December 10, 2014

Creampie Gangbangs

Here’s another post from the ALL ABOUT GANGBANGS group on the Hotwife Hub discussion group. There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments. If you’re not a member then get yourself on there now and join the fun.

This post is from user lebanonbbclover

Gangbang Experience

My first gang bang fuck party was back in 2003 in Manchester, UK where more than 45 well hung guys took turn fucking me at one of the guy’s place. He was a black guy I met in London and he promised to arrange such a big gangbang party for me. Needless to say, I was so happy to be the center of all the guys attention and to have all of them cum inside my pussy, my asshole and my mouth or on my boobs or butt or pussy. I also tried for the first time to have double penetration at the party and it lasted the whole night until next day. My pussy and my asshole was full of the guys cum and I barely could walk the next day.

In 2010, my husband had a great birthday present for me, as he secretly invited 55 black guys from the US Navy Base next to our house here in Bahrain and all the guys were there by 1:00 PM so I thought I might not be able to handle of them and decided to call a friend of mine to join me in the party, she was a cute blonde married also to a white guy and when she came to my house the party started and all the guys fucked both of us in every hole and cum in our pusses, mouths, asses and some of the guys fucked me more than once. The party continued again until next day.

In 2011, when my husband asked me if I want a similar present for my birthday, I asked him to bring me more guys if he could, and I decided this time to be alone and he actually arranged for me 120 well hung black guys who stretched my pussy and asshole with their huge cocks all night long and fucked me in so many different positions and empties their loads deep down my pussy and my asshole as my husband was taking videos and pics of the action. I was fucking the guys non stop for more than 15 hours if I exclude the rest and drinking time as we continue the fucking from noon until noon the next day and it was the best birthday present ever I had so far therefore I am going to US this year and my husband again promised to arrange for me this time more than 200 black guys to fuck me and I look forward breaking my last year’s record by having 200 black cocks in my pussy in one place at the same time.

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December 8, 2014

Robyn gets covered

Here’s gorgeous hotwife Robyn trying a few extra guys for the first time at My First Time Sluts.


Robyn and her husband are local Houston swingers that came to us looking to explore a little more. He very much gets off watching her play and she loves being the center of attention. She’s been interested in some group fun, but wasn’t sure if she was ready for a full blown gangbang. Instead, they asked me about a bukkake. Wondering if I could help set one up for her. “FUCK YES” was my answer! So I gathered a few of my guys and we blew our warm loads all over her.

My First Time Sluts

My First Time Sluts

My First Time Sluts

My First Time Sluts

My First Time Sluts

My First Time Sluts

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December 6, 2014

Fun With Home Renovations

A true story from a UK cheating Hotwife

Fun With Home Renovations

Back when my husband first began to hint that he might like me to have sex with other men, I must say I was a little confused by it. I had been brought up to assume that being married meant that I would never be able to consider such things, and still stay married that is. I was very happy with my marriage to Mike and wasn’t interested in risking it for anything. That is not to say that I was never sexually attracted to other guys. I just considered sexual fidelity to be an inescapable part of the marital arrangement.

That began to change when we had our first experience swinging with another couple. One night after going out dancing with a couple who were our best friends at the time, we ended up coming back to our place and swapping partners for the night. We had all had a little too much to drink which certainly helped it along. Nevertheless, all of us were well-aware of what we were doing and sincerely wanted to do it at the time.

Surprisingly enough, that first experiment worked out very well, considering it was the first time for both us and the other couple. We all had a lot of fun with it. The next day, once we got over the initial shock at what had transpired, all four of us were very happy with it and excited about the possibilities in the future. Mike was extremely pleased and excited about how well I did with Rick and how much fun I had doing it. In fact, he was more excited about my newly-expressed willingness and enthusiasm for sex with other men than he was about his own possibilities of having sex with other women.

Wow, pleasing my man by having sex with other men. It almost boggled my mind at first but I soon began to appreciate and accept his perspective. I still didn’t fully understand it but I came to know that he was truly sincere and very pleased and excited about the expansion of my sexual horizons. He didn’t think less of me. Quite the contrary, he seemed to appreciate and admire me more than ever. How could I complain?

A week or two after that, Mike brought up the possibility of my having sex with another one of his friends, Frank. In fact, Frank was an old friend to both of us, going back to when we were single. I was in the same class as Frank in high school and Mike got to know him well when they both got their first full-time job at the same company. Mike was so happy when I agreed, especially when I assured him that I really wanted to, that I wasn’t doing it just to please him.

I remember the day it happened like yesterday. Our daughter was away at school and Mike and I were both on a day off from work. Frank was off as well that day and Mike had asked him to come over to help with a home renovation project he had going. Mike had discussed the possibilities with Frank before so he had a pretty good idea what might be going on. I had no doubt that Frank would want to have sex with me. We had teased each other with hints and sexual innuendos for years. We liked each other and were attracted to each other sexually. Nothing had never happened between us and both of us had accepted that nothing ever would after I got married to Mike.

I was wet with excitement before Frank even got there. I put on my sexiest lingerie with a mini-skirt and button-up blouse over top and a pair of sexy high-heeled shoes. When Frank arrived, Mike told him that there was something else he wanted to do before they got started on the project. When I walked out into the kitchen to greet Frank, he almost fainted. All he could do was nod his head and stammer about how great I looked.

