May 30, 2015

Texts from my Wife

Texts from my Wife

This past Sunday my wife got together with her younger lover. Instead of revealing all the details right away, she texted the following details over the whole day Monday. She is a 51 year old Milf 5’5’ 125 lbs, with great 34C breasts and a smooth pussy. Sam is a fit 28 year old with a 7”-8” cut cock.


When Sam was on his way, he texted me to be well hydrated. I started hydrating, when I texted him to see if he was available, hoping he’d be able to come over.

When Sam arrived I was in my pewter pumps, striped black skirt, and a black racer back tank, so my purple bra straps contrasted with it. He came in and started touching me before I even closed the door and said I looked sexy. He turned my back to the door and kissed me slowly, skirting his hands across my hips and around to my ass, pushing my skirt up. He pulled upwards on my ass just where my cheek meets my leg. Pulling me into his body. We kissed tenderly but not overly aggressively. Then he kissed down my neck and buried his face in my tits, feeling up my skirt. I reached in front to feel his hard cock. Then we kissed a deep kiss again. He undid his jeans and I squatted to suck his hard cock. I looked up at him and he said let’s go in the bedroom.

We headed in the direction of the bedroom. I paused to take another sip of water, to prove I was following his instructions. There he stood behind me and put his arms around me and kissed me from behind one more time.

He head for the bedroom and I muted my phone, turned the music down . By the time I got there, he was naked on the bed. So I crawled across the bed and got on top of him. We kissed. He was grabbing for my pussy and told me to take off my skirt. So I took it off and my top. I straddled him and rubbed my pussy on his cock.

He explored my breasts for a while. Sucking on my nipples, kneading the flesh. Then he pushed me back on my back. Took off my panties.

He kissed down my body and kissed my inner thighs, moving inwards each time closer to my lips. He dragged his tongue across both sets of lips then kissed them on each side. Moving closer to the middle. He commented on how wet I was, and said it was so sexy!

Then he licked up the middle to my clit. He stayed on my clit for a while getting his chin wet. I was doing a bit of a bridge and he was lifting my ass to his mouth.

Then he climbed up again and teased my opening with the tip of his cock and said come here .He lied back and motioned for me to get on top, for him to continue eating me, and for me to suck his hard cock. We started a lengthy 69.He started out just licking and me sucking the top half of his cock. He started fingering me opening me up while licking .I could feel my orgasm building already.

Then he stopped licking and only fingered my wet pussy, finding my g spot and driving his fingers in and out vigorously until I was basically frozen, with his cock going deeper and deeper into my mouth, both of us moaning. Then, when I started to squirt, he rubs back and forth hard on my clit and lips fast until I spray all over his face .He was pretty eager to taste me. And that sequence repeated several times ending with me squirting all over his face .At one point I was deep throating him ( best I can) he held my head in place with his thighs while he forced another orgasm out of me. That was the hottest part! I couldn’t believe it. Felt like I was someone else. Then after the 69 ended, he told me to get up on my knees and make myself squirt . I can’t seem to apply enough pressure and speed to make it happen. I suggested a toy he said don’t worry .So he proceeded to do it again with me on my knees then at the last minute he stuck his face under my pussy and I soaked him and the other side of my bed!

Then he lay back on the pillow end and told me to get on him .I was so wet and stretched from his fingers he said his balls were getting soaked.

I rode him for quite some time then he fucked me from behind .He turned me on to my right knee more than in the middle, and tried to rub that angle again with his cock and pounded very hard on my pussy . Then went back to the middle and fucked from behind till he came. I asked if he liked fucking my wet pussy .We lay together for a bit and then he went and cleaned up.

He cane back and started fingering me with his cum in me. Then asked if he could turn on the light .And he made me cum again with his fingers and I squirted one more time.

I went and washed my hands, got some water. Then he started getting dressed while I was out. I asked if he could just lie down for a second. Then we started kissing again he turned me on my side and slid in again! Then he lay back started jerking off.

