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July 15, 2015

Attending Conference

Attending Conference for Work

Recently I attended a global conference at a resort in sunny Mexico. Apart from learning a considerable amount, I had an interesting time.

On the first night there was welcome reception for all attendees. I prepared for the night wearing a spaghetti strap tank dress. Since the dress was snug and not wanting panty lines, I chose to go without any undergarments, hoping it wouldn’t be too hot or too cold. The evening was pleasant drinking, socializing, networking, dancing, and drinking. During the evening I met and spent a good bit of time with a handsome gentleman who was prominent with the company that was hosting the event. He was approximately six feet tall, fit, tanned, quite good looking and charming. As the evening wore on we chatted, danced and flirted. I was getting a bit tired and decided to call it a night. In true gentlemanly fashion, he offered to walk me to my room. We decided to take a stroll down to the beach on our way.

As we walked in the sand, he put his arm around me telling me how attractive he found me. Having had more than my share to drink his compliments made me smile and allowed him to move his hand down my back to my waist. He didn’t stop there and I soon found his hand on my ass, which he was rubbing. He stopped, turned me and we began to kiss. He pulled me close, grabbing a handful of ass and ground his hardness into my belly. He whispered into my ear, “I want to fuck you.” I was lost in his passion and responded by continuing our kissing. With one hand on my ass his other hand went to my breasts commenting on my lack of a bra making it easier to get into my dress. He quickly pulled the straps down exposing my tits. He licked and sucked on my erect nipples, and a one point bit down sending a shock to my already dampening pussy. His other hand pulled my dress up over my ass as his hand stroked my bare skin. In a swift movement his hand went to the front and was between my legs rubbing my exposed pussy. He deftly and easily slid a finger into my hole causing me to moan. He looked at me, called me a naughty girl and commented on how much I like being bad. Here I was, with a man I’d met a few hours before, on the beach with my dress bunched at my midsection having my breasts and pussy exposed to anyone who could see. He pushed me down to my knees, unzipped and dropped his pants revealing an impressive member. He put a hand on my head and guided me to his cock. I opened my mouth and allowed him entrance. I licked and sucked working his meat as he groaned and commented on how good it felt. His big balls hung low as he started to nudge his cock further into my mouth. Considering his length and girth, I didn’t think it would all get in but he was insistent and didn’t stop until his balls were pushing on my chin. He pulled it all the way out as I gasped for air but quickly shoved it back in. He was quivering, his balls were tightening, and I knew what he was aiming for. It was mere moments before he announced he was coming and held my head firmly and shot forceful sprays of his hot cum into my mouth. I’m not much of a swallower especially when it is a big thick load but he didn’t allow me to pull away leaving me no option.

We gathered ourselves and headed to the room. He didn’t walk me to my room but directly to his suite. I told him I needed to get back; my roommates would be expecting me. He begged me to come in and he would make it worth it for me. I figured a drink and some conversation and I’d be on my way. Well was I wrong. As we approached his room, he pushed me against the door and kissed me passionately, which was his way of showing me he was looking for more. We entered the room, he closed the door lifted me up and set me on the bar. His hands pulled my dress up and he forced his head between my legs. His tongue felt good working on my wet pussy. He alternated between tongue fucking me and sucking on my sensitive clit. When he worked his fingers inside and worked my clit it didn’t take me long to have an orgasm. That felt good and now I was ready to head to the room. He though had other things in mind when he dropped his pants and his erection was waiting. He did confess later that he’d taken some medication to allow him to maintain and continue. He didn’t waste any time as he lifted me off the bar, turned me around and shoved himself full length into my pussy. Considering his size and forcefulness my breath was taken away. He didn’t wait and began pounding me with purpose.

I held on to the bar for support as he attacked my pussy. He pulled my tits out of my dress and gripped them like handles. He had a real thing about pulling and twisting nipples. He pinched and pulled them harshly with the purpose of causing pain. My cries of pain didn’t slow him; I ended up with bruises from his biting and pinching. I’m not a pain person but it was sending electric shocks to my clit heightening my desire. It didn’t take long before he began to grunt with the telltale sign of an upcoming orgasm. He pulled out and slammed himself as deep into me as he could holding me there as a cried out blasting inside me. We were both breathless, I could feel his hot cum dripping out of my stretched pussy.

We dressed and being ever the gentleman walked me back to my room finishing with a sweet but passionate kiss.

And that was only my first day there.

by: hairnstyle

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