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November 16, 2014

Night at the Adult Theatre

Our night at the Adult Theater

My wife Ellen and I took our friend Bob with us to the local adult cinema the other night. To say we had a good time would be an understatement. Bob, Ellen and I have been having three ways now for about two years and we decided we needed to spice things up a little more. We have done about everything sexual that two men and a women can do in the privacy of our homes and at the local nude beach. So we agreed to go to the local adult theater where just about anything sexual is allowed.

Bob and I entered the theater with Ellen between us and her holding on to each of us. Ellen was wearing a loose fitting dress that buttoned up the front, which she had left unbuttoned enough to show some of her ample 36D cleavage. The manager a huge muscular man, looked at us and after paying the admission fee, gave us a big smile and said for us to enjoy the movie. Before entering the theater Ellen said she had to use the bathroom and she went upstairs where they were located.

When Ellen came downstairs from the bathroom she had a big smile on her face and we entered the theater with her. We stood at the back of the theater for a few minutes while our eyes adjusted to the darkness. While waiting for our eyes to adjust we leaned against the back wall with Ellen standing between Bob and me. Ellen didn’t waste any time and started rubbing Bobs and my crotch with the back of her hands. This got an immediate response from me and Bob too as he had already had his hand on her left breast and was rubbing it.

Not to be left out I also started rubbing her right breast and found that she had removed her bra while she was in the bathroom and If I know Ellen she probably also removed her panties too. I also unbuttoned and few more buttons on her dress to just below her breasts so that they were still coved, but slightly exposed if she moved just right.

Our eyes by now had become adjusted to the darkness and I could see that there were about 30 or more men to the theater. The theater is fairly large so there were many empty seats available. I motioned to Bob and Ellen to go to the right side of the theater where the management had removed some of he single seating and replaced them with couches and loveseats. We found an empty couch and sat down with Ellen between us. There were only a few men in or around our couch, but as soon as we sat down and were comfortable about 10 to 15 men came and sat near or around us.

On the screen was a bi movie playing with two guys and a hot young redhead. The redhead was being fucked by one of the guys missionary style and the other guy was kneeling at her head jacking off and the guy fucking her would occasionally suck on the other guys dick while he masturbated. We watched the flick for a few minutes and got more comfortable with Ellen between us and with our hands on her breasts and her hands on our crotches. I also noticed that several of the men sitting near us had their cocks out and were masturbating. Ellen also noticed this and she sighed and licked her lips.

After a few more minutes of watching the movie I noticed that Bob had unbuttoned Ellen’s dress down to her waist and had pulled out her left breast and was sucking on it. I continued to rub her right breast through the material of her dress and unzipped my pants and had her pull my hard cock out and start jacking me off. This additional activity brought some of our neighbors closer to us so they could get a better view of our goings-on.

Bob by now had unbuttoned Ellen’s dress completely and had exposed her hot 36-28-38 body for all to see. Bob also had his hand on Ellen’s red furry muff and was fingering her while sucking on her right breast. Ellen had also unzipped Bobs pants and had fished out his 8 inch uncut cock and was slowly jacking him off. I continued to play with Ellen’s now exposed right breast and looked around our location as to what the other patrons were doing.

There were four men sitting directly in front of us on two separate loveseats and all four were watching us, not the movie and from their movement it appears that they were masturbating. There were also three men behind us on another couch and all three had their cocks out and were masturbating. One was a black man and he had to have had at least 9 inches or better and it was as thick as a soda can.

Ellen was breathing very hard and it appears that Bobs fingering of her cunt was getting her off. She stopped jacking me and turned towards Bob and kissed him hard and humped against his hand which had 3 fingers buried in her now on fire cunt. After Ellen climaxed she lay back in her seat and slowly went back to jacking me and Bob very slowly. She whispered in my ear that that climax was a good starter, but she was going to need some cock and lots of it before she would be truly satisfied tonight.

After jacking us for a few minutes and long enough to catch her breath she let go of my cock and turned towards Bob and buried her face in his crotch and started sucking his 8 inch uncut monster. She had her knees on the seat and her ass turned towards me with her face in Bobs lap, so I pulled up her now opened dress above her butt exposing it for all to see. I then buried my face in her ass cheeks and started rimming her tight little rosebud. After working on her ass for a few minutes I tongued my way down to her now dripping red haired cunt.

