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September 23, 2014

Happy Cuckold


I married Rebecca when I was 25 and she was 23 years old. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 122 lbs. She has black hair. Large tits; narrow waste, and big arse. 38-25-38. She is always complaining that her breasts and bottom are too big. She is probably right if you are a woman who does not like men drooling over you, but to a man they are perfect. She has a rounded womanly stomach and a luxuriant bush, which she only trims on our summer holidays. She has dancer’s legs. Indeed she is quite muscular because she works out regularly. She has a strong personality and does a high profile job. She is blunt and to the point. She dresses prettily rather than sexily.

Rebecca has a very strong sex drive and as I was to find out needs “a good seeing to” frequently. Although she had boyfriends before we met she was not particularly experienced and in many ways remarkably naïve about sex. In bed we were neither adventurous nor unadventurous I knew from the beginning that I did not sexually satisfy her. About six months after the marriage things came to a head. She had been tetchy for some time. But one afternoon I returned home to an ultimatum. She was sitting on the settee. Her short black skirt had ridden up giving a good view of her strong thighs.

She patted the seat beside her and told me to sit down. She went straight to the point telling me that “I did not do it for her in bed” I foolishly asked her what she meant which brought an exasperated sigh, but she bluntly told me. I didn’t fuck her anywhere near enough. When I did my dick was too small and I ejaculated prematurely leaving her “high and dry” as she put it. Before I could draw breath she added that her vibrator and fingers could only keep her sane for so long and what she needed was a real man between her legs. I knew I had been neglecting her. I told her I would try harder, but she said she did not think I was up to it and besides ‘trying’ wouldn’t make my prick any bigger. She went on and told me there were two choices: Either she took a boyfriend and we stayed together or she took a boyfriend and we separated. I was angry and spluttered some nonsense as she got up to go to the kitchen to prepare the supper. She told be to think about it. But before leaving said, smiling mischievously for the first time, that she had been told (she didn’t say by who, but I assumed she meant her girlfriends) that some husbands liked their wives going with other men. With that she went to the kitchen.

For the rest of the evening I sulked and would not speak to Rebecca. When it was time to go to bed I made a big point of going to the spare bedroom. I though that would teach her a lesson, but she just left me there. I woke in the middle of the night. I had been dreaming. It was a wet dream. I still had a rock hard cock. I was horrified that my excitement was because I had been dreaming of watching my wife getting fucked by another man. For the next hour my mind was in a whirl, but I could not get the images out of my mind. In the end I gave up and wanked over the fantasy. I came with a shuddering and noisy climax. Afterwards I was embarrassed and disgusted. I hoped Rebecca had not heard. When I awoke in the morning my dick was again hard and the images were there again. It was Saturday so I stayed in bed late and argued with myself, but I knew what I wanted.

I got up and went downstairs. Rebecca was already dressed. I remember they were normal clothes, but everything about her seemed sexually exciting. I sheepishly told her I was sorry that I did not satisfy her and that I wanted us to stay together and for her to take a boyfriend who would make her a real woman. She laughed lightly and said she was pleased. She smiled mischievously again and said that if the noise I had made playing with myself in the night was anything to go by I was going to enjoy it almost as much as her. I went red, which caused her to laugh even more. She added “he told me you would”.

I did not really take in what she had said before she shocked me by saying that she had a date that night. I was angry again demanding to know whether she had already been unfaithful. She told me that she hadn’t even held his hand, but they had had coffee together at work and that he had been trying to get her to go out with him for some time. I calmed down. The rest of the day was a blur. She was due to meet him at 7.00 pm at his home, which was only 5 minutes away. She spent most of the afternoon getting ready. What she had said was true I was looking forward to it almost as much as her and I spent the whole day with an erection. When she was in the bath I poked my head round the door and suggested she might like to completely shave her fanny as many men liked their women fully shaved like porn stars. She again shocked me my saying “No, he has told me he prefers his woman with a full bush”. But although shocked that they had discussed such intimate details the thought thrilled me even more.