We kissed while he did this then I asked if he’d like me to lick his balls. He came shortly after that. Said it felt amazing! Then he got ready to leave, and my legs felt weak .

by: adventurmilf


May 26, 2015

Lunchtime Fun

Lunchtime Fun

My husband I are both in very stressful demanding jobs. So, when we have play time, we really like to enjoy ourselves. I know that he had been wanting to watch me have sex with another man for some time. However, I am not one to casually pick someone up at a bar. Little did I know the opportunity would soon present itself.

I have a staff of six people that work for me and we had recently hired a very nice looking, well spoken but quiet young man. He was very quietly flirtatious with always whispering in my ear how good I smelled and how it made his day to see me. The flirting was all very subtle.

One day I was feeling a bit frisky in the morning and I had stopped to speak to my favorite young man…we started to flirt and I told him that he needed to quit making promises and maybe take care of me at lunch. Startled but excited he told me that he was free that day. I told him my husband would be very jealous and he surprised me by telling me to let him watch.

I wanted to surprise my husband so I sent him a text to make sure he brought home his beautiful hard cock at lunch and that I would be waiting. I did not tell him we would not be alone.

My young man and I left the office and headed over to our apartment. I told him about the surprise I had planned for my husband and surprisingly he was very excited by the idea as well.

When we got to the apartment I had my young man wait in the bedroom for us and I met my husband at the door. I told him to undress me. As he undressed me I reached in his pants and slipped on a cock cuff. At his look of surprise, I told him to just wait and see what I had in store. I took his hand and led him to our bedroom. I could see his cock tighten up under the metal of his lock when he saw we had company. I sat him on the chair in our room and told him if he was good we might let him do more than watch.

My beautiful young man was waiting for me at the edge of the bed. I slowly took his clothes off him as I kissed his shoulders, his neck, and down his back. He is beautiful. He has the most gorgeous lips. I reached around his waistband and unbuttoned his Levis. Let me tell you, Paul did not disappoint. Paul is black and what they say is true, he is very well endowed. I pushed his jeans over his lean hips and sat on the bed to take that beautiful cock in my mouth. As I licked the head of cock and relished the taste of the salty cum on his head, I looked at my husband who was in complete awe. His cock was straining hard against the silver metal of the lock. I had his complete attention. Paul reached down to pinch my nipples and caress my shoulders and breasts as I took him full into my mouth. His groans of pleasure only made me more anxious to lick the shaft of him and bring him to more pleasure. He was so hot and his beautiful caramel skin was such a turn on.

Paul lifted me up to lay on the bed in front of him as he moved his head lower to my soaking pussy. I was so swollen for him at this point I could feel myself wetting the sheets underneath me. I could not wait to feel those beautiful lips on my clit and he did not disappoint. Paul sucked and licked my clit like he was born to please me. My legs started to tremble and I could feel my first orgasm coming. He whispered for me not to hold back that he wanted to taste my release. I felt the spasms in my thighs and the pounding of my pussy as I came in his mouth. I looked over at my husband who was in rapture of my orgasm. Paul sucked every drop of me up.

Little did I know that quiet Paul could be a little aggressive. He then reached down to flip me over and shove his cock up inside my throbbing clit.. He was so strong and I loved to be man handled by him. As Paul pounded my sopping pussy from behind I could tell my husband was dying to join us. I motioned for my husband to move over and kneel in front of me so I could finally release his bulging cock from its confinement. I shoved his cock in my mouth and met Paul stroke for stroke on my husbands engorged shaft.

When I tasted my husbands release I told him to get underneath me and lick my clit as Paul was still ramming me from behind. He slid underneath me and I felt his tongue on lips as Paul had that big beautiful cock sliding in and out of me. At one point I could feel Paul slip out of me and give my husband a taste of his beautiful shaft. I knew how much my husband was enjoying that.

When Paul finally gave way to his own orgasm and shot his load all up inside me, I flipped over to ride my husbands mouth and give him the cream pie I knew he had been hoping for. I have never felt him suck and lick my clit with this much enthusiasm. I knew he was anxious to get every drop of Paul from me. It wasn’t long before I felt myself also come onto my husbands face, wet with both of our orgasms. He did not disappoint but took it all in.
Sadly, Paul and I had to get dressed so that we could go back to work. We were late but who would be in trouble? I really hope that we get to do more fun with Paul. He really is beautiful.

by: redhulk67


May 24, 2015

Speed Boat Sex

Horny slutty UK hotwife Rachel Reveals meets up with another of her site members.

