March 9, 2015

My First Time

My First Time

This is a true story - happened many years ago when I was living with a girlfriend, Stephanie. I was about 25, Stephanie 20 or 21.

Stephanie was a little hottie - slim with gorgeous little a-cup breasts, dark brown nipples, never wore a bra, loved to flaunt it. She was one of those effervescent, life of the party types - and a bit of an exhibitionist. For instance, we had matchstick blinds in the lounge room of our ground-floor apartment, the type that you could easily see thru when the lights are on - more so because we lived on a steep slope, on the low side of the street. Stephanie used to love us to have early-evening sex in that room, knowing that men trudging home from work would be able to see us. While we were fucking she would tell me if anyone spotted us, if any one stopped and watched. Anyway, I digress. This story is about my first cuckold experience, one special night.

Stephanie’s female colleague Jenny was still living at home, still a virgin, and a bit hung up about it. So Stephanie agreed to help her out - arranged a double date with some guy they dealt with thru work. I forget his name, call him Joe. The idea was we all have a night out together with a bit of alcohol involved, then all spend the night at our place - a small two-bedroom apartment. The night went to plan, a nice dinner with plenty of wine, and we’re all nicely tipsy. Until back at the apartment Jenny quietly decided she couldn’t go thru with ‘the deed’. So we made up a bed for her on the lounge room floor, nothing much needed to be said. Joe was easygoing about it, no big deal. And we continued on playing some drinking games, that sort of thing, but I was beat from a week at work and left the three of them at it, went to bed by myself without a second thought. I could hear them laughing and flirting and carrying on, but I didn’t sense any “danger” - Joe had been invited by Jenny, and Jenny was part of the trio still sitting around the kitchen table.

It must have been around 03:00am when my girlfriend, Stephanie, wakes me up by whispering in my ear, “Please fuck me!” in little-girl voice. Did not take long to wake me up! And she was wet, as wet as I can ever recall her being. Not the I’ve-just-been-fucked slippery and wet, it was the hot-and-horny-and-ready-for-sex naturally-lubricated wet. Somebody had got her in this state, and it wasn’t me! Now, cuckoldom was a fantasy of mine, it had featured in our regular pillow talk. But Stephanie was never that much into it - she tolerated it. On this occasion, while my fingers were sliding around that sopping wet little pussy and my tongue was teasing her hard little nipples, I said, “I thought you would be with Joe”. Stephanie was fairly drunk; she just giggled and said, “I thought about it!”

I moved over to her neck, and as I kissed it below the ear, fingers still sliding thru her wetness, I whispered, “Why don’t you?” Stephanie’s voice turned cool, I had for sure ruined the hot fuck we were about to have. But what she said was, “Do you want me to?”. My head fell to her chest, my eyes closed, and I hesitated for a good three or four seconds before saying just one word: “Yes”. Stephanie didn’t say another word; she got out of bed and walked naked towards the door. All I said was “leave the door open”.

Joe was in our old pine-wood and foam-mattress double bed in the spare bedroom, right next to our main bedroom. Stephanie left his door open as well. I heard her get into Joe’s bed, naked. I clearly heard her say, “Please fuck me” in that same little-girl voice. And he did. Joe fucked my girlfriend, knowing I was in the next room. I could hear everything. My mind was contorted - I was so turned on I was shaking, but I was so jealous I wanted to go in there and call her back. I masturbated while Joe fucked my girlfriend within earshot.

Joe didn’t engage in any foreplay, he was right into it. I didn’t see any of this, but I could hear it - from the time she slipped naked into his bed to the time Joe started squeaking the bed frame was only long enough for the obvious to happen: Stephanie slipped into the bed and asked Joe to fuck her. Their lips met. Joe feels her naked breasts against him, probably feels how wet she is. Stephanie then rolled onto her back and Joe rolled right on top of her. Stephanie’s legs opened, her knees came up, Joe got partially onto his knees between my girlfriend’s legs. And inserted his hard cock into that wetness I had been feeling less than a minute ago.
And then they fucked.

They fucked for probably 10 minutes, didn’t sound like they changed position at all. I could clearly hear the squelch of his cock in Stephanie’s juices. I could clearly hear his belly or balls slapping against my girlfriend. I could hear Joe’s heavy breathing; I could hear the wooden bed frame groaning. I clearly heard his pace increase, the slapping got louder, and I could tell when he pumped his seed inside my girlfriend. Stephanie was on her back with her knees up, legs open wide, wetter than I’ve ever known her to be, probably tongue-kissing Joe. And as Joe is fiercely pumping his cum into her, I slowly masturbated.

It went quiet for a bit, and then there were a couple of hours of annoying exaggerated lip smacking kissing and whispering. Stephanie told me later - when I asked why they only did it once - that Joe was “ready” but was afraid I would hear them and wake up.

As dawn started to lighten the sky outside, Stephanie left Joe’s bed, closed both doors and padded naked into our bedroom. And then we fucked. Stephanie didn’t get any foreplay out of me either, but I figured Joe had warmed her up nicely. :-) He had pumped her full of his cum and they had lay in bed for a couple of hours, so most of it was still inside her. And I fucked her like that, with Joe’s cum squelching and leaking out around my cock. We locked tongues and we fucked like a couple of animals. Joe must have heard us.

