April 30, 2015

Our Hotel Fun

Our Hotel Fun

This is a brief story of a fantasy we lived out a short while ago. We have been swinging/sharing for the entire time we have been together, minus a few breaks here and there, so having adventures are nothing new, but this was a bit different.

The wife (W), has always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak to her, and I love showing her off. I also love the idea of people knowing and seeing her being slutty. Our everyday lives, jobs, and family prevent much play, and we generally go out of town for fun even to prevent the two sides of our lives from colliding. We have had a problem with that once years ago, but that is a story for another day.

We placed an ad on WL as well as a couple of other places looking for a couple of guys (possibly even 3) to meet us at a hotel for drinks and basically seduce her in the bar. The difference between this and other ads I have seen that are similar is that she had full knowledge of the events, and even helped pick out the guys.

After sorting through a lot of responses that were not even close to what we were looking for (seriously guys, if you don’t fit the bill why waste all of our time), we finally had it narrowed down to a few choices. We talked and texted with them until we settled on what we believe to be the best match. It was 2 friends that had double teamed women before and were not shy. They knew each other from college and had stayed close since. J and R were both early 30’s (31 & 32), and in good shape. She is 45.

For the 2 weeks leading up to the meeting they texted with me and with W both. Flirting with her and finding out from me what the expectations and hopes were. When we got to the hotel and to our room, she showered and changed into a sexy short dress with a plunging neckline. She was wearing shear thong panties and no bra. She looked very hot. She is a smaller BBW and very busty. Beautiful blonde with blue eyes and a great smile.

We got to the bar and saw them right away. They were exactly as they had looked in the pictures (not always the case as many of you know). J is bit over 6 feet, athletic build and black. R is also a bit over 6 feet tall, a bit thinner build (like a runner), white guy with light brown hair.

When we met them I got a nice handshake and she got a hug and kiss from them both. They knew from our conversations that we were not trying to be very discreet. The bar was about half full, but picking up a bit. It was a Saturday night and an upscale hotel bar in the downtown area.

The two men were flirting and touching her a lot to start, followed by kissing and some groping. We got lots of looks and mostly smiles. We spent about two and a half hours all told in the bar with them having drinks and a small bite. Everyone watching could easily figure out what the plans were for the night.

As I was getting a last round to take to the room with us the bartender was giving me a big smile and said looks like someone has a fun night planned, looking at my wife. I said that it looked that way indeed and she was kissing on them both while we talked. I told her I hoped no one was offended, she said it happens more often than I would think. I did invite her up to the room, but she declined.

As soon as we got into the elevator things kicked up a notch, and light gropes turned to pulling her tits out and sucking them while the other was kissing her, and her dress being pulled up to her waist and she was getting fingers. They were all over her. When the door opened there was a couple standing there waiting to get on an elevator going down and got quite an eyeful as we got off and headed to our room. We smiled and apologized but they just laughed. They had a shocked look.

We got into the room and clothes disappeared very quickly and everyone went to the bed, rolling around, kissing, rubbing, sucking, feeling, and eventually fucking. I am not going into minute detail about the sex, let’s just say they both wore her out over several rounds lasting several hours. She does not do anal, but most every other way you can imagine 2 guys having her (and 3 as I joined in later), we did. Here was a shower during one of the breaks as she got quite messy, and we were all sweaty, then more fun and we got our second, then third wind. Even an awkward room service delivery in there somewhere. The night was a bit of a blur. We met them at the bar around 7:30, up to the room by ten, and they didn’t leave until well after 2.

The next morning as she was showering they called to see if they could stop by before we left and get some coffee or something. When W stepped out of the shower she was met by them both already naked for a quick romp, before a second shower. We had coffee with them at the coffee shop in the lobby then said our goodbyes with a handshake for me and a big wet kiss for both of them.

For those who will ask, no was not her first black guy. Both guys were a bit above average endowed, with R being the bigger of the two (yes the white guy was bigger). Yes we have kept in touch and may get together with them again. No there was at no time any bi action amongst the men.