Besides the men in the couch behind us and the ones on the loveseats in front of us we now had about half a dozen men standing around us watching our action. Every one of the men had their hard cocks out and they were playing with themselves. Most had average size or smaller cocks and a couple of them were really hung. I continued to eat Ellen’s ass and pussy while she gave Bob a blowjob. One of the men in front of us reached over the seat and started fondling Ellen’s right breast. He looked at me and I nodded my approval and then he stood up so his crotch was now visible and he was jacking a nice sized cock while fondling her breast.

The black guy sitting behind us had now stood up and reached into our couch and was now playing with Ellen’s left breast while he jacked off. His cock was a monster and I knew Ellen would love having that thing buried in her hot snatch. I stood up and motioned for the black guy to take my place behind Ellen who was still kneeling over Bob giving him a blowjob. I black guy got on the couch and buried his face in Ellen’s ass cheeks. He stayed that way for a few minutes and then got on his knees and proceeded to bury his 9 inch monster into her now very wet snatch. I could hear Ellen let out a moan even with Bobs cock in her mouth as he slid his black snake into her.

The black guy buried his cock in to the hilt and then just stayed there for a few seconds while Ellen’s cunt adjusted to his thickness and length. Next the black guy started to move his cock in and out of Ellen very slowly and then picking up the pace and ramming it into her very forcefully. About this time the guy in front of us playing with her right tit came and when he did he shot cum all over Ellen’s dress that was pulled up over her back. This must have set Bob off too, because he started bucking and I could hear Ellen gagging and slurping up his hot cum and moaning like never before.

I decided that Ellen’s dress was in the way and that it didn’t need any more cum on it so I had her remove it completely after she pulled her mouth off of Bobs cock. The black guy continued to pound away at her pussy never missing a beat while she disrobed.

Buy now the other men standing or sitting around us had all stood up and formed a circle around us. Bob was relaxing on the couch and was working on another hardon and I stood back and watched as several of the men standing around us now started playing with Ellen’s tits. One of the men with an average size dick stuck it in front of Ellen’s face and she proceeded to start sucking on it. This guy only lasted for about a minute and he pulled out and started shooting cum all over Ellen’s face. Ellen took her hand and wiped most off her face and licked it up and then pulled the guy towards her and cleaned off his cock.

The black guy after seeing the guy cum in Ellen’s face started moaning and pounding her faster and faster until he started shooting his load into her. This also started Ellen’s climax and she started moaning and screaming so load I thought she was dying. The black guy laid across her back after cumming and left his cock in her until she finished cumming too. He then pulled his cock out with a pop and a large plop of cum came running down her thighs.

This sight just about made me start to cum too, but after the black guy stood up and backed away I got down on my knees behind Ellen and spread her ass cheeks open. Her pussy was all swollen and gapping wide open and I could see a lot of what the black guy had left in her cunt was still there. I then buried my face in her snatch and licked and swallowed the mess the black guy had left there. This action started another climax for Ellen who had also started sucking off another man who had been standing around us.

After Ellen came again she finished sucking off the other man and he blew a big load in her mouth which she greedily swallowed. Ellen said she needed a rest before anymore action and needed to pee too. She told the other men standing around that there would be more action after she returned from the bathroom. She gave me a big kiss which I could still taste the cum of the previous man she gave a blowjob too and pulled her dress back on but only buttoned one button in the middle to keep it from flopping around and headed to the bathroom. You could see her tits swinging out of the dress as she walked and her red haired pussy too as her legs parted the dress when she walked.

While she was gone Bob and I rested and talked. He had worked up another hardon just thinking about what was yet to happen and I still had not cum yet, but was still hard as nails and almost to the point of blueballs for not cumming yet. Several of the men around us were also waiting to see what was next in store for there enjoyment. One of the men asked if that was my wife and I told him yes and that Bob was a good friend who we have been swinging with for a couple of years.

Ellen was gone for quite sometime and I began to worry, so Bob and I pulled up our pants and I went to see where she was. I went upstairs to the bathrooms and knocked on the women’s bathroom door with no response so I opened the door looked in and Ellen wasn’t there. I became concerned and then proceeded back down the hall and while passing the men’s room I saw several men hanging around the vestibule. I asked one of them if they had seen a women come by and he told me no, but there was a women in the men’s room giving head to everyone. I thanked him and told him that the woman was probably my wife.