Joe took off before we could have an awkward breakfast, and later I drove Jenny home in almost complete silence - she must have heard it all as well. I rushed home for a bit more cuckold sex, but Stephanie was upset - embarrassed and upset: “I was D.R.U.N.K.” It was the end for us really - she never could accept I could love her AND enjoy her fucking other men. There were other occasions but never so “real” - Stephanie having an affair with her boss is nowhere near as much “fun” as her fucking some guy in the next room.

by BetaBettor


March 7, 2015

Member and his mate

Slutty UK creampie loving hotwife Rachel Reveals meets up with one of her members and gets a surprise.

Member and his mate

Popped round to meet up with a new member for some horny fun, didn’t bank on meeting his mate too – but OH BOY im so glad I did.

He became a member of my site and told his mate about me, but like most guys he was sceptical that I was actually real and did as my site says it does, so he invited him along to prove him wrong.

He definitely changed his tune once his hard cock was balls deep in my wet and warm talented mouth sucking his dick within an inch of its life.

Having two horny dicks to play with makes me so wet and horny, I love being spitroasted and stuffed with dick senseless from both ends – I love it even better when both of them time their jets of spunk perfectly and both fill me at the same time.

Feeling hot salty thick spunk filling my mouth as I feel hot jets of sperm filling my cunt ream after ream, really is one of the best feeling in the world.

Wanna meet me?, got a mate that wants to meet me too? – then I’ll have you both! would be my pleasure!

Rach xx





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March 5, 2015

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

We have been into the cuck life style for about three years now, after many years on the swinging scene. Although we have settled into a normal routine, if that is what you call it, LOL, sometimes something different comes up.

Sally and I had ridden into work together Monday so it wasn’t a surprise when she called to tell me she was on the way to pick me up after work. When I got into the car, she told me that Tony (her boyfriend) had called and wanted her to stop by the hospital where he was visiting a friend.

When we got to the room, Tony introduced us to Darrell. Darrell was about 6’3” and took up the whole hospital bed. It seems he was there for high blood pressure and was going to be released in the morning. He was so funny, laughing, joking and telling funny stories. We laughed until we were in tears.

As Sally and I were getting ready to leave, Tony said he would walk down to the lobby with us because he wanted to grab a coke from the vending machines. Tony and I were standing in the doorway and Sally walked over to the bed, and gave Darrell a kiss and told him she hoped he got to feeling better and if there was anything she could do, to let her know. The kind of thing you always say to people in the hospital. As she turned to leave Darrell just busted loose “Hell ya there is something you can do for me give me some of that fine pussy you got there!”

All three of us almost passed out at hearing that and thinking he was still joking, we started laughing. After all, we had been joking around, we had only known him a little over and hour and he was in a hospital bed. Than almost at once we all responded, I said “me too” Tony said “sure you would” and Sally just stood there laughing. Darrel then said “No, straight up- serious business, man I could use some of that pussy.”

Tony smiled at Sally and kind of nudged me back into the room and let the door close again. Sally smiled back at Tony, I think she took Tony’s smile as an approval, so without saying anything else she turned back around and faced Darrell. With a little laugh she pulled her dress up to her waist and ran her hand over her pantyhose and between her legs and asked him, so you want some of this. “Oh hell ya,” was all he said, but you could tell looking at his hospital gown that he really meant it.

Sally told me to stand by the door so no one could come in while Tony went over by the window on the other side of the room. Sally reached over and started stroking his cock through the gown as he moaned with pleasure. She kidded him about his blood pressure going back up and he said he had heard that if you die with a hard on it would stay up forever….we all chuckled. I could tell she wanted it but was a little hesitant given where we were but after a few minutes, Darrel said he was ready to fuck her. Sally let go of his cock, kicked off her shoes and pulled down her pantyhose and panties. Darrell pulled up his hospital gown and let his cock kind of flop up toward his stomach. He wasn’t supper long but was a nice thickness from the way it looked. Sally climbed on the bed and pulled it straight up and licked the head to wet it a little bit. Then she straddled him and started too settled down on it.

I could see Tony watching and smiling across the room as Sally let out a small moan when the head of Darrell’s cock pushed in and he said “oh shit yes”.Sally looked at me and then Tony, leaned her head back and slid all the way down his cock as he pushed up into her. As many times as I have seen a long black cock penetrate her it never stops amazing and exciting me. and this time was no different. As she began to ride his cock up and down they were getting into a long slow rhythm that makes her cum so hard. Darrell and Sally were both moaning and groaning as she raised and lowered herself over and over again. After about five minutes Tony walked over and unzipped her dress and pulled it off over her head leaving her with nothing but a camisole and her bra but not even that for long. Darrell said “oh ya, let me see those titties” in between his moans of “oh shit, oh yea.” It didn’t seem as if they missed a single stroke the whole time.

