June 29, 2015

From a happy Wife

From a happy Wife

Hi everyone. My hubby enjoys this site and he’s encouraged me to tell our story so since I love him here goes…. We’ve been married 14 years, in our mid 40s, and I’ve been seeing other men for the past 8 years and loving every minute of it… Basically we started when during sex he told me that he wished he had another cock to fuck me with, and I said I’d love that, and then he suggested the idea of having an mmf threesome. there was a traffic cop near our block that had been hitting on me for months, so once i had that “green light” i followed up with it and we had our first mmf, which was amazing. Hubby was totally panicked and jealous afterwards and i figured we’d never do it again, which was fine with me, i was grateful for what i had, but after a couple of weeks he changed his mind and so we kept doing it. It was a lot of meeting different guys, having a threesome, then hubby freaking out, then going back to doing it for a few years. But after a while he kind of settled down and it’s been much more steady. He’s not with me anymore when i see other men, we like it better that way now.

So I guess what we do is a hot wife rather than a cuck thing, but still the idea of being cucked I think turns him on a lot. One time I called him from some guy’s apartment who had picked me up on the street, and I told him i was about to get fucked, and boy did he love that!

So i’ve had three different guys who i was seeing exclusively. Each was better than the next, and the guy i see now is really spectacular. Being desired and fucked often by other men makes me feel so happy and wanted and beautiful, and so it’s worked out really well for me. The guy I’m with now is really “large” lol, and so I’ve come to especially enjoy that and enjoy now having a big cock. Hubby has been great, very understanding, and we almost always fuck after I come home from getting fucked, even if i’ve been out all night. I hope all you cucks out there understand that by letting us do this we love you even more. I’m not like into humiliating my husband or anything like that, which is fine for other people of course, but the way we do it has worked out for us so well. We both feel that women should be fucked by more than one guy, and in my case I know this is true. I feel so free. And really happier than I’ve ever been. And I know hubby is happy because I’m happier too. He’s nodding his head yes.

I made a little video for him the other night where my bull entered me from behind while asking if I loved my husband, and I moaned yes because he lets me have this huge cock. I really meant that too. I do get fucked bareback mostly because my bull expects it.

Ideally I would like to have 2-3 guys besides my husband that i see on a regular basis. The crazy thing is the more I do this the more I want it. So there’s not like a time when I’ve had enough, it just makes me want more. Anyway, I hope any of this is cool for anyone to read, I’m kinda just really writing this to turn on my hubby who has a big hard on right now . if you have any questions for me I’m happy to answer them. Now I need more sex

by: happyhotwife


June 25, 2015

New boyfriend

My wife found a really hot guy online and invited him over for a threesome. The guy showed up and was in awesome shape and very quickly we got started. I watched them fuck and suck for quite a while, and joined in a limited way. This guy was such a stud. Whenever I cum, I’m usually done for hours. Within a two hour visit, this guy came 3 times, each time as much as the last time. He fucked her bareback, but unfortunately did not cum inside her. I finally got to cum after he had cum 3 times.

We agreed to get together again soon. The next week he contacted us that he had a couple of tickets to a concert that he could not go to, and offered them to us. He stopped by to drop off the tickets before I got home from work. When I got home, my wife was quite pleased to tell me that without my permission or knowledge, she had fucked him on her own in our bed when he dropped the tickets off. I was so fucking turned on by this that we fucked immediately. I asked her if we could all get together for another threesome soon, and she agreed, but surprisingly to me, she said that she wanted to see him on her own again first before we all got together! I couldn’t have come up with a better scenario on my own! I was fully supportive of her seeing him on her own whenever she wanted to.

by: nighttrain


June 23, 2015

More cock for Dee

Another day, another cock for horny hotwife Dee Siren. This was one of her conquests on a recent Vacation. The guy took her quite roughly and Dee loved being dominated. After being fucked for hours, she ended up taking his cum all over her body.

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

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June 21, 2015

My cheating wife

Absolute true story of my cheating wife

Several years ago, my wife worked at a local chain of stores. The regional supervisor Bob, was a real ass hole. He believed in the “good old boys” mentality and treated the female assistant managers like they did not have a brain in their head.

