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May 22, 2015

BBC hotel meet up

She did it! BBC hotel meet up

So… I told you about how I met Rick. What a crazy and wonderful story. Now I will tell you about the second time we met up. A week later, we set up a meeting at a local hotel. Rick and I met in the middle of the afternoon in the hotel parking lot. My hubby was working so he could not be there. But I had his blessing to hook up with Rick. As long as I called him during a fuck session and let him listen to me scream while Rick fucked me…..”DEAL!”

I had never done this before. Meeting with a new BBC at a hotel without my hubby was a first for me. My pussy was wet with excitement. It was a dump of a hotel, but the price was right. Rick and I entered the room together. Immediately I pulled his hardened dick out of his pants and started sucking. Yum, I was so turned on, I couldn’t think straight. Rick stripped down naked, and so did I. I laid back on the bed and smiled. Rick crawled on top of me and teased my pussy. He spanked my wet swollen lips with his dick, and then suddenly thrust his big black cock deep into my hungry pussy. I gasped at how wonderful it felt. He pounded my pussy with every inch of that beautiful BBC. I could feel my pussy grabbing hold of his dick and enjoying every thrust. I begged him to take my pussy and make it his. “Put me in my place!” I said. “Make this slutty white pussy yours!”

I got on all fours and welcomed his dick again. But first, I had to call my hubby and let him join in on the fun. My hubby answered his phone, and I told him that Rick was about to take me doggy style. I set the phone next to me on the bed. Rick grabbed a hold of my hair, took my right wrist and held it behind my back, and then started fucking me nice and hard. I was screaming with satisfaction so loud that I think the neighboring room might have heard me. I came all over his dick. I rolled over, and Rick laid down on the bed. I got on top of him and slowly lowered myself onto that beautiful BBC. Rick was in heaven. I grinded my pussy back and forth, up and down till I began to squirt on his dick. The bed was soaked. Rick’s dick was drowning in pussy juice. I picked up the phone to check if my hubby was enjoying the sound show. He was very pleased. I told him that I needed to fuck Rick again, and he needed to go back to work, so I hung up.

I stood up and bent over the bed. Rick was going to take my ass. I don’t do this often, so we had to take it slow. He prepared my ass with one finger. Then two fingers. Then finally, slow and steady, Rick put his beautiful dick at the entrance of my ass. Slowly, steady, Rick pushed his black dick into my ass. It felt good. Each thrust was steady and slow. Each time he entered me he went a little further. Soon Rick was fucking my ass. I started to squirt with every other thrust. I couldn’t believe how my pussy was reacting to this ass fucking.

After that, we both went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit. Soon we were back on the bed. I took his dick and started sucking again. He instructed me to use my tongue on the underside of his dick. Just like eating an ice cream cone. Rick really enjoyed this. He moaned and smiled and told me that it was wonderful. I tried to swallow most of his dick, but it is bigger then I am used to, so I gagged often. Rick told me that gagging turned him on. That all that means is that I choose to take dick instead of air. LOL. Practice makes perfect, so I will have to keep sucking dick till I get it right. It may take a few sessions.

Again, Rick laid me on my back. He put my legs up over his shoulders. My pussy was eager to feel his own it again. With one big thrust, Rick shoved his BBC deep into my pussy. He repeatedly fucked me till I came all over his beautiful dick. My pussy grabbed his dick and I went limp with joy. Rick rolled me over to my side. He mounted up behind me and fucked me. Pulling my hair, and pounding my sweet pussy, Rick suddenly pulled out his dick and came all over my back and hair. We were in that hotel for 2 hours. Time flies when you are having fun. Thanks hubby! xo

by: Harley

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