I am not attaching a pic at this time, but may add one later. We have had issues with someone stealing her pic off this site before so am a bit wary.

I hope you enjoy the story of this adventure, yes it is true. Yes there are many others we have had over the years.

by: hotwife28411


April 28, 2015

Marion Double Creampie

Filthy Gangbang Euro hotwife Marion is back with a diary update, taking more hot creampies from strangers.

“During the past 18 months I took several vacations at different beaches at the ocean. I always choose beaches that are well known for public fun, places for discreet lovers and dogging spots for swingers. It’s easier to get me some cock there. So I’m fooling around at the beach, starting by sucking off my husbands dick. Of course this naughty action soon attracts the attention of some men. Two guys first, then three and finally five men are watching me. Hubby says to them that’s it’s okay to touch with me and that I need it bad and they can use me if they want. Four of them took the offer. Now for the next two hours all these guys are using me, two of them are really big and massive guys and they nearly take my breath away as they jump on top of me. They screw me good and I cum twice as they both shoot their loads into my cunt. Wow! What an exciting afternoon at the beach!”


Marion Cum Drinking Wife

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April 26, 2015

My first black lover

John, my first black lover

I was about 28 before I even thought about letting a black guy between my legs. It had just never come up. There were very few black men in my town in the late 70s. If you saw a young black man the chances were that he was a sailor from the navy base.

Caroline, my friend and confidante, and I decided we would have a change so instead of clubbing it in town we hopped on a bus for a pub three or four stops away. Close enough to walk but not in the shoes we were wearing!

We were sat quietly in the corner sipping our lager and black, and chatting about a guy we realised we had both been with when a gentleman with a melodic baritone asked if he and his friend could join us. He had that sort of voice that makes a woman unconsciously let her legs part slightly. They bought us some drinks and very soon we were all flirting with each other.

John was from Nigeria, he was married and he was an officer in his country’s navy on some sort of exchange/training course. He had been educated at an English boarding school and spoke with refined accent which contrasted sharply with my West Country twang. Very soon I was leaning back relaxing into him. His velvet tones whispering in my ear telling me what he wanted to with me was making me very wet and very, very horny.

John took me out to the secluded courtyard at the back of the pub not long after his friend and Caroline had come back in. John’s friend looked like the cat who had got the cream.

John and his friend made sure that Caroline and I were safely in our taxi at the end of the evening. John had asked if he could see me again and I had invited him to my house. Hubby was going up north to an away game and wouldn’t be back till nearly midnight.

As was hubby’s usual practice when I got home from a night out, he met me at the door and kissed me passionately. I nodded to the question in his eyes. Hubby’s hand lifted my skirt so he could look at my sodden knickers then pulled me by the hand to our bed. Hubby loves his sloppy seconds and as soon as we stripped I straddled him. We often made love that way mainly because he didn’t cum as quickly as when he was on top.

What follows is what I told hubby had transpired, at least as best as I can remember. It was just over thirty years ago but the memory of that first time with John is seared into my memory. I used more earthy language than I have here.

“Well darling, we didn’t go clubbing, we went to the pub by the dockyard gates. Two guys bought us some drinks and we had a good night with them. My guy was called John. He had a lovely voice darling, that alone would have got his hand in my knickers. When John took me back behind the pub he held me tight and kissed me very passionately and pushed up my boob tube to reveal my breasts. His hands were all over them. Then he told me to drop my knickers so I stepped out of them and put them in my handbag. John pushed me back against the wooden post and held my hands over my head while he put first one, then two and finally three fingers in my pussy. Still holding my hands over my head John slipped his cock into me. It was thicker than yours darling.”

“He just used me darling. He was lifting me on to my toes with each slow thrust. Darling he called me all kinds of names while he was poking me with his hard cock. It sounded strange because he talked so posh.”

I asked my hubby if he was nearly cumming and he nodded so I gripped his cock tighter and carried on telling him how John used me.