One day, my wife told me that Bob said that he was told to let one of the managers go. He joked that whoever would not treat him right, was the one that was going to be fired. My wife knew that he was a pig and she had a pretty good idea what he meant by treat him right. A couple weeks passed and my wife heard through the grapevine that one of the other female managers had given Bob a blowjob, in his office. She knew she was not the one going to be fired.

My wife told me about the girl giving him a bj and said “Can you believe that”! She said that Bob was bragging about getting her to give him a blowjob and even said that he bet that he could get blowjobs from every female manager…if they want their job. Wow, talk about sexual harassment. I pretty much thought that he would get in trouble and that would be that.

Three weeks later, my wife had to go to a business meeting and party. She got a ride with Bob. I was expecting her home late, maybe midnight. At about 1am a car pulled up in front of our house and then drove across the street into the parking lot of a little diner. I looked out my bedroom window and saw them park in the back of the diner. I thought that was odd, so, I got dressed and slipped out by back door. I walked around the block and into a yard behind the diner.

At first, all I could see were 2 silhouettes in the front seat of the car. I could hear music playing and the sound of a beer can opening. I figured they were having a beer and talking about work or whatever. A while later, the passenger door opened and I could see my wife getting out. A streetlight shined enough light to be able to see her. I watched as she squatted down behind the door and took a piss. Wow, what the hell is going on I thought! Then she got back up, pulled up her skirt and got back in his car. Now, my wife was no prude, but, this seemed way out of character, for her. I just stood there, hiding behind a pine tree, not knowing what to think.

After a few minutes, I noticed that I could only see the silhouette of the person in the driver’s seat, Bob. I strained my eyes to get a better look, but, there was only one person visible. At the time, I felt a mixture of shock and anger. I know bob’s reputation and my wife was in his car, half drunk, giving him a fucking blow job. I was just about ready to go over to the car, when the engine started. So, I stayed still. Without putting on his headlights, Bob backed the car up, closer to the back fence, farther away from the highway. He shut the car off and although they were closer to me, the car was hidden by the darkness of the parking lot. I could barely see something going on in the car. Then the light from a passing car illuminated Bob’s car and I could clearly see that it looked like no one was inside. They were obviously both lying down. Then I saw and heard the car rocking. Shit, she’s letting him fuck her! It was not long before his car window fogged up and I starting hearing the muffled moans of my wife, as he fucked her. Strangely enough, when I should have been totally pissed off, I found that I had an erection. The thought of my “goody two shoes” wife lying in her boss’s car taking his 40 year old cock, was exciting me. Suddenly, the person who lived in the house where I was hiding in their yard, pulled into their driveway. Their headlights shined on me and I felt that I needed to go before they think I’m a burglar or something.

So, I walked home, and waited in our living room for my wife. I was watching tv and about an hour later, she came walking in. First thing I noticed was that she did not have her panty hose on, under her skirt. She had no idea that I had seen her and Bob over in the parking lot. So, I asked her how her meeting and party went. She was still half drunk, as she mumbled something to me. Then she said that she was really tired and that she was going to take a bath and go to bed. I knew she was lying, but, I think I was in shock, so I didn’t say anything. One part of me wanted to start a fight and the other part of me wanted to throw her down on the floor and fuck her silly. I did neither. She went off to the bathroom and fell asleep in the tub. I went to bed and she eventually came in close to sunrise. We never really talked about that night. This is all the truth.

by: Cuck Hubby


June 19, 2015

Missionary Wife

Here’s a fine picture submission we recently got at hotwifeblog from an anonymous wife and rather gorgeous blonde on her back underneath some black cock.

I think it’s one of my favorite positions to see, classic missionary, legs open, invitingly spread out on the bed for that cock to get between her thighs. Hope we get more from this wife soon!

Anon Wifey


June 17, 2015

Wifes Phone Call

Wifes Phone Call

I have written a few stories about our adventures and up until now we have always been together. She knows she has complete freedom to play whenever she wants. She has gone to a nearby college with my D.I.L. and the grand kids. During the day she stays at the hotel with grandson (8) while D.I.L. and granddaughter go to the college for athletic purposes. She and grandson stay at the pool a lot.