As Tony stepped back he ran his hand over her left breast and pinched the nipple, she seemed to take this as an unspoken request and began to press her tits together then pinch her own nipples, pulling them out until they looked as if they would snap and then letting them go again. Darrel grabbed them with his big hands and did the same thing. Then she did something many men have never felt before… or at least not how she does it. She told Darrel to lie still for a second and lowered herself down on him until he was completely inside her. Then she started to tighten and relax her cunt muscles, slowly and without moving any other part of her body. I thought Darrell was going to come off the bed……..he told her it felt like nothing else he had ever felt and that he thought he might “bust a nut” right then. Tony and I both smiled, we had been there before. It feels like a combination of a blowjob and a fuck at the same time.

She didn’t want to cum just yet, so she bent over, giving him a deep lingering kiss and relaxing her cunt muscles. She laid down flat on his stomach without breaking the kiss and picked up the rhythm. For the next ten or fifteen minutes there was nothing but the uninterrupted moans and groans mixed with the sound of his cock sliding in and out and her hips slapping his and the occasional “oh yes” or “oh shit”. Then Sally let out a long “oh yes…..shitttttttttttttttttttttt” as she came but Darrell keep pumping away. From where I was watching I could see his cock stretching her cunt as it appeared and disappeared inside her, then I saw him raise up in an arch, tightened all his muscles and shot his load into her. I could see his cum leaking out and dripping back onto him as she slowed down but did not stop until she was sure he had empted every drop into her.

They both laid there kind of panting in an exhausted state for a minute, and then they both started to laugh. She hopped off the bed, grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom, coming out a few minutes later with a wet warm wash cloth to wipe Darrell off while we all stood there and talked.

Darrell told Sally that that was just what the doctor ordered and she laughingly told him she was glad to have helped and he would get the bill in the morning. Tony mostly smiled and told Darrell he would catch him latter and we all said goodbye and left. We really didn’t say much on the way down the elevator and into the parking lot. We shook hands and he gave Sally a kiss and said well that was fun.

by: veryhappyto0


March 1, 2015

Turned on by dirty sex

Turned on by dirty sex

True story. We were newlyweds, 26, and 25 and she was gorgeous, petite 5′1″ blonde with a tight body. We lived in an upscale condo and she had a new job with the State Roads division. I had heard about government employees, long lunches, laid back work rules and thought it was a good place for my ambitious wife to excel. I was confident we were on the right track, as my career as software engineer in Silicon Valley was promising.

The she told me I had to be tested for exposure to a STD, and assumed it was some sort of clinical error. We didn’t go out that much, but she always wore revealing clothes to work and after this we had our first confrontation. She admitted to going out for lunch with her boss and others almost every day. They typically had several drinks at the local dive and came back to work tipsy, or even drunk. But she said she loved me and would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship.

I accepted that but wanted to see these outings for myself. Next opportunity I had, I grabbed a secluded spot in their usual hangout. They arrived around 11:45, cute wife, her boss and his assistant, deputy head of the division. They laughed it up with the other regulars, drinking, and eventually finished a long lunch. My wife slipped out a minute after her boss whispered something. She came back from the bathroom and handed something small to him when she sat down, small like her panties. Her legs were bare, she had removed her panties and pantyhose.

Another drink for her arrived while she was gone, one for the road. She threw it back and the they left, to go back to work. Following to the parking lot I saw the guys get in the front seats of the boss’s van and my wife enter the back. The van didn’t pull out immediately and I could see my cute wife’s head bobbing up and down over the lap of the assistant director in the passenger seat. Minutes later I could see him coming, no doubt into her mouth. Her head started bobbing in the driver’s seat as she gave the same favor to her boss. Anyone nearby would have seen it all too.

After 10 minutes or so the van pulled out. I was stunned and horrified. She said nothing about it that night when I asked about work. She declined my sexual advances, tired she said, wait for the weekend. Yeah, right.

Several days passed and I didn’t know how to deal with this, hoping it was just a casual drunken encounter that would not happen again. I was wrong, deciding to check up at the same hangout a couple of days later. I arrived at the same time, but they were already there. My wife’s legs were bare already and the same 2 guys had their hands across her thighs while they talked, joked and ate. When lunch was over she had showed off her bare legs up to her thighs for everyone to see.

Bill paid, my beautiful wife and her boss left assistant behind. He went to the bar while I followed the couple to his van in the lot. A quick look around and both got into the back. She got in and I saw her turn to face him. Behind the closed door I knew he was starting to fuck her. After 10 minutes or so the assistant knocked on the back door. Impatient, he opened the door and I could see inside. My love was naked and lay with her legs wrapped around her boss who was furiously pounding his cock into her. The AD jumped in and blocked, me as the door closed.

The van sped off moments later, too soon for both of them to come, but plenty of time for the boss to finish with her. Bastard number 2 probably fucked her all the way back to work. From the work parking lot they all climbed out. She discreetly wiped at something between her legs and along her thighs. Back to work, no big deal. Fucked at lunch by two guys and everyone else in the office probably knew all about it.

I’m heartbroken and don’t know what to do. Divorce probably. What did she mean by never jeopardizing our relationship? She’s just a whore.

By: jrnooner

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