February 4, 2015

Rachel Winter Dogging

More filthy dogging fun from slutty UK hotwife Rachel Reveals


Oh how I love dogging, and love nothing more when out dogging then getting gangbang fucked by multiple cocks one after another.

Slipping on my stockings and trade mark suspender belt, I couldn’t wait to get my throbbing freshly shaved pussy out and ready for a reaming.

Having the 4 hard cocks ready and willing to please me in every way possible is such a massive turn on, sucking each cock in turn one after the other, tasting their salty precum on my tongue knowing that each cock I’m sucking is going to be inserted into my wet hot hole.

The cool night air drifting over my bare bum, the feeling of warm hands grabbing hold of my rump as I feel a rock hard precum dripping shaft part my outer pussy lips and slip fully and deeply into my quivering sex is mind blowing.

Each guy took turns in sliding balls deep inside my cunt, thrusting into me enjoying my tight cunt muscles gripping their fuck rods until their warm sticky release was fired deep filling me with their seeds – once spent they would move round to my mouth once more to be cleaned off.

Damn I love the taste of my pussy juice mixed with other guys freshly shot spunk – tastes divine!

Don’t forget guys, the warmer weather is coming and I’m in process of planning the biggest dogging tour ive ever done – would love to hear from any of you from anywhere in the country who can offer me something unusual, quirky dirty fuck location – mail me!!

Rach xx







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February 2, 2015

My Wife Does It on Her Own

My Wife Does It on Her Own

I wanted her to realize she is beautiful and men want her.

I have been interested in having a threesome or a foursome with my wife for many years now. It hasn’t happened yet and she has been not wanting sex very often for a long time. I let her know that she is beautiful and sexy and that many men appreciate her sexual beauty. She has had many female friends in the past that were lesbians, and they also appreciated her beauty and wanted her sexually. Some still do. I know underneath her doubting and denial of her beauty she does appreciate having sexual attention and knows she has good looks. She has told me many times that the best sex she has had in her life has always been when she was having a one night stand or just a short sexual relationship with no strings attached. I have suggested that she try to do that again but she said that it would not make her feel that way anymore because she is married now. We have been together for twenty six years and she has never had any other men since then. Although she has close lesbian friends, she has always told me should could never do anything sexual with a woman.

I have questioned my thoughts of swinging or a threesome and felt a little dirty and wrong for having the desire. She definitely did not make me feel good about it when I brought it up. When I found Lush Stories I realized that my feelings were not wrong and many people share these thoughts and actually do act on them. I thank all of the people here that have helped me with this realization. I met a person on Lush who lives not far from us and we have been communicating about trying to hook up. I hope someday to meet him and perhaps the wife could share us. This was how I hoped that my desires might be be met. Little did I realize that my wife (maybe she did not realize either) was already working on her own to find another lover or sex partner. She sang with a threesome in college which was comprised of two females and one male. The male contacted her a few years ago and asked if she would like to get
together to play and record music again. He even sent her cd’s of their recording from back then. She was reluctant at first but did go visit him and his family twice on the way to visit her family when I did not accompany her. She said that he was really into the music and recording but that he was very uncomfortable with trying to play and record at the same time in the studio in his house. I asked about his wife and she said that she was a little plump but nice looking and very gracious though a little ruff. I joked about going with her the next time to see if they were into swinging. She just laughed and said she did not think they were into that and she wasn’t either.

The friend kept on sending her devices to record with that were not cheap and kept asking to get together again. She would always find an excuse or just tell him she did not want to do it because she was busy. He finally started to call her and when I would answer the phone he would say things like “I am sorry if I am bothering you by wanting to get together with your wife”. I would always let him know I was not worried about it and was happy she was playing music and singing again. Secretly I wished she had some sexual desire for someone and hoped that he may be the one. He is a doctor and very rich.

He kept on calling and e-mailing her until finally she finally let me know he was coming for a visit. He was going to arrive Friday night and leave on Monday. He came in on Friday and was a bundle of energy and talked a mile a minute. They were going to record in a studio tomorrow and had already rented the time. On Saturday they practised for a few hours in the morning while I was doing little jobs around the house. She came to me about a half hour after lunch while I was doing the dishes and let me know they were leaving for the studio to record. I told her I hoped she had fun and that the music came out good.

I had not really thought that there was anything sexual between them but when I saw them drive off alone together it did cross my mind that he was looking at her in a very appreciative way. I also thought back and remembered that he had mentioned how he and his wife were not always on the same wave length most of the time. He said it often last night and this morning. I was beginning to wonder what was going on.

When they got back they were very active and talkative. They told me they had a hard time finding the studio and that it was in a small house run by a blind man. that was why they came back late. They said they were able to record five songs, but they did not have a tape or a cd from the session. If that never materialized, I’d know something had happened other than them making music together. As they had gotten back later than they planned, her friend let me know that he wanted to take us out to dinner. We headed out and found a good restaurant and drank too mucht wine and ate good food. We laughed and joked and had a great time together. I was thinking that I was just being hopeful that they may have a spark of sexual energy between them but then I would notice now and then how he looked at her. We woke up Sunday hung over, but he was up and rearing to get back to making music with the wife.

They went to the basement to practice and they were going to go back to the recording studio in the afternoon. After an hour or two they came up and my wife said that she was going to drive with the friend to the gas station and that he was going to leave when they got back. This was surprising to me because he was supposed to stay until Monday and the gas station was only two miles away. She saw the look on my face and asked if anything was wrong. I told her I was surprised because I thought they were going to recording studio later and that he was staying until tomorrow to revisit the studio and do the final touches on the recordings. I also said that the gas station was only two miles away and it was on the way out. She said that she did not want him to run out of gas and that he may miss the store. This is when I was sure there may be more going on here than making music.

When I spoke with her after he had left, I told her about my feelings that he may have more on his mind than just making music. She laughed and said I was crazy. Well they did record five songs on Saturday, he posted them on you tube later although he had told her he would not do that until she had heard them and gave him approval to do so. He also sent her two cd’s of the songs though they did not work. In all of this activity between them I realized they were exchanging e-mails a couple of times a week. When she told him the cd’s did not function he sent he another two via one day delivery. Those do work, and now they are exchanging e-mails often. She has told him she dosn’t want to get together again soon but she is purchasing things for her guitar and practising more. When I ask when she will record again she smiles and says “not for a while”. She was telling me about all of the e-mails in the beginning but now she doesn’t mention them. I know that this may go nowhere in a sexual way and the wife is stating that she doesn’t think of him in that way at all. I have hopes that she will open up more to thoughts and sexual feelings for other people than me. I do believe she has them but she cannot admit it to herself. She has a hard time believing men find her sexually attractive. Whenever someone shows interest in her this way, she does admit it if it is obvious, but feels it is inappropriate.

This happened a few weeks after the recording sessions with a very close friend of mine who has let me know for many years he would love to have sex with her. It was a Thanksgiving family get together and when we visited with his family he motioned for her to come follow her. He got her aloneand put his arms around her waist and give her a kiss on her cheek as he told how happy he was to be with her again. She told me that she broke away and went to sit with his wife so it wouldn’t go any further. I did see him keep on massaging her every time he could.He could not keep his hands off of her the whole time, and as I watched, I saw that she was smiling and laughing with him. I told her later how happy it made me when she showed that she was enjoying his attentions. I am hopeful that things may open up as we try new things and keep talking about it.

By 2doeverything

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