Seems that yesterday she was approached by a man staying there also. He struck up a conversation and they had small talk. While he was talking with her he made a suggestion sexually and she pointed out she was with the grandson. That cooled him down a bit and the small talk continued. As he readied to leave the pool he suggested that she have dinner with him. She told him it would be rather late for dinner because D.I.L. would not return until after 9:00 p.m.

After he had gone she called to tell me about the encounter because she knows it excites me. She has never met a sexual partner alone I have always been there.

Well last night about 10:30pm she called to let me know she was in the hotel bar having a drink with her new friend. She also told me she was thinking about playing without me present. My dick seemed to grow twice as hard at that point and I urged her to go through with it as long as she felt safe. I also told her to call if she did decide to do anything and I could listen in. After hanging up I wanted to jerk off so badly, my dick was aching. I held off hoping I would get that eagerly anticipated phone call.

About 11:15pm the phone rang and her first words were “Are you sure?” and “Are you truly O.K. with this?” I responded by telling her to go through with it and how hard I had been since her call earlier. She closed the conversation with “I love you.” She apparently placed the phone near the bed but all I could hear was muffled conversation and then a time of silence. I began to hear a sound here and there, voices, the phone being bumped and then rustling sounds as if the phone was now on the bed. I began to hear her start to talk softly, the way she does as things heat up. OMG my dick was about to burst. I bet I didn’t pull more than four to five times and was shooting all over the place.

I continued to listen and her talking became replaced by her moans as she does when she is really heating up. He was talking also and I kept hearing him say things such as “Suck it” and telling her he could not wait to titty fuck her. He quietened down and I had no idea what was occurring until I heard her saying “Yes” over and over that indicated to me he was face first in her. I could tell by her sounds she was close to cumming and as usual she began saying she wanted the dick in her, this seemed to continue for ever. I could tell by her sounds the moment he slid into her, she began talking nasty and I knew she had to be bucking upward wildly as she has done in the past with myself and others. He must have been hitting it pretty hard from the noises they both were making. I was hard as a rock once again and jerking for all I was worth. Once again I came pretty quickly. I continued to listen and at one point heard him ask if he could cum in her. In between her moans and loud breaths she told him to fill her and began telling him to give her his “baby juice.” I have not seen a man yet who could hold back after hearing her start talking like that. It was very shortly that I could hear him and I knew he was shooting her full. A silence fell over the phone and all I could hear was heavy breathing and panting, I knew then they were both spent. After a time I began hearing the rustling sounds again, not long after the phone connection was ended.

I haven’t talked with her today as of yet but can’t wait to get full story. I jacked off all through the night and this morning.

by: 2boats


June 15, 2015

Lush Sunday Fucking

Filthy UK dogger Rachel Reveals hooks up and takes a creampie with another of her site members.

Lush Sunday Fucking

Another REALLY horny meet this evening, have met this member a few times simply because I LOVE his dick and he fucks me so good, he makes me squeal out with real cunt pulsing pleasure!

It was an off the cuff spontaneous meeting, he was gagging to get inside me – he pulled up to our meeting spot and within seconds had his hands all over me, kissing me and pulling at my clothes as he was simply gagging to stuff his hard fat shaft deep inside me.

Bending me over the boot of the car, he whipped my bottoms down in one hard tug, ripped down my panties and thrust his rock hard cock up my tight little wet quim filling me full of his throbbing hot rod.

Oh my god he felt amazing, the feeling of his cock pumping away at my wet excited cunt, he was so horny and pent up it didn’t take him long to shoot his hot sticky sperm deep inside my snatch, he shot ream after ream of lush man goo inside me and I could feel every jet hitting my insides.

Thanks hunny for another lush fuck, look forward to next time!

