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March 13, 2015

Comments Are Back

At long, long last I have managed to fix the bugs that were not allowing me to have the comments feature activated. But I seem to have finally got it working so you can now post comments on any article on the blog.

10 years of and still going strong. Thanks to all the readers.

3 Responses to “Comments Are Back”

  1. Will said:

    Good news because I’ve wanted to comment on several of your true-life stories but have been frustrated…although surely that’s nothing new being a cuck.

  2. N. said:

    Glad to see you have the comments working! :-)

  3. Jaxxon said:

    Glad the comments are back. I enjoy reading other peoples stories. I have a horny nympho wife who enjoys fucking other men, and I love to watch or hear her tell me about it and show me pics…so I fully relate to the stories!

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