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April 30, 2015

Our Hotel Fun

Our Hotel Fun

This is a brief story of a fantasy we lived out a short while ago. We have been swinging/sharing for the entire time we have been together, minus a few breaks here and there, so having adventures are nothing new, but this was a bit different.

The wife (W), has always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak to her, and I love showing her off. I also love the idea of people knowing and seeing her being slutty. Our everyday lives, jobs, and family prevent much play, and we generally go out of town for fun even to prevent the two sides of our lives from colliding. We have had a problem with that once years ago, but that is a story for another day.

We placed an ad on WL as well as a couple of other places looking for a couple of guys (possibly even 3) to meet us at a hotel for drinks and basically seduce her in the bar. The difference between this and other ads I have seen that are similar is that she had full knowledge of the events, and even helped pick out the guys.

After sorting through a lot of responses that were not even close to what we were looking for (seriously guys, if you don’t fit the bill why waste all of our time), we finally had it narrowed down to a few choices. We talked and texted with them until we settled on what we believe to be the best match. It was 2 friends that had double teamed women before and were not shy. They knew each other from college and had stayed close since. J and R were both early 30’s (31 & 32), and in good shape. She is 45.

For the 2 weeks leading up to the meeting they texted with me and with W both. Flirting with her and finding out from me what the expectations and hopes were. When we got to the hotel and to our room, she showered and changed into a sexy short dress with a plunging neckline. She was wearing shear thong panties and no bra. She looked very hot. She is a smaller BBW and very busty. Beautiful blonde with blue eyes and a great smile.

We got to the bar and saw them right away. They were exactly as they had looked in the pictures (not always the case as many of you know). J is bit over 6 feet, athletic build and black. R is also a bit over 6 feet tall, a bit thinner build (like a runner), white guy with light brown hair.

When we met them I got a nice handshake and she got a hug and kiss from them both. They knew from our conversations that we were not trying to be very discreet. The bar was about half full, but picking up a bit. It was a Saturday night and an upscale hotel bar in the downtown area.

The two men were flirting and touching her a lot to start, followed by kissing and some groping. We got lots of looks and mostly smiles. We spent about two and a half hours all told in the bar with them having drinks and a small bite. Everyone watching could easily figure out what the plans were for the night.

As I was getting a last round to take to the room with us the bartender was giving me a big smile and said looks like someone has a fun night planned, looking at my wife. I said that it looked that way indeed and she was kissing on them both while we talked. I told her I hoped no one was offended, she said it happens more often than I would think. I did invite her up to the room, but she declined.

As soon as we got into the elevator things kicked up a notch, and light gropes turned to pulling her tits out and sucking them while the other was kissing her, and her dress being pulled up to her waist and she was getting fingers. They were all over her. When the door opened there was a couple standing there waiting to get on an elevator going down and got quite an eyeful as we got off and headed to our room. We smiled and apologized but they just laughed. They had a shocked look.

We got into the room and clothes disappeared very quickly and everyone went to the bed, rolling around, kissing, rubbing, sucking, feeling, and eventually fucking. I am not going into minute detail about the sex, let’s just say they both wore her out over several rounds lasting several hours. She does not do anal, but most every other way you can imagine 2 guys having her (and 3 as I joined in later), we did. Here was a shower during one of the breaks as she got quite messy, and we were all sweaty, then more fun and we got our second, then third wind. Even an awkward room service delivery in there somewhere. The night was a bit of a blur. We met them at the bar around 7:30, up to the room by ten, and they didn’t leave until well after 2.

The next morning as she was showering they called to see if they could stop by before we left and get some coffee or something. When W stepped out of the shower she was met by them both already naked for a quick romp, before a second shower. We had coffee with them at the coffee shop in the lobby then said our goodbyes with a handshake for me and a big wet kiss for both of them.

For those who will ask, no was not her first black guy. Both guys were a bit above average endowed, with R being the bigger of the two (yes the white guy was bigger). Yes we have kept in touch and may get together with them again. No there was at no time any bi action amongst the men.

I am not attaching a pic at this time, but may add one later. We have had issues with someone stealing her pic off this site before so am a bit wary.

I hope you enjoy the story of this adventure, yes it is true. Yes there are many others we have had over the years.

by: hotwife28411

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