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June 25, 2015

New boyfriend

My wife found a really hot guy online and invited him over for a threesome. The guy showed up and was in awesome shape and very quickly we got started. I watched them fuck and suck for quite a while, and joined in a limited way. This guy was such a stud. Whenever I cum, I’m usually done for hours. Within a two hour visit, this guy came 3 times, each time as much as the last time. He fucked her bareback, but unfortunately did not cum inside her. I finally got to cum after he had cum 3 times.

We agreed to get together again soon. The next week he contacted us that he had a couple of tickets to a concert that he could not go to, and offered them to us. He stopped by to drop off the tickets before I got home from work. When I got home, my wife was quite pleased to tell me that without my permission or knowledge, she had fucked him on her own in our bed when he dropped the tickets off. I was so fucking turned on by this that we fucked immediately. I asked her if we could all get together for another threesome soon, and she agreed, but surprisingly to me, she said that she wanted to see him on her own again first before we all got together! I couldn’t have come up with a better scenario on my own! I was fully supportive of her seeing him on her own whenever she wanted to.

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