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March 11, 2015

Love to see wife fucked

Yay! She’s back… Hotwife Queen Jackie is back with new pictures. Her Husband Jason writes this one about Jackie visiting a black guy in a hotel room.

“Hi Trash,
Here is a brand new set of Jackie pics from a date she had last week.

I love to see my wife fucked

As many of you know, my hot wife Jackie has graced this blog many times. She is a veteran hot wife. Over the years I have watched numerous guys fuck her face, fuck her pussy and fuck her ass more times than I can count. Still the thrill is not gone! There is nothing more exciting for Jackie than to meet a new guy in a strange hotel and release his hard cock from his pants like a new birthday surprise!

You can see by the big smile on her face in these pictures how she loves cock and black cock in particular. She loves everything about cock, how it feels in her hand, in her mouth, and how it tastes. She loves cum just as much. She loves the taste and loves the “smell” of cum as she told this guy who fucked her last week at the Holiday Inn. I think he was surprised when she exclaimed “I love the smell!” as his cum spurted out of the head of his black dick and onto her face.

If you are lucky enough to be married to a great hot wife like Jackie who is an enthusiastic slut and whore, you know the intense feeling you get from “pimping” her out to other men.

For us, there is no better sexual scenario than sifting through the emails from all the guys who want to fuck your wife and picking out the one who you feel is the most deserving of her pussy and ass.

You pick the guy who appreciates that she is your wife but that she is also a horny slut/whore who needs to be fucked like one and who loves to spread her legs for other men in front of her husband in particular.

You enjoy helping her pick out the clothes she will wear for her date and relish shaving her pussy smooth for him to enjoy and to fuck.

You love booking a hotel room for your wife to be fucked in and love driving her there and delivering her to the other guy so he can fuck her.

You like how she looks so beautiful on the bed dressed so pretty and sexy waiting for her date to arrive.

You love to see how excited she is opening the hotel room door and welcoming her date in to fuck her.

You love how he puts his arms around her and kisses her with so much passion and how your wife responds to him, how she needs to have his cock inside her asap!

Of course you love to see her mouth open wide and willingly as he stuffs his cock in and she begins to suck and nothing better than watching your lovely wife spread her beautiful legs and seeing the head of his big dick push deeply into her pussy.

He picks up speed and begins to pound your wife’s cunt hard and deep and you love her groans and gasps as he fucks her and how he takes so much pleasure in using your wife’s pussy for his own pleasure and needs and how proud he is that she is giving it to him and not to you.

The moment he arches his back and begins to shoot his cum into your wife’s well used cunt is almost too much to take. He pulls his cock out of your wife and she lays back allowing you to see his jizz seep out of her hole.

She doesn’t just do it for herself, she does it because she knows her husband loves to see her mouth, cunt and ass stuffed full with other mens cocks. She knows her hubby wants to see the innocent girl he married fucked and used like a cheap whore.

That’s the perfect hotwife/cuckhold husband marriage!














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3 Responses to “Love to see wife fucked”

  1. batman said:

    amazing post!

  2. Marc said:

    Great to see Jackie still attacking those BBCs like a naughty school girl.

  3. Jaxxon said:

    I agree with Jason 100 % My wife can’t get enough cock, even at 55 years old. Tall and sexy, with awesome tits. We have been in Myrtle Beach for several days, and the last 2 nights she has fucked 2 different men on the beach. I got sloppy seconds both times, and shot my load in her too. She loved walking back down the beach with cum running down her legs! She is supposed to meet a monster hung business man tomorrow night, on her own. I know I will be sitting, and waiting, hard as a rock, for her to text me pics of him fucking her, and of her sucking his thick 9 inch cock. I love our life, and my horny, slutty wife!

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