“John started thrusting harder and harder in your bride’s pussy honey. John was using your wife as a hole to shoot into. Your turn to cum in me darling, cum now for me, add your cum to John’s cum. John made me cum a lot baby and he is coming here tomorrow tonight to have me again my darling…”

I saved the next bit until I felt my hubby releasing his load, “John is Nigerian, he is very dark skinned.”

by: Diane - UK


April 24, 2015

Dee sucks random cock

Love this picture set! Another hot scenario for hotwife Dee Siren. She plays a game of being blindfolded and then having to suck random cock from strangers not knowing who is on the other end. After she has finished with them by swallowing their load, only then can she have a peek to see whose seed she has swallowed. Amazing game Dee.

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Hotwife Blog Profile - Dee Siren - 2011

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April 22, 2015

How many?

Great post here on Cuckold Place about how many guys your wife has had since you’ve been playing together. Comment below on how many your wife or gf has had. We’d love to know the numbers.

Cuckold Place Update

How many cocks has your wife or girlfriend had ?

Hi all - glad to have found this place! It’s amazing how many people there are that ‘get’ this whole thing - I had no idea.

My wife, Jess, is a lovely permister, and we’ve been together for 7 years now. It’s getting better all the time. It got better still about a year ago when she started fucking other men again. I encouraged it, of course. When we met I was the sixth permister she’d slept with, but she’s fucked 16 more since, and sucked off another 25. She’s even fucked a couple of girls.

I find this amazing. She videos almost all of them (which will be kept private I’m afraid) and has seen most of her guys a few times. In total, she’s cheated on me 33 times, if you only count the times she’s actually let guys fuck her. If you count the number of times she’s made out with guys in clubs or sucked them off, it’s impossible to count.

She went through a phase of actively looking for men on places like adultfriendfinder, then calmed down a bit. Now she doesn’t go looking, but will fuck someone when she feels like it. She can hardly go away for a single conference without swallowing someone’s cock or screwing them.

It’s brilliant. She’s incredibly sexy to me, and more so because she’s become a bit of a slut. I’m still a little nervous about posting here, but would realy like to know what you think of her. I can’t really post photos of her that people could recognise - I’m not that kind of cuck and she wouldn’t like it. I’m not in any of these photos.


By: Atticus Calvert

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April 20, 2015

Mandy Monroe Interview

Just came across this interview from BB on amazing interracial creampie hotwife Mandy Monroe. Nice to see Mandy talking about our Blog in it… We love you Mandy… You can check out the Interview I did with Mandy in 2011 here.

Mandy Monroe

BB: So Mandy tell us something about yourself
Mandy: Well, I am a petite blonde that does amateur porn and shares it with everyone through my website. My hubby does the video and he loves it because he is mostly a voyeur.

BB: What’s your website, I am sure your fans wants to see you there
Mandy: Its www.mandymonroe.com and I hope they do want to see me there!

BB: So “monroe” is it your real name or you chose it?
Mandy: Its not my real name, but I did choose it

BB: Tell us about your body.
Mandy: My breasts? lol, sure, they are 34C, but mostly I get attention for my nipples. They are always very perky and bigger than eraser heads

BB: Tell us something about your hobbies?
Mandy: I work out alot. I like to look good on camera and I like to look good for the guys I play with. I spend a lot of time working aside from the website, and family time as well.

BB: What kind of guy do you like, to go out and in bed?
Mandy: The guys? Oh, I like them all but I like them fit, attractive, decent cock, the age does not matter to me.

BB: So you guys invite others for a shoot or in real too?
Mandy: I am mostly a “hotwife” but my hubby and I are swingers too. Most of the guys we shoot with are real guys, not in porn.

BB: How old are you Mandy?
Mandy: Hmm, a girl never reveals her true age

BB: hmm, but you can reveal who was the youngest and oldest you had on camera or off camera?
Mandy: Sure, youngest is 21, oldest is 55.

BB: Lucky guys LOL, so I have read that you started first with your husband .
Mandy: Yes, I was a virgin when I married him but I remember thinking, why didn’t I do this sooner!! I was hooked

BB: How old were u when u lost it?
Mandy: 20, I know, poor me but I have made up for it or at least I try all the time

BB: Were you always been a sexual person, I mean like curious about it
Mandy: Ha Ha, well I was really a good girl growing up. Only a few boyfriends and it never went very far. So curious, yes! but no real opportunities to go past that.

