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June 17, 2015

Wifes Phone Call

Wifes Phone Call

I have written a few stories about our adventures and up until now we have always been together. She knows she has complete freedom to play whenever she wants. She has gone to a nearby college with my D.I.L. and the grand kids. During the day she stays at the hotel with grandson (8) while D.I.L. and granddaughter go to the college for athletic purposes. She and grandson stay at the pool a lot.

Seems that yesterday she was approached by a man staying there also. He struck up a conversation and they had small talk. While he was talking with her he made a suggestion sexually and she pointed out she was with the grandson. That cooled him down a bit and the small talk continued. As he readied to leave the pool he suggested that she have dinner with him. She told him it would be rather late for dinner because D.I.L. would not return until after 9:00 p.m.

After he had gone she called to tell me about the encounter because she knows it excites me. She has never met a sexual partner alone I have always been there.

Well last night about 10:30pm she called to let me know she was in the hotel bar having a drink with her new friend. She also told me she was thinking about playing without me present. My dick seemed to grow twice as hard at that point and I urged her to go through with it as long as she felt safe. I also told her to call if she did decide to do anything and I could listen in. After hanging up I wanted to jerk off so badly, my dick was aching. I held off hoping I would get that eagerly anticipated phone call.

About 11:15pm the phone rang and her first words were “Are you sure?” and “Are you truly O.K. with this?” I responded by telling her to go through with it and how hard I had been since her call earlier. She closed the conversation with “I love you.” She apparently placed the phone near the bed but all I could hear was muffled conversation and then a time of silence. I began to hear a sound here and there, voices, the phone being bumped and then rustling sounds as if the phone was now on the bed. I began to hear her start to talk softly, the way she does as things heat up. OMG my dick was about to burst. I bet I didn’t pull more than four to five times and was shooting all over the place.

I continued to listen and her talking became replaced by her moans as she does when she is really heating up. He was talking also and I kept hearing him say things such as “Suck it” and telling her he could not wait to titty fuck her. He quietened down and I had no idea what was occurring until I heard her saying “Yes” over and over that indicated to me he was face first in her. I could tell by her sounds she was close to cumming and as usual she began saying she wanted the dick in her, this seemed to continue for ever. I could tell by her sounds the moment he slid into her, she began talking nasty and I knew she had to be bucking upward wildly as she has done in the past with myself and others. He must have been hitting it pretty hard from the noises they both were making. I was hard as a rock once again and jerking for all I was worth. Once again I came pretty quickly. I continued to listen and at one point heard him ask if he could cum in her. In between her moans and loud breaths she told him to fill her and began telling him to give her his “baby juice.” I have not seen a man yet who could hold back after hearing her start talking like that. It was very shortly that I could hear him and I knew he was shooting her full. A silence fell over the phone and all I could hear was heavy breathing and panting, I knew then they were both spent. After a time I began hearing the rustling sounds again, not long after the phone connection was ended.

I haven’t talked with her today as of yet but can’t wait to get full story. I jacked off all through the night and this morning.

by: 2boats

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