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June 9, 2015

Black Fantasy

Hubby has been after me to be shared for the past year and a half with a big cock, since telling him about my 9″ Italian Stallion when I was younger in college. Now our fantasy is to try a BBC.

Goes like this, for my bday this coming December.

We rent a cabin at Oak Haven Resort where we stayed many times. Hubby has an acquaintance through work, Derek, 8″x6″ BBC.

The day comes and we get to cabin a little early, Derek is to meet us by 8pm. As time gets closer I am getting nervous. Even though we talked about it, this is my 1st time with another man in nearly 29 years, let alone with Hubby there, and an endowed man at that. Hubby senses my nervousness and has me take a hot shower, then get in bed naked. Now at 7:45pm, he lays me on the bed and slowly teasingly eats me out, getting me very wet.

Then the door knocks and Hubby lets Derek in. I hear them chatting a bit, I am now shaking in anticipation, will I be ok with it? will Hubby be ok? are we nuts?

Derek comes in the room and a little idle chat while he undresses, watching his clothes hit the floor, he drops his underwear, revealing a large thick hanging cock.

He lays down next to me and I take his hanging heavy dick in my hand, barely getting my fist around it and just look at the size of it limp. I begin to lick the top side then underside, watching his dick jump with each lick and watching it grow to full erection, now I can’t get my hand around it, I am in awe of what I am about to take. I spend another minute or two sucking as much of him I can get in my mouth.

He then lays me back, I am really nervous now, as soon it will be to late to change my mind. He tells hubby to come to edge of bed and Derek positions himself between my legs, he lays his cock on my belly to show me and hubby how deep he will be going, his head resting just below my belly button. He looks at hubby as he puts his hands behind my knees and brings my legs up, starts rubbing his head on my entrance and asks hubby if he is ready to see this. I then start to tell hubby “Are you sure?” when Derek pushes his large head in and then I say “Too late now”, hubby takes a seat.

Derek starts working in and out about 7-8 strokes and feel him push all 8″ in, balls resting on my ass, I let out a loud “Oohh”, he holds it in me for a minute, allowing me to adjust and get use to his size. I start to rock on his fully inserted dick, feeling extremely wet, my nervous feeling is replaced with wanting him to fuck me.

He pulls out to head then back in hard, each time he picks up speed, my toes curl hard, each thrust is met with a grunt, feeling my pussy stretched around his thickness he now is at full push-up thrust slamming into me, he puts me into grunts and groans telling him to fuck me like that and keep going. I begin to feel the swells of my 1st of many hard orgasms.

I now roll on top of him and begin slamming down on him, I cum and start again for 2 more orgasms. Now I’m in another world, he pulls me to side of the bed, my feet on his shoulders, he grabs my arms and start pulling me on and off his dick bringing me to another orgasm. Locking my feet behind his head. I tell him to fuck me hard, I bring my feet down around his waist and he pounds me hard until I feel him squirt his load deep against my pussy walls.

We fucked all night, and over weekend in all rooms, hot tub, even taking care of hubby.

by: milfmama3

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