BB: You do self sex?
Mandy: Yes, occasionally, but my hubby is so horny, I never need to do it myself. He is very good, or he finds me someone.

BB: LOL that’s nice, well when did u do self sex first in life?
Mandy: Well, like I said, I was a very good girl and that was not something that was “ok” when I was younger. Most of my sexuality has been after I was married.

BB: Ok. You like doing your nails a lot.. so u like nails most in your body
Mandy: I met this girl that does my nails a few years back and I enjoy her company. She has done my nails for that last 4 years or more

BB: oh wow, I have seen your nails, they look so beautiful. I must say that girl is doing a great job.
Mandy: She does a great job on them.

BB: What’s the most sensitive part of your body
Mandy: My nipples… If I am not turned on at the moment, even a brush up against them is like electric shock. Its fun! but can be startling too lol

BB: Do u have orgasm just by playing with your nipples
Mandy: Yes, I sometimes can. In fact, sometimes its that only thing that gets me cumming fast.

BB: Do u squirt?
Mandy: Yes, I can make myself squirt and many guys are very good at it too.

BB: You squirt all the time or just sometimes when you are so aroused or the guy is really good?
Mandy: I don’t squirt all the time but sometimes it happens by chance if a hand or cock hits the right spot, I’m wet all over.

BB: Do you have any idea about where is your G spot and you play with it to make yourself cum or it just happens.
Mandy: I do know where my G spot is. I am pretty good at manipulating my hips during sex to hit that spot if I need to make myself cum. Although, my playing with my nipples will hit that spot too!

BB: Wow, you are so experienced with your body, every woman should learn it from you.
Mandy: Oh thanks, but I think every woman is different so they have their own fun spots sometimes.
BB: hmm I think you are right just like u have your nipples.

BB: Well when people think about a housewife they think of a woman wearing gowns and not so stylish clothes and doing dishes in the kitchen. You know.
Mandy: I can see that, yes

BB: are you like that one, taking care of your house?
Mandy: Ha Ha, not really… I sleep naked, I wear tanks and shorts or a dress or skirt around the house. I don’t wear panties or bras most of the time.

BB: oh that’s really hot… so you and your husband…. you guys do sex all over the house or is it just your bedroom?
Mandy: Well the house is rarely completely empty but we do it wherever we can get away with it

BB: so tell us the spots u have had sex in your house, was it in the kitchen?
Mandy: Definitely in the kitchen, the couches, the bathroom, the closet, the laundry room, etc. etc. Oh the garage…

BB: ah, Garage.. wanna share a little about that, I am sure few couples would definitely gonna try that… but in their garage so u don’t have to worry LOL
Mandy: I don’t know if the garage is really one of those erogenous zones in the house lol but I have had some fun in garages that doesn’t belong to me. I took some pics with a girl on a car while we were in bikinis. I also took some pics, which are on my site, in my bunny suit, there wasn’t much to the suit and I left nipple prints on their car window
BB: “U hear that guys, go and check her website to see her in bunny suit”

BB: do u like food sex? experimenting with food?
Mandy: I have tried several vegetables and a few fruits. I once did a cam show with a few veggies I grew in my own garden.

BB: oh so no investment that was all homemade and fresh LOL
Mandy: there ya go… that should be my logo, homemade and fresh!

BB: are u a naughty housewife, who like to tease her husband in the morning and play in the kitchen while cooking
Mandy: He likes to take pics of me in the morning and I post them on Twitter for #morningmandy. Its a win win lol

BB: tell your twitter to your fans so that they can follow and see you there
Mandy: Yes! @MandyMonroexxx
BB: “note it guys….”

BB: You like sex in hardcore way or with romance?
Mandy: I have lots of members of my site that subscribe simply because I have a connection with the people I have sex with. Maybe that’s because most of them are not in porn. They are regular guys just having sex and really I am just a regular girl that enjoys hot sex with guys. I connect with them whether hardcore or romantically and that shows up on film. I just tell people that this is what I do normally, and I just decided to share it so really that is what amateur porn is and should be.

