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June 13, 2015

Wife off to Swinging Club

Cuckold Place Update

My wife is off on her own to a swinging club next week

It’s been a chore but finally my wife has agreed to go to a swinging club on her own next weekend. We have had swinging experiences in the past with couples which was always fun. Nothing ever came close to the time I watched my wife fucking another guy on the couch whilst I was upstairs watching on webcam. She told the guy she was home alone! (picture from the evening below) Between then and now we’ve had kids etc.. and and have just been super busy with no real chance of getting back into it. However last weekend she finally said she would like to go to a club and even better she has agreed to go alone. To my surprise she’s super exited buying herself sexy outfits and she’s even booked a hotel down the road, this is 100% going to happen. I’ve never been so excited literally can’t wait to drop her off then pick her back up.

Hopefully I can even get her to come on here to ask questions etc.. she’s already signed back up to an old site we used to use!

I’ve now been able to tell her everything. She knows how I like to see her fucked and even to go off with someone and come back and tell me all about it. She said she didn’t really know much about cuckolding but she’s book reading and looking at videos and she’s excited about it all.

Watching on cam

By: Krysiz

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One Response to “Wife off to Swinging Club”

  1. Will said:

    My wife goes to swinging parties with her regular boyfriend, she has a ball.
    I hear about it all & it drives me crazy with desire.

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