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May 30, 2015

Texts from my Wife

Texts from my Wife

This past Sunday my wife got together with her younger lover. Instead of revealing all the details right away, she texted the following details over the whole day Monday. She is a 51 year old Milf 5’5’ 125 lbs, with great 34C breasts and a smooth pussy. Sam is a fit 28 year old with a 7”-8” cut cock.


When Sam was on his way, he texted me to be well hydrated. I started hydrating, when I texted him to see if he was available, hoping he’d be able to come over.

When Sam arrived I was in my pewter pumps, striped black skirt, and a black racer back tank, so my purple bra straps contrasted with it. He came in and started touching me before I even closed the door and said I looked sexy. He turned my back to the door and kissed me slowly, skirting his hands across my hips and around to my ass, pushing my skirt up. He pulled upwards on my ass just where my cheek meets my leg. Pulling me into his body. We kissed tenderly but not overly aggressively. Then he kissed down my neck and buried his face in my tits, feeling up my skirt. I reached in front to feel his hard cock. Then we kissed a deep kiss again. He undid his jeans and I squatted to suck his hard cock. I looked up at him and he said let’s go in the bedroom.

We headed in the direction of the bedroom. I paused to take another sip of water, to prove I was following his instructions. There he stood behind me and put his arms around me and kissed me from behind one more time.

He head for the bedroom and I muted my phone, turned the music down . By the time I got there, he was naked on the bed. So I crawled across the bed and got on top of him. We kissed. He was grabbing for my pussy and told me to take off my skirt. So I took it off and my top. I straddled him and rubbed my pussy on his cock.

He explored my breasts for a while. Sucking on my nipples, kneading the flesh. Then he pushed me back on my back. Took off my panties.

He kissed down my body and kissed my inner thighs, moving inwards each time closer to my lips. He dragged his tongue across both sets of lips then kissed them on each side. Moving closer to the middle. He commented on how wet I was, and said it was so sexy!

Then he licked up the middle to my clit. He stayed on my clit for a while getting his chin wet. I was doing a bit of a bridge and he was lifting my ass to his mouth.

Then he climbed up again and teased my opening with the tip of his cock and said come here .He lied back and motioned for me to get on top, for him to continue eating me, and for me to suck his hard cock. We started a lengthy 69.He started out just licking and me sucking the top half of his cock. He started fingering me opening me up while licking .I could feel my orgasm building already.

Then he stopped licking and only fingered my wet pussy, finding my g spot and driving his fingers in and out vigorously until I was basically frozen, with his cock going deeper and deeper into my mouth, both of us moaning. Then, when I started to squirt, he rubs back and forth hard on my clit and lips fast until I spray all over his face .He was pretty eager to taste me. And that sequence repeated several times ending with me squirting all over his face .At one point I was deep throating him ( best I can) he held my head in place with his thighs while he forced another orgasm out of me. That was the hottest part! I couldn’t believe it. Felt like I was someone else. Then after the 69 ended, he told me to get up on my knees and make myself squirt . I can’t seem to apply enough pressure and speed to make it happen. I suggested a toy he said don’t worry .So he proceeded to do it again with me on my knees then at the last minute he stuck his face under my pussy and I soaked him and the other side of my bed!

Then he lay back on the pillow end and told me to get on him .I was so wet and stretched from his fingers he said his balls were getting soaked.

I rode him for quite some time then he fucked me from behind .He turned me on to my right knee more than in the middle, and tried to rub that angle again with his cock and pounded very hard on my pussy . Then went back to the middle and fucked from behind till he came. I asked if he liked fucking my wet pussy .We lay together for a bit and then he went and cleaned up.

He cane back and started fingering me with his cum in me. Then asked if he could turn on the light .And he made me cum again with his fingers and I squirted one more time.

I went and washed my hands, got some water. Then he started getting dressed while I was out. I asked if he could just lie down for a second. Then we started kissing again he turned me on my side and slid in again! Then he lay back started jerking off.

We kissed while he did this then I asked if he’d like me to lick his balls. He came shortly after that. Said it felt amazing! Then he got ready to leave, and my legs felt weak .

by: adventurmilf

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