BB: wow that’s so good, and we all like that … the chemistry between u and those guys. Do u have any plans about being professional?
Mandy: None really. I have been offered paid shoots over and over and I have said no. I prefer to keep control of my content. Once I am paid, I lose control, that’s not why we started the site so I will keep it as is for now.

BB: yeah you are right. Where do u shoot your videos? Your home or do u have some place else?
Mandy: Sometimes at home, sometimes in hotels, sometimes at the guys homes. I would like to do some outside shoots. I have done many shoots with DFWKnight at homes he has provided.

BB: yeah I was just going to talk about DFWKnight, tell us something about him.
Mandy: He is gorgeous!

BB: and…
Mandy: He is also a good friend and amazing lover. I think he has shot video with me more than any other girl ever.

BB: is he married?
Mandy: no

BB: oh if he would? then would you do swing with him and his wife
Mandy: Oh definitely. I would do anything that involved him.

BB: you are attracted to girls?
Mandy: Girls are beautiful. Who wouldn’t be attracted to them, so yes I very much am.

BB: when did you find out that you are “Bi”?
Mandy: The first time I tried it. You just have to jump in and try it to know.

BB: hmm so when did u try it? Was it just spontaneous or on any shoot?
Mandy: It was during one of our first swinging experiences. Not to film, it was before we had the website. The wife of this couple is very bi and she liked me.

BB: ok.. so younger couples also involves ? you said you like younger boys so what about girls? like girl around 20 or 21 like that guy you have told us.
Mandy: oh yes, i like women of any age if I am attracted to them.

BB: ok, you do cam on stream mate?
Mandy: Yes I have done some

BB: lets talk about Hotwife Blog,.. what is that?
Mandy: That is a site, not set up by me but where hotwives all over post stories and pics of their adventures. I do post every so often and yearly they do a ranking of all the hotwives.

BB: and in your first year you were on 18th spot and next year it was 11th.
Mandy: yes, I had only been on there a few months the first year

BB: that’s really great
Mandy: Yes this current one I was 11th. I was pretty excited about it.

BB: I hope we will see you on the no. 1 spot. Do you feel any competition in it, or numbers and ranks doesn’t matter for you?
Mandy: The women ahead of me have been in porn much longer and I didn’t expect to beat them. Mostly its for fun and its ranked by the number of clicks to you. Just all for fun… but its a good marketing tool as well.

BB: yeah everything needs marketing today.
Mandy: so true…

BB: you have 50 videos on your site.. are they all or do u have more?
Mandy: My site has everything that I have posted. I have more but they are not on the site yet. or anywhere else except maybe some on DFWKnights site.

BB: ok lets talk a little more about sex.. what do u like most in sex?
Mandy: Hmm, everything really. What I really like is figuring out what gets a guy off that I am having sex with. Some like doing a facial, some like cream pie, others like anything but please where thigh highs, etc. Most of my members like creampie or BBC and that’s what I love too. So most videos are creampie and maybe half is BBC. Some facials, some girl/girl

BB: hmm, what about anal? you do?
Mandy: Oh yes, some anal as well! Some gang bang.

BB: you do anal just on camera or u like doing in your real life?
Mandy: I like it in real life. Its very exciting!

BB: when did you have your first anal?
Mandy: With my hubby, I am not sure when that was a long time ago.

BB: was that painful for u?
Mandy: Yes a bit, but a patient and gentle man can get anywhere.

BB: do u swallow?
Mandy: Oh yes!! yes!! yes!!

BB: hmm that’s lots of yes means you like it a lot.
Mandy: you got it! Love it!

BB: you have mentioned a guy named Ryan, would u like to tell us about him?
Mandy: Freak of nature lol. Love him to death. Ridiculously long cock, I cant even get it all in and I can take a lot.

