May 8, 2015

Single or Married

Here’s another post from the discussion group Aspiring Hotwives group, wanting to know whether you are single or married in your quest to become a hotwife. An interesting subject brought up and user Baybeedee expresses her desire to join the lifestyle but to have not a weak submissive cuckold by her side, but a strong, confident man, secure with his feelings and strong in his lust to see her take cock from multiple men. I must say that I find this cuckold role to be much more common place than the submissive, slave like cuckold which more often than not exists in stories and in a fantasy of those who seek this lifestyle.

Would be interesting to get all your thoughts. Are you a married aspiring hotwife or single and what type of cuckold are you looking for?

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This post is from user baybeedee

Single or Married

I am single and loving it, but would be open to marriage to a hot well built white man who was very commanding and domineering in every way but happy with my sexual escapades and the bulls who use me.

He would get to use me, except when the bulls want me, and support the need for me to act, dress and maintain myself as a sex toy for the bulls first and him second. I do not want a wimpy cuckold.

He would also have to accept that I am fully bi and that I would play with other women and that while the bulls will get to enjoy this display and my girlfriends could use me as hard as the bulls do, he won’t usually get to take part or watch this activity.

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May 6, 2015

Blonde slut pickup

Had to select this for a repost.. This wonderful 18 year old girl was the most amazing street pickup we’ve ever found. So much more went on when we ran out of batteries on the video camera…


Here’s another picture set for you from the latest adventures of myself and Sensi, The Undercover Lover.

For those of you that don’t know Brighton, let me tell you a little about it. It is ‘THE’ no.1 place for hot women in the UK. When you step outside here, it’s like being in a candy store. Beautiful girls everywhere. Sensi has pulled so many girls down here it’s unbelievable. So many of these hot girls fill the bars and clubs every weekend and he is always around to make sure a few of them spill over his way hehe.

So we are never short of girls to find for the website that is for sure. So driving around town this Sat night, we were on the lookout for hot babes who might be interested in a little private after party with The Undercover Lover. After a while though we were beginning to think we’d have to ditch the car and head to the clubs ourselves, the streets were unusually quiet, when suddenly outside one of the seafront bars we find Satine. Stupidly left on her own while her boyfriend had gone to get the car, she told us he’d been ages and she was cold.

Sensi wasted no time in chatting this cute blonde up and persuading her to come for a drive. He knew she fancied him,. It wasn’t long after she confessed she’d never had a black guy before. Damn, now we knew we just couldn’t let her slip away. Maybe her alcohol induced state helped but after some smooth talking she was back at the flat giving lapdances and getting hornier by the minute. I decided it was a good time to get the camera out.

When she saw the size of Sensi’s cock, she freaked a little and asked if he would be gentle lol.. Sensi warmed her up and soon she was taking that full black length into her cheating pussy hard and fast begging to be fucked. She was as sweet as candy and an hour or so later she’d been well and truly black cock christened. She was too nervous to take a load in her pussy as she was not on the pill. So she elected to take it in her mouth instead. She then pulled on her disheveled underwear and party dress and slipped out into the night back to find her unsuspecting boyfriend. I’d love to be there to hear what they say to them sometimes, haha.

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here

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May 4, 2015

Adult Theater

Adult Theater

I am John and my wife is Karen. She is about 5’8” and what some folks would call “thick”, with a 40DD chest and smaller hips. She is not fat, but is big boned like Anna Nichole Smith.

A couple of years ago we were in Houston for a few days. On Saturday night we went to a local swing club for a wear your swim wear party. Karen wore her one piece swim suit with a light cover up. After a few hours we left the party as it was quite cliquish and we weren’t part of the clique. I knew that not too far from our hotel near the airport was an adult store so we headed there. We entered, and noticed there were several guys hanging around the front counter. The store clerked bragged to us about the large new projection screen in the theater and that it was free for couples. We decided to check it out.

We entered a theater about the size of a large living room. In the back there was one old long couch. There were three rows of chairs each row 6 chairs wide with about a foot of space between each chair. The chairs were of the metal frame variety but had thickly padded seats. All the chairs were empty so we went to the middle of the middle row and each took a seat with me on Karen’s right. The large projection screen was showing a movie of a white woman alternating sucking on two large black cocks.

Soon after we sat down, several men sat down around us. I glanced around and there were 3 men behind us, 2 in front of us and one large black man next to Karen. I turned toward Karen and began to squeeze her right tit through her swim suit. I reached up and pulled her suit down so that I could have better access. The man next to her looked at me questioningly and I nodded my head at him. He reached out and copied my actions on Karen’s left tit. He then leaned his head forward and started sucking her nipple, so I did the same. Like a lot of women with big tits, Karen’s tits aren’t super sensitive, but she loves her nipples gently sucked and I could tell she was enjoying it. She reached for my crotch so I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, which she started jerking off. I reached down to rub her pussy and found that the other man’s hand was already there. I pulled my mouth off her tit and looked down to watch him rub her pussy through her swimsuit. As soon as I had my mouth off I noticed a hand from one of the men behind us snake forward and cup her tit and started teasing the nipple. I returned my gaze to the hand in her lap which had moved her swimsuit to the side and was now rubbing her naked pussy. I leaned forward a bit and could see that she had his large black cock in her other hand and was jerking him off. I looked up to her face and she had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying herself.