I entered the men’s room and there sitting on toilet was Ellen sucking on some mans cock. I also noticed that her face, neck, belly and tits were covered with cum and even some was in her hair. She was a mess, but a hell of a sexy mess.
She looked up and me standing there and I could see a grin on her cock filled face. The guy she was blowing started to pump faster in and out of her mouth and just before he blew his nut he pulled out and shot cum all over her face and chest. Ellen then reached forward and cleaned off his cock with her mouth before he pulled up his pants and left.

The other men in line (about 5) started to get angry because I had cut them off, but I explained to them that she was my wife and that they could all have a shot at her if she wanted them to. This put them at ease and I asked them to just give me a minute with her before she took care of them. I asked her if she was ok and having a good time, she indicated that she was fine and wanted some more if it was ok with Bob and me. I said fine and I told her great, but I wanted to stay and watch. I then gave her a big kiss on her nasty cum covered mouth and she swapped some cum into my mouth that had been lingering in the back of her throat.

Ellen broke our kiss and told the waiting men she was ready for the next man standing in line. I watched as she gave five other men blowjobs and two of them even pissed on her breasts after they came. She even drank the last few quirts of piss from one of the guys as he finished peeing. Needless to say she a mess and I cleaned her up a bit and we walked her back down to the theater and returned to the couch we had been sitting with Bob.

Upon our return Bob and I pulled our pants back down and our cocks back out and Ellen started jacking us right away. She then let go of Bob and turned towards me and started sucking my cock. While she was doing this several of the men sitting near us got up and came close us watch. One of the men behind me was Asian and had a beautiful seven inch uncut cock that wasn’t very thick, but had a very nice shape. He was jacking off and his cock head was probably only about six inches from my face. I motioned for him to come closer and took the head into my mouth and started sucking him. He moaned very loudly and before long I had all seven inches down my throat. He only lasted for about two or three minutes before he blasted my throat with a large tasty load of hot Asian semen. This is all it took for me to start my own cum and I blasted a huge load in Ellen’s mouth. I savored the hot Asian cock in my mouth until it went soft and then let it slip out without swallowing its tasty offering.

I then pulled Ellen’s head to my face and gave her an open mouthed kiss and swapped the Asians cum into her mouth and mixed it with my cum that she had yet to swallow. We kissed like that for a few minutes until she finally swallowed both loads of cum. She then looked over at Bob who was playing with his hard eight inch monster and crawled over onto his lap and planted her hot cunt on his eight inch cock. She started riding Bob like a woman possessed, moaning and making noises like I had never heard her make before.

While she was riding Bob two men who were standing behind Bob jacking off inched their way up to Ellen’s face. She grabbed one mans cock and started sucking it and started jacking the other mans cock. It didn’t take long before the man she was sucking came in her mouth and try as she may to keep it all in her mouth a small trickle of cum ran out the corners of her mouth and leaked onto Bobs head. She swallowed what she could and the mans cock slipped out and hit Bob on the top of the head leaving a trail of cum across his partly bald head.

Ellen bent down and licked the cum off of Bobs head and then started sucking the other man she had been jacking off. About the time she started sucking the other man Bob started to cum and she started to climax too. Bob started bucking and shaking and dumped a load in Ellen’s already fucked and slimy pussy while she was screaming so loud I thought we would get kicked out of the theater. Ellen also while cumming had let the mans cock she was sucking slid out of her mouth and he busted a nut about that time all over her tits and stomach which some of ran down on Bobs head and face when she collapsed on him.

Ellen laid sated on top of Bob with his cock still in her for few minutes while catching her breath and then turned towards me and gave me a big kiss. I asked her if she had had enough for one night. She looked around and saw several men still standing around us with their cocks out masturbating. She said it would be a shame to let all that cum go to waste and said she thought she could handle a few more blowjobs and maybe a quick fuck if she found an extraordinary cock before we left. I said it was up to her, but if she needed some help giving the blowjobs I would be happy to help her out. She smiled and said she would let me know and as Bob usually can cum three or four times a night, maybe I could take care of him for now. I looked at Bob who had already recovered from his fucking of Ellen. Bob had a nice erection going again and I told her fine with me as I have given Bob head several times during the past couple of years we have been swinging with him.

