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October 25, 2014

My Hot Wife

Hi, my name is George , I am sixty one years of age, 6′2″ and weigh just under two hundred pounds. My wife is Cindy, she is a beautiful woman, fifteen years younger than me, 5′4″ and about one hundred and twenty pounds with dark brown hair, blue eyes and a sexy little figure, she always says that she is fat but she’s not, I see the way men give her a second and third look when we are out. We have been married for over twenty five years. Our daughter is grown up and moved out on her own. We live a comfortable life, we both work at less than fulfilling occupations.

Like I said, we have been married for many years, I have always been faithful to he, she is my life mate and the thought of not having her here with me is something that I don’t even want to consider. At first our age difference was never an issue but lately it is causing much grief. We are both going through different stages of menopause, with mine being the most concerning. I still desire her as much as ever but cannot physically give her what we both want. Cindy is very considerate about it, even pretends that she doesn’t want to have sex just so that I won’t feel bad but I know that it is an act. She was never sexually aggressive, more conservative than she should have been, I often tried to get her to expand her horizons a little but respected her desires.

About one month ago, it was a Friday, Cindy had the day off and I decided to get off early and surprise her. It turned out that the surprise was all mine. Her car was in the driveway, so I knew she was home. Silently I slipped into the house, she must be up stairs. Silently creeping up the stairs, I began to hear a muffled sound. I soon recognized it as a sound that had not been heard in our bedroom for quite awhile. It was Cindy, gently moaning amidst her heavy passionate breathing, I crept to the top of the stairs and as I peeked around the corner my heart dropped to the floor. The first thing I saw was the clothes, flung on the floor as if ripped off in a moment of passion, then the sight of my beautiful wife, lying naked on our bed with her legs spread wide apart and some man with his face buried into her crotch.

My first impulse was to burst in and beat the hell out of both of them but I just stood there, in the shadows, watching my wife, being pleasured by this man, his tongue driving her to erotic heights that I had not seen from her in many years. As her orgasm subsided, He climbed up on the bed beside her, it was then that I recognized him. It was Fred, the contractor that we had hired a couple of months ago to do some repairs on our house. I had paid him well for his work. I guess Cindy was taking care of the tip. Cindy started kissing him, moving down until her lovely lips reached his cock. She licked the end and underside so a few second before sliding it into her mouth. I had never seen her suck a cock so well, not even in her youth, she was taking him in much deeper than I could believe. It only lasted a couple of minutes, she broke it off before he had a chance to cum, this was normal for her, in her youth she had taken a load of cum in her mouth and found it disgusting, she was never able to get over this.

Cindy climbed up on top of him, straddling him with her legs spread wide, she looked like a wild erotic animal about to take her prey. Her skin was glistening, covered in their combined perspiration, I had not seen her looking so hot and sexy for a long time. She slowly lowered herself down onto his erect shaft, with it parting her lips and exploring an area that had been mine only for such a long time. She rotated her hips while raising and lowering herself onto his stiff cock, moaning with pleasure when it plunged deep into her womb. Fred was massaging her luscious breasts while she fucked him, occasionally moving a hand down to her crotch to flick her clit, causing her to tense up and loose her rhythm. After a few minutes of this Cindy began to tense up and vibrate, she was about to have another orgasm. Fred rolled her over onto her back never allowing his cock to slip out of her hot cunt, he began thrusting his cock into her at a rapid pace, it was obvious that he was about to cum too. Not wanting them to see me, I quietly slipped down the stairs and out the door, while they were finishing their climaxing.

Once outside, I drove down our street, noticing Fred’s truck parked a few houses down. I decided to wait until he left before returning home. While waiting I tried to get a grasp on what had just happened. I had just caught my wife fucking our handyman, in our bed and the surprising thing was that it had turned me on more than anything else had for a very long time. It was more than an hour before Fred left the house. I guess they decided to have another round first. He didn’t notice me as he passed my parked car.