Rach xx







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June 13, 2015

Wife off to Swinging Club

Cuckold Place Update

My wife is off on her own to a swinging club next week

It’s been a chore but finally my wife has agreed to go to a swinging club on her own next weekend. We have had swinging experiences in the past with couples which was always fun. Nothing ever came close to the time I watched my wife fucking another guy on the couch whilst I was upstairs watching on webcam. She told the guy she was home alone! (picture from the evening below) Between then and now we’ve had kids etc.. and and have just been super busy with no real chance of getting back into it. However last weekend she finally said she would like to go to a club and even better she has agreed to go alone. To my surprise she’s super exited buying herself sexy outfits and she’s even booked a hotel down the road, this is 100% going to happen. I’ve never been so excited literally can’t wait to drop her off then pick her back up.

Hopefully I can even get her to come on here to ask questions etc.. she’s already signed back up to an old site we used to use!

I’ve now been able to tell her everything. She knows how I like to see her fucked and even to go off with someone and come back and tell me all about it. She said she didn’t really know much about cuckolding but she’s book reading and looking at videos and she’s excited about it all.

Watching on cam

By: Krysiz

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June 11, 2015

Marion at the gloryhole

A quick picture from gangbang cum loving slut Euro hotwife Marion and her recent trip to the gloryhole. She just loves random cock and the gloryhole is the perfect tool to provide that anonymous thrill. Would be great to hear about your own gloryhole experiences in the comments.

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

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June 9, 2015

Black Fantasy

Hubby has been after me to be shared for the past year and a half with a big cock, since telling him about my 9″ Italian Stallion when I was younger in college. Now our fantasy is to try a BBC.

Goes like this, for my bday this coming December.

We rent a cabin at Oak Haven Resort where we stayed many times. Hubby has an acquaintance through work, Derek, 8″x6″ BBC.

The day comes and we get to cabin a little early, Derek is to meet us by 8pm. As time gets closer I am getting nervous. Even though we talked about it, this is my 1st time with another man in nearly 29 years, let alone with Hubby there, and an endowed man at that. Hubby senses my nervousness and has me take a hot shower, then get in bed naked. Now at 7:45pm, he lays me on the bed and slowly teasingly eats me out, getting me very wet.

Then the door knocks and Hubby lets Derek in. I hear them chatting a bit, I am now shaking in anticipation, will I be ok with it? will Hubby be ok? are we nuts?

Derek comes in the room and a little idle chat while he undresses, watching his clothes hit the floor, he drops his underwear, revealing a large thick hanging cock.

He lays down next to me and I take his hanging heavy dick in my hand, barely getting my fist around it and just look at the size of it limp. I begin to lick the top side then underside, watching his dick jump with each lick and watching it grow to full erection, now I can’t get my hand around it, I am in awe of what I am about to take. I spend another minute or two sucking as much of him I can get in my mouth.

He then lays me back, I am really nervous now, as soon it will be to late to change my mind. He tells hubby to come to edge of bed and Derek positions himself between my legs, he lays his cock on my belly to show me and hubby how deep he will be going, his head resting just below my belly button. He looks at hubby as he puts his hands behind my knees and brings my legs up, starts rubbing his head on my entrance and asks hubby if he is ready to see this. I then start to tell hubby “Are you sure?” when Derek pushes his large head in and then I say “Too late now”, hubby takes a seat.

Derek starts working in and out about 7-8 strokes and feel him push all 8″ in, balls resting on my ass, I let out a loud “Oohh”, he holds it in me for a minute, allowing me to adjust and get use to his size. I start to rock on his fully inserted dick, feeling extremely wet, my nervous feeling is replaced with wanting him to fuck me.

He pulls out to head then back in hard, each time he picks up speed, my toes curl hard, each thrust is met with a grunt, feeling my pussy stretched around his thickness he now is at full push-up thrust slamming into me, he puts me into grunts and groans telling him to fuck me like that and keep going. I begin to feel the swells of my 1st of many hard orgasms.

I now roll on top of him and begin slamming down on him, I cum and start again for 2 more orgasms. Now I’m in another world, he pulls me to side of the bed, my feet on his shoulders, he grabs my arms and start pulling me on and off his dick bringing me to another orgasm. Locking my feet behind his head. I tell him to fuck me hard, I bring my feet down around his waist and he pounds me hard until I feel him squirt his load deep against my pussy walls.

We fucked all night, and over weekend in all rooms, hot tub, even taking care of hubby.

by: milfmama3

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