Ellen told the guys who were still lingering around to line up behind the couch and she would take them on two at a time. She would suck one while jacking another one and when the one came in her mouth she would switch to the one she was jacking and then have another come forward and start jacking him and so on. While she was doing that I sat next to Bob and we started jacking each other while watching Ellen. After about four men had cum in Ellen’s mouth and some on her tits Bob started to stiffen up, so I planted my mouth over his eight inch uncut monster of a cock and he blew a hot load of cum down my throat. I kept his cock in my mouth until he softened and then sat up while he finished jacking me off into his hand.

By this time Ellen had just about ran out of cocks to suck when the theater manager came walking down the isle towards us. He stopped at her and watched as she finished sucking off the last guy in line. He pulled out a whopper of a cock from his pants that was probably seven or eight inches soft and was growing considerably. He jacked on his cock a few times and it was I would say at least ten to ten and a half inches long and very thick before he stopped jacking on it.
Ellen looked at him and when she saw his monster her eyes lit up like Christmas lights. The manager grabbed her by the waist and turned her around and bent her over one of the sofa arms. He took his hand and wiped some of the dick snot off of her face and rubbed it all over his cock. He then leaned forward and spit in to her ass crack and sweet little rosebud.

The manager then proceeded to inch his huge cock towards Ellen’s hot little asshole and pressed the head of his cock into her anal opening. Ellen has had anal sex before, but never with a cock of this size. The manager slowly inched his cock into her anal canal so that the head was now in, but not quite past her sphincter. She was moaning and I could see she was struggling to fight off the pain, but the manager continued his assault. The manager finally got past her sphincter and had now slipped about six inches into her rectum. The manager stopped and rested while her ass became adjusted to the massive cock. Then without any warning the manager drove his entire cock to the hilt into Ellen’s hot little ass. She let out a scream which then turned to a soft moan when the manger started slowly pumping in and out of her.

After a few minutes of slow ass fucking the manager picked up the pace and really started pumping her ass. This brought Ellen her first climax and her yelling profanities and begging for the manager to do it harder and faster. The manager complied and really started ramming her ass with all his might and after about two minutes of this pounding he let go with a holler and buried his cock one last time to his balls in her ass. He must have cum for about thirty seconds before finally collapsing on her back. They stayed mated like that for about two or three minutes before he finally pulled his still hard cock out of her ass with a big plop. The manager looked over at me and Bob and told us that one of us had better get over there and clean her ass up before she makes a mess on his floor.

I looked at Bob and he told me she’s your wife, you do it. So I went over to Ellen and looked at her just fucked asshole. It was still dilated about the size of a silver dollar and even in the darkness I could see the managers cum pooled up inside her. I got on my knees and buried my face in her ass cheeks and started sucking on her ravaged asshole. The mixture of ass juices and cum had a heady aroma that wasn’t too bad and the cum sort of neutralized the fecal matter. I sucked out what I could and started to spit it out, but the manager told me I had better not or he would make me lick it off the floor. So I gulped it down and then went back to licking and slurping up what was left in her ass.

The manager then pulled Ellen to her feet and turned her around and pushed her down on her knees in front of his still hard cock. His cock was till leaking cum and had ass slime (a mixture of shit and cum) all over it. He grabbed Ellen by the hair and told her to suck his cock clean. Ellen leaned forward took the disgusting managers tool into her mouth and started sucking it and licking it clean. The manager stayed hard while she was doing this and then started pushing his cock in and out of her mouth while holding her head. After about five minutes the manager grunted and then dumped a huge load of cum into her mouth. Ellen coughed and gagged and some of the managers cum run out the sides of her mouth. The manager pulled his cock out and slapped Ellen across the face with it several times and told her again lick his cock clean.

Ellen cleaned up the managers cock as best she could and then he let go of her hair and had her stand up. He thanked her and told her that anytime she wanted to come back to the theater she would not have to pay. He even said that Bob and I could come for free too, as long as we were with her. Bob and I took Ellen up to the mens room and tried to clean her up as much as possible. Ellen’s hair was matted with sperm, her tits had bite marks, her ass was still leaking ass slime from the manager, her pussy was red and puffy, her face had dried cum from her hairline to her chin and there were several cum stains on her dress even though she had it off most of the night. She did manage pull her panties and bra out of her purse and put them on before buttoning up her dress and leaving though. As we walked out of the foyer the manager winked at us and told us to come back real soon. As we drove home after dropping Bob off at his house Ellen and I talked about what we had done and agreed that we would go back again to the theater, real soon.

Submitted by: johnboy1949

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