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November 14, 2014

Meet Elisa

It’s been a while since I’ve found a new hotwife on the scene. Elisa is a fine example to bring to these pages.

Hot blonde and addicted to black cock. Here’s some info on this gorgeous girl.


I am a Brazilian-French girl born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. I guess you could say I’ve always been a little bit of a exhibitionist. I enjoy flashing guys knowing I’ll turn them on.

Leaving the house, I will usually be wearing a very short skirt always without panties. Besides, I never wear any panties underneath. I like to tease men and wear tight fitting outfits without panties. I love everything about sex and especially anal sex.

I start to get wet just thinking about how many guys will catch a glimpse of my bare bottom. I like flashing on the highway, in the street, on the road, shopping centers, cinema, bars and night clubs.

It is through my man I discovered the pleasure of showing myself in public and having sex with another person. That’s the best thing about my husband, he is so secure with our relationship that he just lets me do whatever I want with whoever I want. He even at times encourages me to act out my fantasies. What more could a wife want? My husband loves watching me be naughty, and he absolutely loves his wife to be a slut. It was him that first encouraged me to act out my fantasy of being with two men at once.

I was a little nervous of setting the threesome up so he set it up for me. I was taken to the hotel room to meet the guy my husband had chosen for me. I loved the attention I received from both lovers and my husband loved watching me be fucked by another man, and preferably black men. And now I love black men too.

That was the start of my adventures. Since then I have been in many threesomes. It has been more than 4 years and a half I came up with the idea of having a website and show off to the whole word my slutty adventures. So I suggested to my husband who was a little nervous because of our family situation, but of course he agreed with me after I managed to convince him. So here I am!

Initially, we started very quietly, and with time we have become more liberal, and above all, more horny. I love showing my body and knowing that you love what I do gives me more motivation.

I love seeing a man masturbating to me. It makes me very horny. For my part, I have no sexual taboos. If I get along with my lover and there is a good feeling then I can be very warm-hearted and offer every part of my body Gradually, we will post photos and videos of our hot meetings so come back here often.

Also I want to emphasize that we really are amateur and some of our photos and videos are made spontaneously without any planning during hot nights, in the outdoors, in the cinema, on the street, where ever, whenever.

Big hugs and we hope you like my website.


Visit Elisa’s website right here

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