Speed Boat Sex

Just spent a fabulous day with one of my new members out on the open sea in his speed boat for the afternoon.

Fucking on a boat in the middle of the sea butt naked in the hot sunshine has been on my bucket list for a while and now I’ve managed to scratch that off the list.

Taking me out on his boat, allowing me to steer and drive at high speed sure got my juices flowing and my pussy tingling with excitement.

I waiting for him to take the helm, and without a word I pulled down his shorts to reveal his cock all ready for me to take into my mouth and make it come alive with my fabulous wet mouth.

Mmmmm sucking on his cock while feeling the heat of the sun was so exciting, he peeled off my clothes – lay me down naked and proceeded to fuck the arse off of me, fucking me while the boat rocked in the waves just added more movement to our thrusts!

Moving below deck into one of the double beds he continued to screw me senseless over and over.

Really was a fantastic mind blowing afternoon of fun and fucking.

Rach xx





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May 22, 2015

BBC hotel meet up

She did it! BBC hotel meet up

So… I told you about how I met Rick. What a crazy and wonderful story. Now I will tell you about the second time we met up. A week later, we set up a meeting at a local hotel. Rick and I met in the middle of the afternoon in the hotel parking lot. My hubby was working so he could not be there. But I had his blessing to hook up with Rick. As long as I called him during a fuck session and let him listen to me scream while Rick fucked me…..”DEAL!”

I had never done this before. Meeting with a new BBC at a hotel without my hubby was a first for me. My pussy was wet with excitement. It was a dump of a hotel, but the price was right. Rick and I entered the room together. Immediately I pulled his hardened dick out of his pants and started sucking. Yum, I was so turned on, I couldn’t think straight. Rick stripped down naked, and so did I. I laid back on the bed and smiled. Rick crawled on top of me and teased my pussy. He spanked my wet swollen lips with his dick, and then suddenly thrust his big black cock deep into my hungry pussy. I gasped at how wonderful it felt. He pounded my pussy with every inch of that beautiful BBC. I could feel my pussy grabbing hold of his dick and enjoying every thrust. I begged him to take my pussy and make it his. “Put me in my place!” I said. “Make this slutty white pussy yours!”

I got on all fours and welcomed his dick again. But first, I had to call my hubby and let him join in on the fun. My hubby answered his phone, and I told him that Rick was about to take me doggy style. I set the phone next to me on the bed. Rick grabbed a hold of my hair, took my right wrist and held it behind my back, and then started fucking me nice and hard. I was screaming with satisfaction so loud that I think the neighboring room might have heard me. I came all over his dick. I rolled over, and Rick laid down on the bed. I got on top of him and slowly lowered myself onto that beautiful BBC. Rick was in heaven. I grinded my pussy back and forth, up and down till I began to squirt on his dick. The bed was soaked. Rick’s dick was drowning in pussy juice. I picked up the phone to check if my hubby was enjoying the sound show. He was very pleased. I told him that I needed to fuck Rick again, and he needed to go back to work, so I hung up.

I stood up and bent over the bed. Rick was going to take my ass. I don’t do this often, so we had to take it slow. He prepared my ass with one finger. Then two fingers. Then finally, slow and steady, Rick put his beautiful dick at the entrance of my ass. Slowly, steady, Rick pushed his black dick into my ass. It felt good. Each thrust was steady and slow. Each time he entered me he went a little further. Soon Rick was fucking my ass. I started to squirt with every other thrust. I couldn’t believe how my pussy was reacting to this ass fucking.

After that, we both went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit. Soon we were back on the bed. I took his dick and started sucking again. He instructed me to use my tongue on the underside of his dick. Just like eating an ice cream cone. Rick really enjoyed this. He moaned and smiled and told me that it was wonderful. I tried to swallow most of his dick, but it is bigger then I am used to, so I gagged often. Rick told me that gagging turned him on. That all that means is that I choose to take dick instead of air. LOL. Practice makes perfect, so I will have to keep sucking dick till I get it right. It may take a few sessions.

