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May 26, 2015

Lunchtime Fun

Lunchtime Fun

My husband I are both in very stressful demanding jobs. So, when we have play time, we really like to enjoy ourselves. I know that he had been wanting to watch me have sex with another man for some time. However, I am not one to casually pick someone up at a bar. Little did I know the opportunity would soon present itself.

I have a staff of six people that work for me and we had recently hired a very nice looking, well spoken but quiet young man. He was very quietly flirtatious with always whispering in my ear how good I smelled and how it made his day to see me. The flirting was all very subtle.

One day I was feeling a bit frisky in the morning and I had stopped to speak to my favorite young man…we started to flirt and I told him that he needed to quit making promises and maybe take care of me at lunch. Startled but excited he told me that he was free that day. I told him my husband would be very jealous and he surprised me by telling me to let him watch.

I wanted to surprise my husband so I sent him a text to make sure he brought home his beautiful hard cock at lunch and that I would be waiting. I did not tell him we would not be alone.

My young man and I left the office and headed over to our apartment. I told him about the surprise I had planned for my husband and surprisingly he was very excited by the idea as well.

When we got to the apartment I had my young man wait in the bedroom for us and I met my husband at the door. I told him to undress me. As he undressed me I reached in his pants and slipped on a cock cuff. At his look of surprise, I told him to just wait and see what I had in store. I took his hand and led him to our bedroom. I could see his cock tighten up under the metal of his lock when he saw we had company. I sat him on the chair in our room and told him if he was good we might let him do more than watch.

My beautiful young man was waiting for me at the edge of the bed. I slowly took his clothes off him as I kissed his shoulders, his neck, and down his back. He is beautiful. He has the most gorgeous lips. I reached around his waistband and unbuttoned his Levis. Let me tell you, Paul did not disappoint. Paul is black and what they say is true, he is very well endowed. I pushed his jeans over his lean hips and sat on the bed to take that beautiful cock in my mouth. As I licked the head of cock and relished the taste of the salty cum on his head, I looked at my husband who was in complete awe. His cock was straining hard against the silver metal of the lock. I had his complete attention. Paul reached down to pinch my nipples and caress my shoulders and breasts as I took him full into my mouth. His groans of pleasure only made me more anxious to lick the shaft of him and bring him to more pleasure. He was so hot and his beautiful caramel skin was such a turn on.

Paul lifted me up to lay on the bed in front of him as he moved his head lower to my soaking pussy. I was so swollen for him at this point I could feel myself wetting the sheets underneath me. I could not wait to feel those beautiful lips on my clit and he did not disappoint. Paul sucked and licked my clit like he was born to please me. My legs started to tremble and I could feel my first orgasm coming. He whispered for me not to hold back that he wanted to taste my release. I felt the spasms in my thighs and the pounding of my pussy as I came in his mouth. I looked over at my husband who was in rapture of my orgasm. Paul sucked every drop of me up.

Little did I know that quiet Paul could be a little aggressive. He then reached down to flip me over and shove his cock up inside my throbbing clit.. He was so strong and I loved to be man handled by him. As Paul pounded my sopping pussy from behind I could tell my husband was dying to join us. I motioned for my husband to move over and kneel in front of me so I could finally release his bulging cock from its confinement. I shoved his cock in my mouth and met Paul stroke for stroke on my husbands engorged shaft.

When I tasted my husbands release I told him to get underneath me and lick my clit as Paul was still ramming me from behind. He slid underneath me and I felt his tongue on lips as Paul had that big beautiful cock sliding in and out of me. At one point I could feel Paul slip out of me and give my husband a taste of his beautiful shaft. I knew how much my husband was enjoying that.

When Paul finally gave way to his own orgasm and shot his load all up inside me, I flipped over to ride my husbands mouth and give him the cream pie I knew he had been hoping for. I have never felt him suck and lick my clit with this much enthusiasm. I knew he was anxious to get every drop of Paul from me. It wasn’t long before I felt myself also come onto my husbands face, wet with both of our orgasms. He did not disappoint but took it all in.
Sadly, Paul and I had to get dressed so that we could go back to work. We were late but who would be in trouble? I really hope that we get to do more fun with Paul. He really is beautiful.

by: redhulk67

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