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May 18, 2015

Sex shop cheating

This story is based off of my ex-wife and how she cheated on a previous husband. Some was dramatized. She was a true slut, though, and I have many hot stories of her slutting around.


While my husband works I usually spend my time on my back, with my legs pinned behind my head and a 19 year old boy bucking his slim hips, fucking me as hard as he can, for as long as he can. It’s usually not very hard and certainly not too long. But he tries and I can cum hard enough when I rub my clit. He’s certainly not the best I ever had, but Sean is a beautiful young man and he really likes fore play.

This weekday, though, I’m not planning on seeing Sean. This weekday I decided to fuck a stranger, something I haven’t done since I was 19. That was twelve years ago. My best friend Steffy and I were on our own in the big city. We’d spent the last of our money and split a cup of coffee at a diner when we were approached by a bearded man of forty or so. He made small talk and asked if we needed some money. We told him we did and he offered to give us some if we danced for him and some friends. We talked it over and left with him. To make a long story short, we fucked four greasy truckers and Steffy ended up pregnant by one of them, but that is another story.

I was a slut as a teenager, a whore as a young woman and I was about to become a cheating wife. I had been good for the last three years since I met and married my husband. Before him I was bouncing from boyfriend to boyfriend, cheating on each one. If I like a boy, I fuck him. If I need to get something, I fuck someone to get it. If I need money, I whore myself. I love sex and that will never change.

I planned to go to the adult bookstore on the other side of town. My husband told me once it had a glory hole. The idea turned me on when he told me what it was, but I never said anything to him about it. As far as he knows, I’m nearly a virgin. I told him I had only been with four men before I met him. In truth I had been with four men the week before I had met him.

I dressed casually, it was hot and sunny out, so I wore a belly shirt and tight boy shorts with no underwear. My 32D breasts were aching to bust out of the tight shirt, my nipples were clearly visible, getting hard as they rubbed against the fabric of the shirt. I grabbed my backpack purse and left the house.

After an uneventful drive I arrived at the bookstore. It coming close to lunch time and I guessed it would be busy with horny men on their breaks. I didn’t know just what I expected to happen. I was winging it and very nervous.

I walked in to the store and three heads turned to look at me. There was a thirty something man, skinny with bushy sideburns behind the counter, a tall man wearing a suit was in the porn section, a short old man was near the entrance of the video booths.

I bought tokens for the video booths at the counter and entered the dark hallway. There was another man in there, he had his back to me and his ear against the door of another booth. I walked by him and he turned to look at me. He was in his fifties, average height with a beer gut. He was wearing jeans and a red polo shirt. I turned and looked at him as I walked past him. He stared at my ass. “You want some of this?” I asked him. He didn’t answer, just stared. “Come with me.” I offered him to enter a booth with me. He followed. I had him sit down and put some tokens in and started a video. Two guys were getting a blowjob from a young asian girl. I left it there.

I turned and looked at the ugly old man I had selected. His ugliness attracted me somehow. I said nothing, just slipped to my knees and reached under his gut to unbuckle his pants. He pushed them down and I tugged at his briefs until his little cock popped out. It was small and stiff. About four inches. He was very hairy and had large round balls. It was nasty and turning me on. I gobbled his little hard prick into my mouth and sucked it hard. He moaned and I licked it from base to tip, spitting long curly hairs out of my mouth. It wasn’t long before I began to taste his pre-cum. I stood and slowly removed my shirt in front of him. I dropped my shorts and showed him my bald wet pussy. I stepped over him and positioned my pussy over his cock. Blinded by passion I wanted his cum inside me. I could not explain it then nor now. I was hot for this old ugly little cock. He slid into my well used pussy hole easily, I bounced on his little prick as he slobbered on my tits. I could hear him grunting and breathing harder. Then I could feel the amazing sensation of his warm cum splashing inside of my pussy. For a man so old he had a lot of cum. I felt wave after wave fill me up and sending me into a screaming orgasm. I slumped off of him and slid my head into his lap, licking at his cock. Cleaning it and his balls.

He started to talk but I stopped him. I told him not to say anything. I finished cleaning his cock and asked him to leave. He dressed and left. I pulled my shorts up and put my shirt back on opened the booth door. There were three men there, the old man from the front of the store and the tall man with the suit from the porn section, the store clerk was there as well. “You looked like you want some more cock.” The clerk said. “One at a time, boys.” I said as I grabbed the clerk by the shirt and pulled him into the booth with me.

Once the door shut he was right at me, kissing me hard and feeling my ass. He pushed my onto the bench and told me to get naked. I did as he said and got hotter and wetter. He pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants. His cock stood out, about seven inches long and thick. He walked up to me and put it in front of my face. I knew what to do. I grabbed his cock by the base and licked the tip gently, swirling my tongue around the rim and sucking the head into my mouth, taking it into my mouth and slowly sliding it out. I spit on it and rubbed it with both hands. “You like getting your cock sucked?” I asked him. “Yea, baby, suck my balls, too.” I lifted his cock up and sucked first his left and then his right ball into my mouth. He moaned and wiggled a little. I licked up the base of his cock to the tip again and slid it back into my mouth.

He lifted me up to face him and spun me around. He pushed me over so that my hands were bracing against the wall and my ass was sticking out towards him. I heard him spit and looked back to see him rubbing it on the head of his cock. He rubbed my soaking wet pussy with his other hand then pressed his sock head onto my slit and into my pussy, I shudder with a quick orgasm. He began to push in and out, fucking me steadily. He began to push harder and harder, I gripped my pussy around his cock and tried to milk it. He hunched over my back and bit at my shoulder, I moaned… “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my pussy.” I said. His pace quickened and suddenly he stopped and I could feel another warm load of cum shooting into my pussy, I came again, harder than before.

He slowly pulled his throbbing cock out of me. I could feel his cum run out of me and down my legs. I was sweating and out of breath. He pulled his pants on, picked up his shirt, said thanks and left. The tall man came in next. I dutifully went to my knees when he entered and unleashed and sucked his cock. It was similar to the clerks cock, but this one was uncircumcised. “You want to fuck my pussy?” I asked him in between licks. “No. I want to cum on your tits.” He replied. I went back to sucking and slowly stroking his cock. After two minutes he took it away from me and began to furiously jack it, I lifted my big tits and gave him a target he couldn’t miss. His cum sprayed out and onto my tits and in between my cleavage. He stared at it as I rubbed his cum all over my breasts. He pulled his pants on and reached into his wallet and gave me $50. Before I could protest he was out the door.

I looked for the old man, but he was gone. I dressed and left the booth. The clerk was completing a purchase with a new customer. I quickly left before he saw me. I got in my car and drove home.

When my husband come home that evening he was horny. He ate my pussy like he never has before, making me cum many times. The asshole told me I tasted better than normal. One day I will tell him why.

by Patrick B

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