The guys that had been seated in front of us had come around the end of the rows and were now standing beside us watching. I love to watch her be pleasured and envied them their position so I leaned in and whispered in Karen’s ear that I was going to let someone else have my seat while I watched and she should enjoy herself. She opened her eyes and smiled at me and released my cock. I stood up, turned my back to the screen and backed up against the seats so I could watch. Immediately the man previously standing next to me took my seat, unzipped his pants and guided Karen’s hand to his hard cock. The big man to her left took his lips off her tit and stood up putting his right knee in the seat. He reached behind Karen’s head and guided her mouth to his large hard cock. She held his cock with her left hand and sucked furiously on the big black head, getting as much as she could in her mouth. The man to her right started plunging his fingers in and out of her now unoccupied pussy. After a few moments of this she turned her head to me and asked if I had some condoms. I said I did, she said give him one and indicated the big man on her left. She then stood up, pulled her swim suit completely off and kneeled in her chair with her big tits hanging over the back. Immediately the guys that had been behind her reached for her tits and one of them took his cock and brought it to her lips. She rested her upper body on her left arm on top of the chair and used her right hand to hold his cock while she sucked and licked it.

I reached into the bag of stuff we brought and pulled out a condom and handed it to the big black guy. He tore it open and tried to get it on his cock, but his cock was just too wide for it. I motioned for him to lean down and I asked him if he was clean and disease free. He nodded his head yes. I told him, that I would never forget his face and if he was lying, I would track him and find him. He looked me in the eye and swore he was clean. I motioned him toward her. He moved behind her and gently rubbed the head of his big black cock on her wet pussy lips. He then slowly started working it in and out with short strokes. In just a few seconds he was holding her hips, going all the way in and his big black balls were slapping her pussy. Every time he would slam his cock in, Karen would be forced down on the cock in front of her. She was occasionally moaning around the cock in her mouth, obviously enjoying the hard fucking she was getting. For balance she had moved both her hands on the upper thighs of the man she was sucking, but now the guys on each side of him reached forward to hold her up and put her hands on their cocks instead. She was now being fucked by one big black cock, sucking another and jerking off two more.

The guy she was sucking was the first to cum and he did so while his cock was buried in her mouth. She swallowed it all. He pulled his cock from her mouth with a pop. And immediately it was replaced by one of the guys she was jerking off. He didn’t last long and she swallowed his too. And again the cock was quickly replaced and the third guy enjoyed her talents while he came too. The big guy in her pussy kept pounding away but eventually looked around at me and said that he was about to cum and where should he do it. I told him to fill her up. A few strokes later he groaned and stopped and shook as he pumped her once tight pussy full. As he slowly pulled his big tool out, a large amount of cum dripped out of her pussy

Karen turned around and sat down, thinking she was done, but there were still one hard cock that had been up front that needed relief. So she motioned him to come forward and she started jerking him off. As he got closer to coming she started rubbing him on her big tits and he came all over them. She sat back with cum dripping off her tits and out of her pussy and a grin on her face. A lot of the guys had left so we were almost alone in the theater. I took her hand and led her to the couch in the back.

She lay down on her back and I moved above her and slowly sunk my hard aching cock into her warm, wet stretched out pussy. I could barely feel the walls, but I could feel the warm wetness surround my cock. I wish I could say I lasted a long time, but looking down at my slutty, just fucked wife was more than I could take and I came long and hard. I went and got our stuff and she walked out just like she was, naked and dripping cum.

by: coupleinlubbock


May 2, 2015

Risk Factor

More filthy cheating fun from slutty UK hotwife Rachel Reveals


Slipped round to meet a member last night In a VERY naughty horny risky scenario.

His wife has been out with the girls for drinks and she was fast asleep in bed, but he wanted me to slip in quietly and to fuck me in the bathroom right next door to the bedroom.

Well you know me, the riskier that naughtier the better, I couldn’t wait to do this!

Arriving at his house, he met me at the door – led me inside and upstairs all in silence, I sat on the toilet lid and started sucking on his lush hard cock – his groans were so loud I thought he was gonna wake the wife!

Bending me over the bath in my stockings, suspender and heels he couldn’t wait to get his married hot hard cock deep inside my lush wet tight cunt – he didn’t fuck me for long sadly as I’m sure the risk and situation added to his horniness and he soon blew his fat wad deep inside my cunt – he was fucking me so good though, all while telling me shuuushhhh – I was struggling to hold my pleasure in as not to make a murmur.

Once he had filled me and shot his load, he led me back down the stairs to the front door – kissed me goodbye, all without saying a word really.

We managed to get some cracking pics using the timer on my camera, was a very horny and risky situation – would definitely love to repeat that!

Rach xx







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