BB: hmm how long? I guess some of your girl fans are excited to know about that.
Mandy: Ha Ha He is about 12 inches and a white guy!

BB: where can girls see him and his big thing?
Mandy: On my site only. He is just a regular guy. Not in porn and on no one else’s site but mine.

BB: hmm, do u have any tattoos?
Mandy: No

BB: piercings?
Mandy: Yes, a clit piercing

BB: when did u get it?
Mandy: Several years ago

BB: ok,. do u consider yourself as a pornstar or just a hot housewife who sometimes shoots herself with other guys
Mandy: the latter definitely. Just a regular girl

BB: hmm, so u will mind if some one will call u a pornstar?
Mandy: Oh no I don’t mind at all. Cal me a MILF, call me a pornstar, call me a hotwife, call me your hottie. I like it all.

BB: MILF wow, many guys like that word. How often do u have sex in your real life?
Mandy: Nearly ever day and sometimes more

BB: what is the highest u have scored?
Mandy: oh god, I don’t know. If you count gang bang days. maybe 7 or 8? or more

BB: u mean 8 guys in one sessions?
Mandy: the most in one session is 6

BB: ok and how many times u get to orgasm in that session
Mandy: As often as I like… I am mostly there to fuck, cumming for me is very personal and I like to really get into cumming.

BB: hmm, do u use condoms?
Mandy: No I prefer what is called bareback. I love to feel it especially if its a thick cock!

BB: tell us one thing in sex that you are really good at?
Mandy: That’s a tough question, I am good at taking a lot of cock for such a tiny body…

BB: do u use sex toys?
Mandy: sometimes but I prefer cock.

BB: footjob, blowjob, titjob or handjob.. u like most?
Mandy: blow job but a foot job is fun for all the foot fetish guys out there.

BB: have you done DP?
Mandy: dp, dvp, yes to both

BB: your favorite car?
Mandy: hmm, I had a 1966 red mustang as a teenager and its still one of the favorite muscle cars. That car when from stop to fast and nowhere in between.

BB: your favorite food?
Mandy: I love good sushi. I love Italian. Oh wow, I just love food really

BB: favorite celebrity
Mandy: All the hot guys. How can a girl pick anyway.

BB: LOL, do you watch porn?
Mandy: Yes I do. Its very erotic.

BB: what’s your favorite porn movie? or what kind of movies you watch?
Mandy: I like the amateur ones best i think. But I have seen a few of the mainstream that are very hot. I don’t remember names of them though

BB: hmm most of the peoples don’t remember LOL what’s funny thing about sex?
Mandy: If you mess up your bed, guess where you are sleeping, still in that bed lol

BB: cock or dick?
Mandy: I like cock, most men use dick

BB: doggy or missionary?
Mandy: Mmm, yes…

BB: LOL.. anal or vaginal?
Mandy: Vagina mostly but I am willing to play around

BB: groupsex or gangbang?
Mandy: Oh god yes please… How can a girl pick when she loves it all lol

BB: car or couch?
Mandy: couch, more room

BB: what’s the quickest session u had?
Mandy: I know this hot older guy. He comes over to play. One time he came over, bent me over, came in me almost instantly and then left. We planned it that way because we thought that would be hot and it definitely was…

BB: oh yeah.. and longest?
Mandy: The last gang bang I did with Deborah Ann and Sandy Blaze was pretty long, maybe one of the longest and most acrobatic

BB: how long?
Mandy: I would have to look at the video, it was 30-45 mins but off camera I have fucked all night.

BB: who shoots them for you, do u have any camera man or any random guy.
Mandy: usually the husbands shoot for their wives and that is the case for me too

BB: Your favorite color?
Mandy: pussy pink

BB: Do you moan or keep it quiet?
Mandy: I moan, squeal, scream, etc. I have been told many times that I am noisy.

Mandy Monroe

Hotwife Blog Profile - Mandy Monroe - 2011

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April 18, 2015

Wife used by 3

Wife used by three guys

For various reasons, the wife and I live on different ends of the country right now. So when we do get the chance to be together, I try to make it as fun for her as possible. This is our most recent adventure.