Again, Rick laid me on my back. He put my legs up over his shoulders. My pussy was eager to feel his own it again. With one big thrust, Rick shoved his BBC deep into my pussy. He repeatedly fucked me till I came all over his beautiful dick. My pussy grabbed his dick and I went limp with joy. Rick rolled me over to my side. He mounted up behind me and fucked me. Pulling my hair, and pounding my sweet pussy, Rick suddenly pulled out his dick and came all over my back and hair. We were in that hotel for 2 hours. Time flies when you are having fun. Thanks hubby! xo

by: Harley


May 20, 2015

1 mouth 2 cocks

Always excited to get an update from Hotwife Queen Jackie. Here she is getting her face decorated by 2 guys.

One mouth 2 loads

Spontaneous fun is the best fun and that’s how my latest date turned out. Glen has been my boyfriend for many years, he was one of the first men outside my marriage to fuck me. I will always remember my husband driving me to meet him in Beverly Hills the first time. I was nervous and excited. We met for a drink in the bar and then went up to his room. When I felt comfortable Glen asked my husband if he would mind waiting down in the bar while “While I fuck your wife.”

This was a first for my husband too, he had never letft me alone with a man before, but he trusted Glen and off he went down to hotel bar to wait. Later hubby admitted he was turned on and excited by being told to leave the room and wait while his wife was being fucked.

This brings us to yesterday. As luck would have it Glen is starting a new business right here in the city we spend lots of time in. He is moving from the northwest to the southwest and will be just across town from us. Of course that means he will be fucking me regularly not just when he happens to be in town which has been rarely over the years.

My husband drove me to Glen’s hotel and fully expected to go into the bar to wait while Glen fucked me, but to our surprise, Glen invited hubby up to the room to relax in a chair and watch. This got hubby very excited and he could not control himself watching. Hubby pulled his cock out and began stroking as Glen Fucked me. I cannot resist the sight of a man stroking his cock and asked hubby to come over to the bed so I could suck his dick as Glen continued to fuck me.

I was in hot wife heaven! My hubby and my old boyfriend both feeding me their cocks and eventually shooting huge loads of hot cum into my mouth and all over my face. What a great reunion! Lucky hubby pulled out his Iphone and shot some video in the middle of the action so you can see the big mess they made of me. The full video is up now on my website check it out!











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May 18, 2015

Sex shop cheating

This story is based off of my ex-wife and how she cheated on a previous husband. Some was dramatized. She was a true slut, though, and I have many hot stories of her slutting around.


While my husband works I usually spend my time on my back, with my legs pinned behind my head and a 19 year old boy bucking his slim hips, fucking me as hard as he can, for as long as he can. It’s usually not very hard and certainly not too long. But he tries and I can cum hard enough when I rub my clit. He’s certainly not the best I ever had, but Sean is a beautiful young man and he really likes fore play.

This weekday, though, I’m not planning on seeing Sean. This weekday I decided to fuck a stranger, something I haven’t done since I was 19. That was twelve years ago. My best friend Steffy and I were on our own in the big city. We’d spent the last of our money and split a cup of coffee at a diner when we were approached by a bearded man of forty or so. He made small talk and asked if we needed some money. We told him we did and he offered to give us some if we danced for him and some friends. We talked it over and left with him. To make a long story short, we fucked four greasy truckers and Steffy ended up pregnant by one of them, but that is another story.

I was a slut as a teenager, a whore as a young woman and I was about to become a cheating wife. I had been good for the last three years since I met and married my husband. Before him I was bouncing from boyfriend to boyfriend, cheating on each one. If I like a boy, I fuck him. If I need to get something, I fuck someone to get it. If I need money, I whore myself. I love sex and that will never change.

I planned to go to the adult bookstore on the other side of town. My husband told me once it had a glory hole. The idea turned me on when he told me what it was, but I never said anything to him about it. As far as he knows, I’m nearly a virgin. I told him I had only been with four men before I met him. In truth I had been with four men the week before I had met him.

I dressed casually, it was hot and sunny out, so I wore a belly shirt and tight boy shorts with no underwear. My 32D breasts were aching to bust out of the tight shirt, my nipples were clearly visible, getting hard as they rubbed against the fabric of the shirt. I grabbed my backpack purse and left the house.