Arriving home, at my usual time, I found Cindy, in the kitchen, preparing dinner. I had decided to play along, as if I knew nothing. The level of conversation was a little lower than usual, Cindy, understandably, seemed a little nervous. As we were finishing dinner, she mentioned that Fred had stopped by today. I asked who Fred was, she replied, the man who fixed the living room. I asked what he wanted, she said that he was just following up on the work that he did and wondered if we needed anything else. Little did she know that I knew exactly what he wanted and got. That evening we sat quietly in the living room, her watching TV while I read. I am sure that both of our minds were on the occurrences of that day.

My mind raced all night, wondering how long this had been going on It never dawned on me that little subtle changes that have taken place recently should have been taken as hints of things changing. The sudden change in clothing styles, dieting and exercising were now very obvious hints. I couldn’t see it then but now it is so clear.

That night when we went to bed the image of Cindy fucking that man here in our bed wouldn’t leave my mind. To my surprise, I found that the thought of her riding his cock was getting me aroused. I slid my hand up her night gown and began fondling her breasts. She moaned as I pinched her nipple. Moving my hand down her body, I found her pussy to be quite wet. Slipping my head under the covers, I began kissing her stomach, bellybutton and eventually her cunt. Was her wet cunt from anticipation of what might happen tonight or remnants of this afternoon’s slutty escapades. Regardless, she tasted good and her moaning as I licked her clit was getting me harder than I had been in a long time. My tongue worked vigorously on her clit taking the occasional pause to slid in between her lips into her cunt. Before long Cindy erupted into an orgasm comparable to the one I experienced that afternoon. Once she got her composure she climbed on top of me lowering her hot cunt onto my hard cock. She fucked me like I have not experienced in years. We slept naked in each others arms that night.

The next day when we got up Cindy wanted to go do some shopping so we went to the mall in a neighboring town. She purchased new skirt, blouse and underwear, much more sexy than what she would usually wear. I didn’t question the change, there was no need. After dinner we decided to go out to a club, she wore her new outfit. I watched as she got ready. She slipped off her robe and walked naked to the shower. After a few minutes she returned, still wet, drying her body with a small towel. First she pulled up her panties, a white thong, next her lacy white bra. She looked so hot. Next came the new blouse, slightly transparent giving a hint of her bra underneath. Finally her new skirt, it was much shorter than I expected, a good eight inches above the knees. She looked tremendous, so hot. After just a little make up and perfume, she was ready to go.

Cindy likes country music and there was a place nearby that suited her just fine. Walking into the bar, she turned more than one head. We got a table about ten feet from the bar. Cindy sat facing the bar and I the dance floor. I have never been much of a dancer and we both new that she would be spending most of her evening on the dance floor with strangers.

As Cindy sat at the table her short skirt allowed most of her leg to show. It wasn’t long before she had her first offer to dance. He was a man a few years older than her but younger than me. It was a fast dance and she looked so sexy. This one was a slow dance. He held her tightly as they swayed to the music, pulling her body up against his. His hand moved down from her back to her ass and gave her cheek a little squeeze. His time she didn’t move it. They swirled around the dance floor, his fingers exploring the curves of her ass, moving to the center, pushing the fabric of her dress into her crack. As he massaged her bottom her little skirt was sliding up higher and higher, exposing her bare ass to everyone in the bar. When the song was over she returned to her seat. Every slow song that night someone had her on the dance floor, groping her ass and rubbing their swollen cock against her pelvis. There was one older man that I am sure he had his hand up the front of her skirt, he must have gotten a good feel of a wet pair of panties. Watching these strangers fondle Cindy was getting me so excited. I was hard as a rock.

After closing time, we headed home. Cindy was a little timid, I think she expected me to be angry. She realized that I had to have seen everything that went on, she didn’t realize how horny it made me. We went home and had terrific sex, wow, two nights in a row. Now I am not naive enough to believe that my revived sex drive will be enough to keep Cindy faithful and to tell the truth I’m not sure that I would want her to. Sharing my wife has given our lives a new vitality. I wonder where it will go from here.

By: creator1960

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