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May 14, 2015

What next for wife

Cuckold Place Update

What next for my hot wife

When my hot wife Jayne and I started our cuckold lifestyle we both thought that she would be getting fresh cock on a regular basis. The truth however has been quite different with only three experiences. One with a stranger, one on holiday and one being with my best mate (this one is ongoing).

Last night we started talking about this and Jayne moved the conversation on to ‘what next?’ The options we came up with were:

1. Weekend away. Her current bull Jon has been asking her for this but she’s not over keen.
2. Work colleague. She been email/phone flirting with a chap from her London office. At some point he will have to visit the northern office and she will meet him. This could be an option and his LinkedIn profile looks good.
3. Another work colleague, this time a single girl form her office, reckons they should go out on the town together to pick up men. She’s a bit of a slut but good fun and Jayne likes her.
4. We’ve both joined a local hotel gym and spa. It tends to have families there at the weekend but during the week it’s a business hotel with a lot of ’single men’.
5. And finally, we have a holiday booked in a few weeks. After last year’s success, we are both hopeful.

While we were talking there was a knock at the door. It was a young fit man (25ish) working for an opinion survey company. Normally people like this are sent away however Jayne, probably being in a mischievous mood, let him in and started to answer his questions. With a wink to me she started flirting openly with him which I could see he was interested in but felt uncomfortable. I pretended to ignore this and play on my iPad.

Jayne kept on bending over so he could look down her top. She had no bra on and he was getting a great view. His embarrassment however meant he kept trying to look away, so I left the room for a moment so he could have a good long stare. After another ten minutes the survey was finished and he left, shaking my hand with a knowing smile. Jayne said afterwards that without doubt he had enjoyed the view and he did say he would call again when he had another survey, but I think he was just being polite.

As always, any advice gratefully received.
J & I

Ians wife

By: Ian Meraz

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