After an uneventful drive I arrived at the bookstore. It coming close to lunch time and I guessed it would be busy with horny men on their breaks. I didn’t know just what I expected to happen. I was winging it and very nervous.

I walked in to the store and three heads turned to look at me. There was a thirty something man, skinny with bushy sideburns behind the counter, a tall man wearing a suit was in the porn section, a short old man was near the entrance of the video booths.

I bought tokens for the video booths at the counter and entered the dark hallway. There was another man in there, he had his back to me and his ear against the door of another booth. I walked by him and he turned to look at me. He was in his fifties, average height with a beer gut. He was wearing jeans and a red polo shirt. I turned and looked at him as I walked past him. He stared at my ass. “You want some of this?” I asked him. He didn’t answer, just stared. “Come with me.” I offered him to enter a booth with me. He followed. I had him sit down and put some tokens in and started a video. Two guys were getting a blowjob from a young asian girl. I left it there.

I turned and looked at the ugly old man I had selected. His ugliness attracted me somehow. I said nothing, just slipped to my knees and reached under his gut to unbuckle his pants. He pushed them down and I tugged at his briefs until his little cock popped out. It was small and stiff. About four inches. He was very hairy and had large round balls. It was nasty and turning me on. I gobbled his little hard prick into my mouth and sucked it hard. He moaned and I licked it from base to tip, spitting long curly hairs out of my mouth. It wasn’t long before I began to taste his pre-cum. I stood and slowly removed my shirt in front of him. I dropped my shorts and showed him my bald wet pussy. I stepped over him and positioned my pussy over his cock. Blinded by passion I wanted his cum inside me. I could not explain it then nor now. I was hot for this old ugly little cock. He slid into my well used pussy hole easily, I bounced on his little prick as he slobbered on my tits. I could hear him grunting and breathing harder. Then I could feel the amazing sensation of his warm cum splashing inside of my pussy. For a man so old he had a lot of cum. I felt wave after wave fill me up and sending me into a screaming orgasm. I slumped off of him and slid my head into his lap, licking at his cock. Cleaning it and his balls.

He started to talk but I stopped him. I told him not to say anything. I finished cleaning his cock and asked him to leave. He dressed and left. I pulled my shorts up and put my shirt back on opened the booth door. There were three men there, the old man from the front of the store and the tall man with the suit from the porn section, the store clerk was there as well. “You looked like you want some more cock.” The clerk said. “One at a time, boys.” I said as I grabbed the clerk by the shirt and pulled him into the booth with me.

Once the door shut he was right at me, kissing me hard and feeling my ass. He pushed my onto the bench and told me to get naked. I did as he said and got hotter and wetter. He pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants. His cock stood out, about seven inches long and thick. He walked up to me and put it in front of my face. I knew what to do. I grabbed his cock by the base and licked the tip gently, swirling my tongue around the rim and sucking the head into my mouth, taking it into my mouth and slowly sliding it out. I spit on it and rubbed it with both hands. “You like getting your cock sucked?” I asked him. “Yea, baby, suck my balls, too.” I lifted his cock up and sucked first his left and then his right ball into my mouth. He moaned and wiggled a little. I licked up the base of his cock to the tip again and slid it back into my mouth.

He lifted me up to face him and spun me around. He pushed me over so that my hands were bracing against the wall and my ass was sticking out towards him. I heard him spit and looked back to see him rubbing it on the head of his cock. He rubbed my soaking wet pussy with his other hand then pressed his sock head onto my slit and into my pussy, I shudder with a quick orgasm. He began to push in and out, fucking me steadily. He began to push harder and harder, I gripped my pussy around his cock and tried to milk it. He hunched over my back and bit at my shoulder, I moaned… “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my pussy.” I said. His pace quickened and suddenly he stopped and I could feel another warm load of cum shooting into my pussy, I came again, harder than before.

