June 5, 2015

Taken in hotel room

A little gallery today from Hotwife Blog fave Hotwife Leslie.

Taken in a hotel room by a dominant black male. Love it Leslie. Hot hot hot!







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June 3, 2015

Big Hank

Big Hank

Every once in a while my wife will run into a man that she is immediately turned on by. About a year ago we are in the grocery store waiting in line at the deli when she pokes me and says she wants to get to know that man better. I just nod my head and she quietly walks in front of him where he’s looking at something in a case and backs into him. As she turns around she quickly brushes his cock with her hand and says, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you as she has that smirky smile on her face and she quickly licks her lips.

She then comes back next to me and Big Hank follows and strikes up a conversation. He is black about 6’4” tall, lean and looks to be around 50 years old. After some small talk the wife asks if he would like to have some afternoon snacks and wine with us. He readily accepts.

He follows us home, the whole way the wife is rubbing her nipples and clit and I’m starting to see her shorts getting wet as her moans are getting louder. I knew that she would be fucking this guy within 10 minutes of us getting home and her snack was going to be him.
We pull into the parking lot and he is right behind us. We get into the elevator and head up stairs. She is pressing against him and he has one of her 40D hangars out and wanting to suck it.

We enter the condo and I go to the kitchen to put away the food and get a bottle of wine. I come into the living room where they are sitting on the couch together and she was leaned back while he was biting and sucking on her nipples. She was opening his shirt and rubbing his chest while going lower trying to open his pants which by now had a huge bulge. He pressed her back further, pulled down her shorts and started licking her pussy and ass top to bottom. She spread her legs even further to allow him to suck and bite on her big lips and clit. This continued for about 5 minutes and she started grinding harder on his face as she was heading for an orgasm. She squirted all over his face and he licked up every drop of her honey juice. He continued sucking and biting her pussy, ass and inner thighs and she shuddered again this time almost screaming as she again had an over the top orgasm.

She then laid back and was covered in sweat and breathing hard. Big Hank then dropped his pants and pulled out a huge black cock. It wasn’t overly long, about 8-8.5” but it was about as fat as a coke can with a pair of balls the size of small apples. She looked, smiled and told him to take it easy on her with that fat cock. I think this was the fattest cock she has ever attempted to fuck and she was most definitely excited and ready for the challenge. Hank straddles her on the couch and starts rubbing his big cock head on her face. She opens her mouth and she can only hit his head into her mouth. I must say that big cock guys probably don’t get great head like the rest of us, I mean, who could deep throat that monster?

The wife is licking him up and down his shaft, balls and his ass purring the whole time and loving every minute of it. She then starts stroking his cock furiously and is licking his head. He soon starts thrusting and starts shooting big ropes of his cum on her face, into her mouth, hair and on her tits. His cum is running out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her neck as she keeps licking and swallowing his load until he shoots no more.

Hank then gets up and tells her he wants to fuck. I look and his cock is still rock hard after shooting that huge load, simply amazing!

She tells him to follow her into our bedroom where she lays down on the edge of the bed with her legs spread fingering her sopping wet pussy. I lie next to her and start kissing her, licking her neck, face and tits cleaning his come off of her. Hank moved over and he starts rubbing the head of his cock along her pussy. She hungrily pushes forward to try and get him inside of her but he continues to tease her. Then with one quick thrust he pushes just his head inside of her stretching pussy. She just moans and starts wiggling towards him more as he slowly works that fat black cock into her waiting pussy. He starts with nice slow strokes and continued to pick up speed as he enters her deeper and deeper. All this time she is having mini orgasms with just about each stroke. Hank finally gets his whole fat cock in her and you could hear his balls slap up against her fat ass as he was pounding hard on her sweet pussy. Finally she starts squirting again and moaning like a woman who’s never had cock before. Hank is building up tempo as he is ready to let loose another load. Her lifts her ass up, drives his cock deep and starts to empty a huge load in her waiting pussy. She is squirting and moaning, he is grunting and filling her, it was a great scene to watch as his load starts running out around his cock and is making a big wet spot on the bed.

Hank then pulls out his cock and puts it into my wife’s mouth where she licks him clean.

Meanwhile, I’m eagerly cleaning her well used pussy of his huge load. Hank finally starts going soft and lies on the bed.

After a little conversation he tells us that he’s 67 years old! At 67 years old that man can fuck like a 25 year old.

Since that time the wife has fucked him another 4-5 times. She loves to fuck him but her pussy stays sore for days from his huge girth so she has to be really horny to fuck him.

by: beachbodies


June 1, 2015

Thick Creampie

Blast from the past today. This Hotwife has been at it for 14 years and some of you will already have heard of creampie loving Cathy.

Here’s a video gallery of a Bull pumping a massive load of thick cum deep in Cathy’s pussy.


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