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February 14, 2015

Meet Grace

Cuckold Place Update

New Teen On The Block

Hiya… New here so I thought I would start at the beginning just to let you know a bit about myself and my naughty life.

As you can see my name is Grace, I am a 19 year old British teen. Since turning 18, I heard about cuckolding so I started looking deep into it online. I started reading books and youtubing things to get a deeper understanding. Well, it seriously hit home, bad.

I started looking back at my past encounters with guys and realised that for my age I was seriously advanced sexually. For example.. My first boyfriend at school (White guy)… I ended up cheating on him with his brother and his best mate(Black guy) in a 3sum. I found it hilarious that he didn’t know and used it to my own advantage to get what I wanted. Well after a year I just told him because he was pissing me off and told him to get lost.

I lost my virginity to a VERY well hung black guy and believe me that’s when it ALL Started. I had relationships with looser guys after that because I thought that is what you did but never ever ever ever ever felt satisfied and felt the need to constantly cheat, when they found out I though it was hilarious. However give me a real man… A REAL Bull and I will do whatever he says with whoever he says if he says it.

Yes I work in the adult industry but that in my eyes is irrelevant to what this is. If it wasn’t for the adult industry I would have always thought something was wrong with me and couldn’t of understood why I cant settle down with a so called ‘decent’ man. Now I know I am not the only woman or young lady who likes to get fucked out and rinsed inside my little hole like a slut by big bulls lol. So anyways, I started looking into it because at first I didn’t realise that what I was doing was an actual thing, tbh I just though I was a slag and was quite worried I would never grow out of it. Now I no that thousanddddddddddddddds of woman over the world are the same and this is a place to read/write about that kind of thing and share different experiences/find other similar thinking people.

I am Seriously looking for men wishing to be cuckolded….. LIKE SERIOUSLY


By: GraceHarper

Find out more about Grace here

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  1. Please said:

    I’d worship you and lick you clean after every time.

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