Sunday night we had a little time in the evening so I posted a nude picture of her in a Craig’s List ad and said we were looking for a few guys who were into a quickie. Once again, her 5′4, athletic, small breasted and blonde body didn’t fail to bait them in in high numbers. So I picked the lucky guys and let them know.

I put a physical therapy table I found at a thrift store into the front office. I threw a black sheet over it and had the wife strip down, get on her back and play with herself. I also put some random 80’s porno on the TV behind her and killed the lights.

One by one, the guys would arrive and call me to let me know as much. I’d unlock the doors and let them into the room. The first saw her playing with herself, the rest walked in on her in action.

One by one, just under a dozen guys walked in, walked up to the table, pulled out their cocks and slid them into her. Pumping her, groping her and using her as their own personal porn theater fuck slut. Banging away in her until they emptied themselves of the desire to use her any more.

Then they would zip up, walk out and leave. Very little was said which is just the way we like it. Then once everyone has gone we have our together time and talk about what happened while we finish each other off with dirty talk and mutual orgasms.

She has been a very good little sub and slut since we got married but due to distances lately, the fun with others has been sparse. Can’t do much were she is when I go there so it’s limited to here. The next time she comes to visit I am planning even more guys for her to cum on but gonna do it in a van/camper while driving around.
Something we’ve had fun with before.

I tend to get distracted during these events but I did manage to get a couple pics that aren’t too explicit to post.

Just to be clear, I am not a cuck. I am a Dom. So feel free to yahoo me if you like but I am not looking for bulls. I usually pick submissive guys who are willing to service me in order to get to her. Even if I don’t always require them to. Such as this particular time.

I don’t judge others. Love reading about everyone but just for clarification, I tend to be the bull as apposed to the cuck.


by: baitanswitch


April 16, 2015

Kitchen Spit Roast

It’s always fantastic to see horny Hotwife Rio Blaze in the middle of cock.

Here she is taking on 2 cocks, getting seduced, undressed and then fucking and sucking them all over her kitchen, getting spit roasted and then demanding them empty their balls all over her face!







Hotwife Blog Profile - Rio Blaze - 2005

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April 14, 2015

Hubby’s View

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Hubby’s View

The first was May this year.

My wife got friendly with a guy who was 27, lots of tattoos and had a ring through his penis!.( she don’t half pick them!). I met him , had a chat, then he and the wife went for a drink( met him in pub car park).

I went home, and watched tv in spare room. I did not know if they’d hit it off as it was her first time, but an hour later I heard the door open and could hear them chatting downstairs .

Eventually they both came upstairs , went into our bedroom and closed the door , my heart was pounding, would this really happen?. I heard giggling, kissing etc, then could hear clothes being thrown off, I could hear groans and moans , I guessed she was sucking his cock as only his groans were heard After what seemed an age , I could hear a kind of mellow panting, at the time I guessed this guy had entered my wife and was fucking her, but I couldn’t be sure. After a while though, I started hearing the head board starting to really bang!, I also could easily make out the sound of her wet married cunt make a slap slap slap notice!..with groans coming from my wife, oh god!, he was fucking my wife so hard. I was hearing every last thrust of his cock fucking my wife balls deep, but my head was spinning when he started fucking her even harder and groaning loudly until complete silence…. That’s when I knew another guy had shot his cum deep inside my wife’s cunt.. And it was the hottest moment of my life.

As soon as he left, I got into bed with my wife, she looked really guilty and said sorry, I told her not to be sorry and told her to open her legs for me, she looked so sexy looking at her well fucked cunt, with his cum dripping out of her, I spent the next ten minutes fucking her cum filled fuck hole whilst telling her what a dirty slut she was… No regrets what so ever!.

She’s since been fucked by another guy, and already has 4/6 other guys ready and waiting ;)

P.s a very true and honest story.

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April 12, 2015

Kelly Gets More Cock

Stunning, naughty hotwife Kelly Anderson takes some more cock like a good hotwife should and gets treated with a creamy load.

Lovely pictures as usual Kelly.

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

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