He slowly pulled his throbbing cock out of me. I could feel his cum run out of me and down my legs. I was sweating and out of breath. He pulled his pants on, picked up his shirt, said thanks and left. The tall man came in next. I dutifully went to my knees when he entered and unleashed and sucked his cock. It was similar to the clerks cock, but this one was uncircumcised. “You want to fuck my pussy?” I asked him in between licks. “No. I want to cum on your tits.” He replied. I went back to sucking and slowly stroking his cock. After two minutes he took it away from me and began to furiously jack it, I lifted my big tits and gave him a target he couldn’t miss. His cum sprayed out and onto my tits and in between my cleavage. He stared at it as I rubbed his cum all over my breasts. He pulled his pants on and reached into his wallet and gave me $50. Before I could protest he was out the door.

I looked for the old man, but he was gone. I dressed and left the booth. The clerk was completing a purchase with a new customer. I quickly left before he saw me. I got in my car and drove home.

When my husband come home that evening he was horny. He ate my pussy like he never has before, making me cum many times. The asshole told me I tasted better than normal. One day I will tell him why.

by Patrick B


May 16, 2015

Janet Mason update

Here’s a long-awaited blog from a hotwife who has been there with us since the beginning. Never failing to have cocks rising everywhere she goes. Fantastic woman, true to the lifestyle and hopefully here for many years to come. The delicious Janet Mason.


Hi guys and gals,

As many of you know, hubby Steve and I started off online way back in 1998 with my own amateur site, which is still operating today, 17 years later. We launched it “officially” on April 8th of that year, which was my 31st birthday. Right off the bat I started getting requests to do pro porn, both from fans as well as from some producers and male talent in L.A.. I was very flattered - and we were both very surprised - but we didn’t live in California and we had our family to raise first, so we passed on the opportunity.

It wasn’t until late 2007, at the age of 40 and after almost 10 years online as a purely amateur “Mom & Pop” site, that I finally I did my very first pro scene for Girlfriends Films, almost on whim, while Steve and I were on a brief vacation in L.A.. That scene was so much fun that I decided to try doing it part-time (since our life situation allowed us to do so by that point). We soon found that my surprising popularity rapidly led me to pursue it full-time, and I was eventually nominated for an AVN award (MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year, 2010). I didn’t win, but it was an honor just to be nominated…and that “fame” of sorts led me to stick with it.

The problem is that I’m bored with pro work now. It’s MUCH different than the totally amateur stuff Steve and I shoot and here are a handful of ways in which that’s true…

It takes a LOT longer to shoot a pro scene than it does for an amateur scene for my site. Sometimes all day long! I think my fastest pro scene ever took about 4 hours and I know for sure that my longest ones have taken up to 12-13 hours. This despite the fact that the pro scene will, when released, only be about 20-30 minutes long at most! And much of the time on a pro set consists of sitting around doing nothing, being totally unproductive. This stands in sharp contrast to the shoots Steve and I do for my site, which have literally ALL been over and done with in 60-90 minutes at the very most, yet never rushed at all and with absolutely zero wasted time despite not having a “production crew”…it’s just me and Steve running the entire show.

In pro scenes, I have to follow a “script” - a storyline with memorized dialogue - whereas for my site, Steve and I only film real sex, not silly (or insulting) “storylines”.

In pro scenes, as a hired performer I usually have no say at all in what guys or girls I’m shooting with and in most cases we literally meet for the first and last time on set that day…which means that in 90% of the cases I am NOT attracted to them AT ALL and it becomes truly “work” rather than the actual FUN that sex is meant to be. In the amateur scenes for my site, Steve and I hand-pick the guys or gals that I shoot with - keeping it very “real” and authentic since they are ALWAYS my type. This is why you see me in some pro scenes with guys or gals that you’d never, ever see me with on my site (gangstas, goths, white trash, goofy nerds, out-of-shape guys, guys with tiny cocks, guys who are all tatted up and/or pierced, etc.)…not in a million years.

In the pro world, I (and all other performers) often have to fake orgasms because either I’m not into the guy or girl at all, because the script say it’s time to come, or because we’re out of time and we have to wrap the scene. In my amateur site scenes, I have NEVER faked a single orgasm, even when I’m having 3, 4 or even 5 of them in a single scene.

