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April 22, 2015

How many?

Great post here on Cuckold Place about how many guys your wife has had since you’ve been playing together. Comment below on how many your wife or gf has had. We’d love to know the numbers.

Cuckold Place Update

How many cocks has your wife or girlfriend had ?

Hi all - glad to have found this place! It’s amazing how many people there are that ‘get’ this whole thing - I had no idea.

My wife, Jess, is a lovely permister, and we’ve been together for 7 years now. It’s getting better all the time. It got better still about a year ago when she started fucking other men again. I encouraged it, of course. When we met I was the sixth permister she’d slept with, but she’s fucked 16 more since, and sucked off another 25. She’s even fucked a couple of girls.

I find this amazing. She videos almost all of them (which will be kept private I’m afraid) and has seen most of her guys a few times. In total, she’s cheated on me 33 times, if you only count the times she’s actually let guys fuck her. If you count the number of times she’s made out with guys in clubs or sucked them off, it’s impossible to count.

She went through a phase of actively looking for men on places like adultfriendfinder, then calmed down a bit. Now she doesn’t go looking, but will fuck someone when she feels like it. She can hardly go away for a single conference without swallowing someone’s cock or screwing them.

It’s brilliant. She’s incredibly sexy to me, and more so because she’s become a bit of a slut. I’m still a little nervous about posting here, but would realy like to know what you think of her. I can’t really post photos of her that people could recognise - I’m not that kind of cuck and she wouldn’t like it. I’m not in any of these photos.


By: Atticus Calvert

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2 Responses to “How many?”

  1. James said:

    1 before me, and 7 (so far) after me, since we started playing.

  2. Jaxxon said:

    30 something men before we were married, and over a hundred since. She’s been on a roll lately, and has had 9 in the last 12 days.

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