attended by about 30 couples and a similar number of singles. We knew most of the attendees casually from our volunteer work. Tina explained she was alone because of my cancelled flight. For the first couple of hours she was a social butterfly and danced with a number of husbands and singles while carefully avoiding alcohol. She told me as the evening progressed she became part of a singles group including Bruce and Charlie. Bruce was rumored to be a player who liked to seduce married women. It was even rumored he was the cause of at least one divorce.

She would dance with Bruce and Charlie as well as others. Tina told me they would grind their hard cocks against her belly and try to drop their hands to her ass. She told me she kept their hands where they belonged initially.

As the evening progressed Bruce and Charlie managed to provide Tina wine and kept her glass full. A dangerous combination. Soon Tina resistance waned and she did not object when Bruce and Charlie fondled her ass. Bruce even tried to fondle her tits which she did not allow. The wine and attention put Tina in full flirt mode and her nipples were hard and forming a nice little tent in the halter.

As it got late, the crowd thinned until in addition to Bruce, Charlie and Tina there were only 3 or 4 couples and a few singles. Tina told me it was about 12:30 when Bruce asked her for one last dance. Rather than go out to the dance floor, he just took her in his arms corner where they were standing. Tina told me Bruce slid his hands under the back of her dress and panties to fondle her bare ass. By this time Tina told me the combination of alcohol and arousal she did not stop Bruce from fondling her bare ass. Bruce then whispered, “I been wanting to get my hands on your ass all night. I really think you want to fuck.” Tina responded, “I can’t. I’m a married woman.”

Tina was not too convincing. Bruce reached inside Tina’s halter top saying, “You say no, but your nipples say fuck me. I’ll even bet you pussy has soaked your panties.” As Bruce continued tugging and tweaking her nipples, Charlie came up behind her and started grinding his cock against her ass. Bruce commented, “I bet you want to fuck Charlie too.” Between the wine she consumed as well Bruce and Charlie sandwiching her, the last of Tina’s resistance evaporated. Her libido took over. She reached down between them to message Bruce’s and Charlie’s cocks telling them, “Oh God. I need to get fucked. I’ll fuck both of you.”

I asked Tina if the other partyers could see Bruce and Charlie fondling her. She told me when she looked up she could see others glancing her way but was too turned on she to care. She would have probably fucked them then and there. All she knew was she needed to fuck.

Bruce and Charlie then led Tina down a hall to an empty room. Tina told me some of the remaining couples and singles gave them a knowing look as she was led away. As they entered the empty room Charlie unfastened Tina’s halter freeing her tits. Bruce reached under her dress and ripped off her panties. Tina was then led to a sofa. Charlie sucked and fondled Tina’s tits as Bruce dropped his pants. Bruce lifted Tina’s dress baring her pussy and slipped a finger into her telling Charlie, “Damn this slut is soaking wet.” Then looked at Tina and told her, “You know you want this. You want Charlie and me to fuck you.”

Bruce moved to positions his cock at the entrance of her pussy and rubbed his cock head along her pussy. Bruce teased Tina by asking, “Tina tell me what you want.” Tina moaned, “God damn it. Just put that cock in me and start fucking.” Bruce needed no second invitation, he grabbed Tina’s hips and began thrusting wildly. Within seconds Bruce exploded and filled her pussy with his cum. When he withdrew glob of cum ran down her ass forming a wet spot on her dress. Tina looked at Bruce, “Damn you. I haven’t cum yet!!” Bruce responded, “Tina, I didn’t know you such a fucking slut. Charlie, your turn. Make this slut cum.”

Bruce rolled off. Charlie climbed on and rammed his cock into to cum drenched pussy. Tina told me you could hear the distinct squishy, sucking sound of sloppy seconds. As Charlie fucked Tina, Bruce positioned himself at Tina face and told her, “Cleanup time slut. Lick my cock and balls.” What Bruce didn’t know is Tina loved cleanup duty.

Tina told me she was soon bucking and writhing telling Charlie, “Fuck me hard. Don’t stop. I’m cumming.” She told me this set off Charlie. She could feel his cock the throb and squirt. She said he deposited so much cum in her it felt like a firehose was stuffed up her pussy.

When Charlie rolled off Tina laid there leaking cum forming a big wet spot on her skirt. All this happened in about 15 minutes. Tina told me she tried to make herself presentable but could not hide the large wet spot on her skirt. Tina said she tried to hurry past the remaining partying without drawing too much attention. However, she did tell me there were a few disapproving stares. What Bruce and Charlie did not tell her is they spread around to several of the remaining partyers they both fucked Tina and she had practically begged them to fuck her. She was a real slut.

Following her escapade with Bruce and Charlie a few people avoided us, but most either didn’t know or care Tina was a slut. However, she did start receiving more attention for a number of the men in the group.

This happened in the early 90’s and is my best recollection of what Tina told me.

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