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December 26, 2014

Giving him Sloppys

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Loads of views on one of the favorite fantasies of cucks. The wife bringing home the creampie

Giving him Sloppys and Pies.. your thoughts

It was the best. She came home, I heard her messing around down stairs. My heart was in my throat. She stepped into the door, just enough light from early morning light. Her hair was a mess. She stood there, her skirt in her hand, blouse undone and garter belt, stockings and heels were all she had on. She dropped the skirt and ran her left hand over her breasts and on to her pussy. She asked me if I was ready for my treat? She moved her hand that was between her legs to her mouth and said, “I taste so good, he came a lot just for you!” “Is your little dicky hard from thinking about your wife getting fucked?” She came over to the bed and pulled the sheet back. She fondled me saying how pleased she was with my selection of panties that she makes me wear. She leaned over me and kissed me. She asked me if I could taste him on her lips, if I could smell him on her. I think that is the most intoxicating scent in the world, the smell of fuck on your wife. She then got up on the bed and stood over me with her legs spread.

This is my moment, when she slowly lowers her used pussy to my mouth. She teases me about the fact she has to go outside of our marriage to get what she needs, what we both need. She gently rode my face telling me to be careful as she was tender. She rode my face to an easy orgasm, then rolled over and relaxed. I looked at her as she relaxed. I left the garter belt and stockings on her and she still smelled like sex, but she looked beautiful.

This lifestyle may not work for some but for us, it is perfect. She is a wonderful wife, loving, caring to me that just has to have more and she loves to tease me about that.

We love playing this game, and when we are out, we will both comment on the hot looking guys we see, especially black guys. I like saying how good that guy would look on top of her.

Enjoy the day. I will, when she wakes up, it will be all about taking care of her and she will share details of her night with her date.

By: indycpl4blk

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