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February 20, 2015

The Debt

The Debt

George only wanted her because she was unobtainable. Sure Judy was an attractive blonde but there were plenty others equally attractive her could have easier.

I had been married to Judy for eight years and all during that time she had never looked at another man. Sure she had opportunities as guys were always hitting on my statuesque wife with the knock-out figure but never once did she give in to their advances, she was always faithful to her wedding vows. Judy had been a virgin when I took her on our wedding night and she had devoted her life to creating a nest for her family. My loving wife had given birth to our daughter two years after we were married and we were presently working on a brother or sister for Sabrina.

It all started innocently enough at a poker game in George’s place. Once a month the guys would get together at Georges for a night of five card draw. The steaks were only five of ten bucks and a pot could pay off a couple of hundred. Everybody had a good night out and nobody got hurt.

George was a financially secure alcoholic. He and his woman lived in a three bedroom back split in a nice part of town. In his garage was a classic 78 Trans Am in mint condition and a Harley Electra Glide motorbike.

He had made his money in the taxi business buying plates from the city and leasing them out to little guys wanting to put their own cab on the road. A taxi license cost about seventy-five grand if you did not get one from the city after being on a waiting list for years so guys paid fifteen hundred a month to lease one. George was seldom sober enough to drive himself but would rent one of his lessee’s cars for a shift once in a while to stay active in the business as the city required.

George introduced Stan into our group one Friday night. We were a pretty easy going bunch and welcomed him to sit at the table. The new guy started out innocently enough but as the evening went on he became more aggressive constantly trying to drive the amount of the pot up. He won some of the time but he also lost as many times as the rest of us. It was getting late and I had dropped a couple of hundred, my limit, so I started to leave.

“Stay for a few more hands.” George said not wanting the game to breakup yet. Foolishly I sat back down. Before long I was down over four hundred and the ante was up to fifty bucks to stay in. I had three Jacks and there was over five hundred in the pot but I was out of cash.

“I have to fold.” I said, “I’m outta cash.”

“I’ll cover you!” George volunteered.

Stan laid down a full house and took the pot. I went home owing George fifty bucks. Ext time I saw George I offered to repay him the fifty I owed. George informed me he didn’t want to be repaid in cash.

“What do you want, name it?” I offered my friend.

“I want to nail Judy.” he answered.

“What?” I said unbelieving what I heard.

“I want to fuck your wife.” George smiled. Everything flashed through my mind at once. Fuck my wife for fifty dollars? Judy would never agree to it anyway, it was impossible. George had been a very good friend of mine over the years and often helped us out with his generosity. If sticking his cock into my wife meant so much to him I didn’t want to not want to be unappreciative. What if he did fuck Judy, it wouldn’t cost us anything.

“Let me see what I can do?” I answered his proposal. I knew Judy would never consent to being unfaithful even though I suggested it. I also knew her weakness, booze. My wife could not hold her drink, after a few drinks she lost all control and she was putty in my hands. Up until now I had only used it to get Judy to put my cock in her mouth or let me try fucking her ass. I figured if I set it up right she would open her legs for George.

“George is coming over tonight to help me set up the new sound system.” I casually informed Judy. I had recently bought a Dolby surround sound system for the bigscreen TV and George was somewhat of an audiophile and would know how to get the best results from it.

“Is Andrea coming too?” Judy asked.

“No, she has a meeting to go to.” I lied. I had told George to drop around about ten o’clock hoping to have my wife ready for him by then. Shortly after eight I offered Judy her first drink. She lingered a painfully long time over the gin and Wink sipping miniscule amounts between watching the television. Knowing I was expecting George’s visit I imagine she was deliberately trying to pace herself.

“Let me freshen that up!” I offered as she neared the bottom of the glass. It was almost nine when I refilled her glass, this time with more gin than mix. Judy made a face when she tasted the strong drink but her first drink had started to kick in and she swallowed a mouthful. Her second glass was empty in twenty minutes and I poured her a third which I knew would finish her off. It was twenty minutes to ten and my wife was in la-la land.

