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January 25, 2015

Behind Hubbys Back

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This post is from user noreen

Seeing someone i’m not meant to

I’d been fooling around with a guy behind hubby’s back for a number of weeks. I’d send photos of what I was getting up to to tease hubby who was enjoying me being naughty. He enjoyed the mystery of who I might be fucking - it was the first guy I’d found on my own without hubby or my bull’s involvement.

But when I finally told hubby who it was, hubby was really annoyed. It was someone i knew from my past and someone hubby had met a couple of times and had taken an instant disliking too. He insisted I don’t see the guy again and I agreed. I really didn’t want it to be an issue for us.

Since then, I’ve met the guy a couple of times and not told hubby. I feel so bad since hubby encourages me to enjoy myself and puts very few limits on what I can do and this is the only instance where he’s asked me to stay away. the stupid thing is I don’t even like this guy, I find him annoying and sleazy. but he’s there, and available and an easy phone call away when I’m horny and just need someone there to play with.

Anyway, that’s my confession. I actually joined this site just to find someone who can meet me two or three times a week while hubby is at work and I wouldnt have to sneak around seeing this other guy.

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