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March 31, 2015

Security guard takes me

Slutty hot UK wife Rachel has been getting up to more dogging filth with random men.


I love nothing more than munching on hard cock during the cool midnight air.

This new member met me in personal and paid cash to join my site and of course I just had to suck on his very large hard cock.

He was a security guard on duty at the time and he always fancied having his cock sucked while out on his rounds, I jumped in beside him on his cart and sucked on his girthy meat as he drove round checking out his complex, taking a few pics along the way.

Once he has finished his round, he pulled to one side of the complex, bent me over the side of the cart, lifted my skirt to reveal my panty less pussy and stocking clad legs, held up by my fabulous 8 strap trade mark suspender belt. Getting behind me, he parted my wet tingling pussy lips with his engorged bellend and drove his huge fuck tool balls deep into my cunt – oh my god his cock felt absolutely amazing and I could feel every rippling vein in his shaft as he slowly but firmly slid in and out of my dripping wet snatch.

His pace quickened and his cock got even hard as he prepared to fire off his filthy sticky thick load of sperm deep inside of me – I could feel every pulse of his shaft as each jet of lush man goo ploughed deep inside my love hole, really filling me up.

Once he had shed his filth, he stayed buried deep in my snatch allowing his meat to soften and fall away from me naturally allowing his freshly show sperm to trickle out of my throbbing slutty hole and trickle all down the inside of my thighs and stocking tops.

I love nothing better than taking real heavy thick loads of spunk deep in my pussy, the heavier the better as I sure do love that feeling of sperm trickling out of my cunt and running down my legs.

Wanna sperm inside my vagina! – then you know what to do! Mail me! lets fuck!

Rach xxx





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