In the pro world, many scenes play on racial or gender stereotypes, which is something I am NOT comfortable with. However, the problem is that we as performers don’t know the “story” until we’re on set and by that time its too late to back out as we’re committed - we have to be “professional”, suck it up and get on with it. Sadly, too many fans can’t tell what’s real and what’s not so they end up thinking that I (and other performers) are into things that I/we are decidedly NOT into in our private lives. But with the amateur scenes for my site, Steve and I shoot only what truly turns me (and him) on in real life. THAT’s the “real me”. Only in very rare cases does a pro shoot reflect “me” and my actual sexuality (which is also the case with all other pro performers).

In the pro world, husbands or wives are not allowed on set for 99.9% of the time, whereas Steve is not only right there but actually doing all the filming when we shoot for my site, whether it’s him and me in alone in a POV scene or whether it’s me with other guys and gals. This separation issue in the pro world is a major source of frustration for us, as we started off doing this as a lifestyle kink - something we enjoy together, as a couple. And we miss that sharing & connecting aspect dearly with pro work.

There are a lot more differences but that’s probably a subject best left to another blog post in the future. But you get the idea. You see, I just miss the raw intensity of the always-genuine sex and being in total control of my work environment that our self-produced amateur “Mom & Pop” scenes offer. The problem is that its hard to do both - I have no energy for shooting for our site due to the drain of pro work.

So…this will be my last year of shooting pro. As of January 1, 2016 I will be officially retired from all pro work (though of course any scenes I may shoot late in 2015 may not be released until after the New Year) and I will once again join Steve in shooting ONLY for my own site again, just like the old days!

That leads to the next question - when will I retire in full, including the amateur side of things? As of now, Steve and I are thinking that will probably (not certainly) happen in April 2018, which will mark our 20th year in the “biz” of the lifestyle we’ve been leading for the last 23 years (and a lifestyle which we will still continue, off-camera, of course) and which will also be the month that I turn 51. We will keep ALL of our old and new amateur content online as a “legacy” site but we will no longer engage one-on-one with fans or be an active presence…our plan is to hire a webmaster and have him or her run the site and joint “Janet & Steve” social media accounts while we retire to the mountains and spend our time traveling and enjoying a private life again. Only now and then would we (meaning Steve and I together - not just me) post blog entries to stay in touch with fans.

So that’s the news! Those of you who prefer my pro work over my amateur scenes have 8 months of potential new scenes to look forward to - and those of you who prefer my amateur stuff (which is most of you by far) can look forward to Steve and I getting back to our roots and doing what we do best after 7 years of lagging behind since pro work took over our time and agenda.

Janet Mason

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May 14, 2015

What next for wife

Cuckold Place Update

What next for my hot wife

When my hot wife Jayne and I started our cuckold lifestyle we both thought that she would be getting fresh cock on a regular basis. The truth however has been quite different with only three experiences. One with a stranger, one on holiday and one being with my best mate (this one is ongoing).

Last night we started talking about this and Jayne moved the conversation on to ‘what next?’ The options we came up with were:

1. Weekend away. Her current bull Jon has been asking her for this but she’s not over keen.
2. Work colleague. She been email/phone flirting with a chap from her London office. At some point he will have to visit the northern office and she will meet him. This could be an option and his LinkedIn profile looks good.
3. Another work colleague, this time a single girl form her office, reckons they should go out on the town together to pick up men. She’s a bit of a slut but good fun and Jayne likes her.
4. We’ve both joined a local hotel gym and spa. It tends to have families there at the weekend but during the week it’s a business hotel with a lot of ’single men’.
5. And finally, we have a holiday booked in a few weeks. After last year’s success, we are both hopeful.

While we were talking there was a knock at the door. It was a young fit man (25ish) working for an opinion survey company. Normally people like this are sent away however Jayne, probably being in a mischievous mood, let him in and started to answer his questions. With a wink to me she started flirting openly with him which I could see he was interested in but felt uncomfortable. I pretended to ignore this and play on my iPad.

Jayne kept on bending over so he could look down her top. She had no bra on and he was getting a great view. His embarrassment however meant he kept trying to look away, so I left the room for a moment so he could have a good long stare. After another ten minutes the survey was finished and he left, shaking my hand with a knowing smile. Jayne said afterwards that without doubt he had enjoyed the view and he did say he would call again when he had another survey, but I think he was just being polite.