“Why don’t you change into your white negligee?” I asked her. Judy’s white negligee was a sheer floor length gown perforated every inch or so by quarter inch diamond shape holes. Wearing this gown her entire body would be on display through the transparent material and the numerous openings.

“I can’t wear that with George coming!” Judy protested.

“He has seen you nude in the hot tub.” I argued. Some time before Judy had joined us in George’s hot tub, everyone had been naked and she had been drinking so agreed to remove her bikini once she was safely in the water.

“Well if you think it’s O.K.?” she said staggering off to the bedroom. Judy was in the bedroom when George arrived. I welcomed him in and explained Judy was getting ready for him.

I was sitting with our guest having a beer when my wife walked into the living room. She looked stunning. With the backlight she may as well been nude.

“Hi Georgie!” she greeted him shamelessly. George could not believe the transformation my wife had undergone. He was convinced she was ready for him to fuck her.

“Come and sit on my knee.” George said. Judy looked at me and I nodded my approval, she ambled across the room and plopped herself on his lap. I went to pour my wife another drink as George’s hand cupped her breasts. When I came back into the room Judy’s gown was up above her knees and George’s hand was hidden between her legs. He had his hand on her pussy and was likely finger-fucking her and she wasn’t even protesting. I sat next to George on the couch and slipped the gown’s spaghetti straps off my wife’s shoulders, the flimsy material feel down around her waist exposing her naked breasts. My mouth swallowed her left nipple and Judy moaned as George’s fingers manipulated her clitoris. She was ready.

“Let go into the bedroom, you’ll be more comfortable.” I soothed my aroused wife. Judy’s gown dropped to the floor when we stood her up, with George on one side of her and me on the other we led her naked into the bedroom. Carefully we laid my nude wife across the bed and George began to undress.

“What are you doing?” Judy squirmed on the bed. I held her in place, “George just wants to get to know you better.”

My wife giggled, “Georgie Porgie.” I felt the bed yield with George’s weight as he dropped in next to my wife. I held Judy’s legs open as George mounted her. My wife gasped as George’s cock slid into her. I expected Judy to resist being held but she just lay there with a contented look on her face as George began to claim his prize. I watched my wife wrap her legs around our friend and draw him further into her love nest. Her hands drew his face to hers and they kissed. In her drunken stupor my wife did not realize it was another man’s cock in her, she thought she was fucking me! She began to grind her hips like she did when she was really horny and wanted to come. I knew George was about to girt the fuck of his life.

“Oh fuck me, I need to come!” Judy moaned as her hips swiveled on George’s cock. George hammered his spike all the way into her, I could hear their bodies slap together as he bottomed in her fuck hole.

“Oh yes, yes, more lover.” she pleaded. George was fucking her hard, his cock reaching far into her sacred space but still she was aware she was giving herself to another man. Her hips thrashed like a wildcat’s and I knew she was building up a mega orgasm in her pussy. I moved to where I could see George’s wet shaft sliding in and out of Judy’s stretched labia between her open legs. Judy’s cunt was getting sloppy from the intense fucking and I could hear the soft squishing noises they made as his cock slid in and out of my wife’s cunt. I gently cupped George’s balls in my hand and squeezed them coaxing him to empty his sperm into my wife’s womb. It was a chain reaction, Judy screamed as her orgasm hit her and I could feel George’s balls throbbing as the emptied into her cunt, spurting out the head of his cock splattering her eggs with his rich creamy nutrient. My wife’s body trembled with the aftershocks of her orgasm until George’s cum quenched her fire. George rolled off my wife’s well fucked body. For some reason I had to feel my cock in her cum filled box. My cock slid into her with no resistance whatsoever. She moaned softly while I enjoyed her sloppy cunt. In minutes I added my sperm to George’s

The following morning Judy was in a good mood.

“You’ll have to invite George over again.” she told me over coffee. I didn’t know how much of the previous night’s activities she remembered but I was just thankful she was not irate for me setting her up. It was a few week later that my wife gave me the good news, she was pregnant! Judy went to the phone and begins to dial a number.

“Who are you calling?” I asked her expecting her to say her mother.

“George!” she smiled, “He’ll want to know.”

By: No Panty Girl

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