We played a game of strip-poker and, although I am normally very lucky at cards, for some reason it wasn’t very long before I was stripped down to just my lingerie. It was a red lacy chemise type of garment, mostly see-through, with just a thong going between my legs. My tits and pussy were plainly visible and neither of the guys could take their eyes off me and were both sporting big erections. Mike was shuffling the cards for another hand when I moved over and unzipped Frank’s pants, freeing his throbbing hard cock. He had a nice sized member and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. I immediately bent over and took it into my mouth and began sucking it like a big lolipop.

I was on fire. I wanted Frank’s cock inside me more than almost anything at that moment. Knowing my husband would be pleased with my unabashed sexuality, I didn’t waste any time. I led Frank by his cock into the bedroom and lay back on the bed with my knees pulled up and my legs spread wide. The thong on my lingerie was loose enough to be easily pulled over to allow access to my pussy which was literally dripping with excitement. We fucked for a long while with Mike watching wide-eyed, his stiff cock in his hand. Frank surprised me a little with his stamina and I lost all track of time until I heard Mike say that we were running out of time and had to finish up.

Our daughter was due to arrive home on the school bus around 3:20pm and by then it was a few minutes after 3. Frank started fucking me with renewed vigor and within a minute we both came. I had cum several times before but the feel of his cock spasming with orgasm and spurting me full of semen pushed me over the edge again to an absolutely explosive climax. By the time we came to our senses, we had to hustle to clean up and get ready. When my daughter, about eight years old at the time, arrived home, everything was perfectly normal. Mike and Frank were in the basement working and I was dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

I could feel Frank’s load oozing out into my panties but I kept as much inside me as I could, hoping that Mike would have a chance to fuck me while it was still there. There was something that felt very naughty about having sex with my husband, my pussy lubricated by another man’s cum. I was beginning to understand my husband’s strange desires a little. I thought he would appreciate it and a couple of hours later I found out that I was right.

That was the very first time I was fucked by another man in front of my husband. It has happened on many occasions since that afternoon back in 1982 but I’ll never forget that first time. It felt like the beginning of something good and our experiences over the years since then have proven how true that feeling really was.

By: HappyHotWife


December 4, 2014

3 cocks for Dee Siren

Here’s an update from horny hotwife Dee Siren.


This hotwife needed to feel a bunch of cocks so I had my husband call up some of my boys. They went to town on my pussy and ass for sure. Stuffing my face, pussy and asshole they made me cum so fucking hard! After they were done with this married slut Mr. Siren fucked my loose, used pussy. He filled me up with his warm cum. I love being a married slut.

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Hotwife Blog Profile - Dee Siren - 2011

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December 2, 2014

Bareback Sluts UK

Cuckold Place Update

Here’s a great post from a guy whose wife is an escort. he has posted one of her reviews/feedback from her escort page. So hot to hear how another man has enjoyed your wife.

Bareback Sluts UK

When my wife was escorting she would often end up going bareback although she didn’t advertise as such. She would usually agree to OWO and protected penetration but if she like the guy on the day she would usually offer to go bareback.

In fact I found an old adultwork feedback of hers which explains such an evening…

Rating & Feedback

Positive - Absolutely fantastic!!!

About the Venue Score: 10/10

Hotel was chosen by me and is very clean and easy to locate just off the …. Good price and used mainly by business professionals. Ample free parking. Lifts to hotel floors are easily accessible without having to come into contact with reception

About slutallie

Physical Score: 10/10
Allie is absolutely gorgeous. Really good looking, fantastic figure, slim with a well kept body and tits to die for. Allie has lovely long legs that lead to a neatly trimmed pussy which is very wet indeed!!

Permisterality Score: 10/10
Allie provided excellent communication before our meeting with contact when on her way to the hotel and when she arrived. She is chatty and has a good sense of humor

Services Score: 10/10
Full GFE including OWO, protected penetration, facial and pictures of our session together

About the Meeting Score: 10/10

Allie is a seriously attractive woman. She has great tits and the most amazing nipples you will ever see. She loves to have her tits sucked and I duly obliged. We had originally agreed on protected penetration but she told me she would rather not use condoms and of course I was happy to oblige. We also agreed to take photos of our time together and Allie certainly gave me a night to remember. She slowly peeled off her blouse and skirt, revealing her larger breasts and long legs which were adorned by black stockings and suspenders. Allie opened her legs wide and played with her clitoris using a vibrator. I couldn’t take much more of this so took my cock out and offered it to Allie’s mouth. She sucked on my cock like there was no tomorrow, wanking me hard into her mouth whilst fucking herself with her vibrator. I continued to take pictures of her sucking on my cock and licking my balls. Allie orgasamed continuously throughout our play, squirting and writhing on the bed. The sound of Allie gagging on my cock whilst I rammed in down her throat will stay with me forever. We fucked each other with Allie on top at first watching my cock ram deep inside her. I then turned her over and fucked her hard and deep, with my balls banging on her arse. She loved it. I then pulled out for her to suck on my cock until I was ready to cum. I shot my load all over her face and in her mouth. She looked gorgeous, with my cum running down her face and her shaven pussy glistening with our juices. She is truly amazing guys and is a fantastic lady to spend the evening with.

Can’t wait to see you again Allie and thanks for a great night xxx

By: slutallieshub

Slut Allie

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