As always, any advice gratefully received.
J & I

Ians wife

By: Ian Meraz

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May 12, 2015

Rico creampies a wife

Here’s a set from Bull Rico Shades hooking up with wifey Raven Black. Raven was extra naughty when they hooked up. She asked Rico to fill her pussy up with his cum. Rico didn’t need asking twice!

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

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May 10, 2015

Anonymous sex

Anonymous sex

As our sex life embraced the ‘alternative’ life style we decided we had to lay down the ground rules that we were both OK with, and to identify situations we would like to explore given the chance. One thing that had intrigued me for some time was having sex with complete anonymity. We talked about setting it up with me blindfolded and so on but it seemed too arranged. Then this happened!

When we lived in Paris we went to a swingers club called Au Plurial a few times. This night it was pretty quiet so my husband and I wandered around and had a few drinks at the bar flirting with a couple of single guys.

Eventually we decided to go down to one of the lower levels that has a range of nooks and crannies fitted out with mattresses and drapes (if you want some privacy). My husband is always in a naughty mood when we go to this club so as soon as we found a vacant booth he unbuttoned his Levis and extracted his growing erection. When he sat on the edge of the mattress it was pretty obvious he was expecting a blow job - and pretty quickly!

As I began to play with him he undid my suit blouse and pushed it off my shoulders so that my breasts were bare. The skirt was short enough that when I bent forward or sat down my labia were on open display so he left it in place. When I started to really blow him he was rock hard in seconds. After a few minutes of delicious fun he suddenly said ‘Don’t stop’ and leaned forward to reach the drapes which he closed over me. The drapes fit across my waist, so now he was inside our private little place. My upper body was also hidden but below the waist I was exposed to anyone going by.

Within 2 or 3 minutes I realised that this was an offer to good to resist for someone as I felt my skirt being unzipped and pushed down and off. When the stranger firmly pushed my knees apart I was naked and wide open. I felt my cheeks being spread wide and then the incredible sensation of a tongue sliding slowly the whole length of my crack. It moved up and down making me wetter with each pass. When he started to circle my anus with his tongue and press against my opening I was getting to the point where I needed to cum badly. My husband was asking what was happening so I decided to describe every detail as I masturbated him. The guy outside was obviously now on his back between my legs and was busy pleasuring my open pussy and teasing my clit. I was very ready for my first orgasm of the night so spread my legs wide and lowered my wide open pussy onto his face as he licked my clit faster and faster. My orgasm was terrific and my husband ejaculated over my breasts and hands as I groaned with pleasure. The guy was not about to miss his opportunity and was quickly between my thighs taking me doggy style. He was an average size judging by the sensation in my pussy and was very aroused as he rapidly rode me. In only a few minutes he came hard and slipped from my opening quickly. A moment later I could feel him squeezing the last drops of his semen over my anus.

I was about to move when another pair of hands grasped my hips and another erect penis entered me. No foreplay, just a new cock buried in my tunnel. This guy had no problem sliding right up to the bumper as I was full of love juice and it didn’t feel like a very large penis. He was a nice lover however, and seemed to enjoy giving me pleasure as well as taking his own. He took me like this for maybe 20 minutes and succeeded in bringing me to a lovely orgasm right before he ejaculated. When I recovered my husband of course was ready for seconds (or I guess it was 3rds) and pulled me into the booth and climbed between my thighs. He was so aroused by what had just happened that he came deep inside me in just a few minutes.

When we opened the drapes to retrieve my skirt and get dressed for a good night drink there was no-one around of course. So I had experienced my anonymous sexcapade which made the whole thing doubly erotic. I had no idea who had just fucked me. Yum!

We were sitting at the bar about 30 minutes later when a guy approached us. I was about to tell him we were done for the night and about to leave, when he thanked me for the fun downstairs. He was a small guy, good looking, and obviously from one of the Latin countries. His English was excellent and he was just too cute. I figured he was the second guy just from his size, which he confirmed. I told him he was a nice lover and asked if he wanted to meet again on the weekend, but he was leaving to return home to Chile on Saturday morning. Pity. He would have been fun to have overnight!

Before we left he did tell us that the other guy had left the club shortly after our encounter. Don’t you just hate those guys who just fuck and leave!! :-)

by: alex2015

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