At about 6.30 pm I went into our bedroom. My chin almost hit the floor. Rebecca was fully dressed, if that is a correct term for it. She had on black patent shoes with four inch stiletto heels. She wore sheer black stockings, with a gold bracelet above the right ankle. Her skirt was black and so tight that you could clearly see the straps from her suspender belt. It made her arse look like you could balance a dinner plate on it. It was so short that if she sat down you could see her milky white thighs above the stocking tops. Above she wore a red chiffon blouse, which was partially see-through. I was almost relieved that you could see that she was wearing a matching red bra through it, although the bra was such that it did not cover much of her tits,. The blouse was open at the top so that her cleavage was on full view. Her make up was unusually heavy, and she was wearing bright scarlet lipstick. She was looking in the mirror. She looked at me with sparkling eyes and said the clothes made her look like a “thingy”. I instinctively said “whore”. She pouted and said “no silly, a slut” and then added perhaps a whore as well. I told her she could not go out looking like that. I didn’t mean it. She looked gorgeous and thrilling. She laughed and said that Bob wanted her to dress like that and didn’t I think that men would find her attractive. I told her if she went into a restaurant like that most of the men would be spending the evening playing with themselves under the table. She seemed to like that.

What I could not understand was where and when she got the clothes. She had never worn anything like that before for me, not even in the bedroom. She said that Bob had taken her shopping on Friday afternoon and had chosen the clothes for her to wear. She noticed my hard cock and said I see you approve and asked whether I was going to be playing with myself when she was out. I went red and did not answer, although I knew that I would be spending most of the evening wanking and thinking about Bob fucking her. She said she better call a taxi, but I said I would drive her to his house and would come and collect when she was ready. So we set off. As I envisaged when she got in the car her skirt rode up so I could see her thighs. It was so short anyone facing her would be able to see her panties, assuming she was wearing any.

When we arrived at his house she got out and tottered to the door on her high heels. She rang the doorbell and soon the door opened. Bob was standing there. He was big and powerfully built. He looked a real stud. Without hesitation they kissed on the doorstep. It was a long passionate kiss with her arm around his neck. Although I could not see I guessed he had his tongue halfway down her throat and vice versa. He certainly had his hand on her arse. After the kiss he looked across at me and smirked. The bastard, he knew he was going to fuck my wife and was enjoying letting me know it. Rebecca turned to me and waved. She also smirked or was it a smile. Whatever, she certainly looked like she knew that she was going to get what she wanted: a big cock up her. She stepped over the threshold and the door closed behind them. I stayed for a couple of minutes imaging what they were now doing. Was he again kissing her? Did he have his hand on her bottom? Perhaps he had his hand up her skirt fingering pussy. Perhaps he could not wait and was already abandoning the restaurant and taking her upstairs to fuck her? I couldn’t work out whether I wanted him to fuck her immediately or for them to go to the restaurant and for the sexual tension to mount before they went back to his house for her to sample his dick.

I went home. For the rest of the evening I jerked myself off, always stopping just before I came. I kept imaging them together. I imaged them in the restaurant with other men ogling her. I imagined her leaning across the table so he could look down her top at her tits. I imagined him dropping his napkin and bending down so he could look up her skirt. Was she wearing panties? I didn’t know. Would she know what he was doing and would she part her legs slightly so he could see knickers or her knickerless fanny. I was in ecstasy imaging them in bed with him between her thighs or with her on top and his dick stuck up her slit. A slit that I hoped was being stretched by a massive cock.

At 1.30 am the telephone rang and I answered it. It was Rebecca. She asked me to pick her up in half an hour. I then heard a man’s voice in the background. After a few seconds Rebecca came back on the ‘phone and said “Bob says to tell you that he will send me back to you with a nice fresh cream pie, whatever that is”. I heard Bob laugh in the background. Rebecca was irritated and demanding to know from either me or Bob what a cream pie was. I told you she was naïve. That led to more talking between them which I could not hear. Eventually, she came back on the line giggling almost uncontrollably, but managed to say “he’s explained it and what you will want to do with it. It’s disgusting. You won’t really want to do that, will you?” But her giggling suggested that she would very much like me to do it. Before I could answer she said Oh God it’s like a tree trunk. I will have to go. He’s ready to do it again”. I then heard Bob shout “tell him properly” and after more giggling she said “Bob says he’s ready to fuck your wife again“ and with that the line went dead.

I got dressed in a daze and set off to Bob’s house. When I arrived I rang the doorbell and went back to the car to wait. About 10 minutes later Rebecca appeared. Bob kissed her on the cheek, rather than the mouth which surprised me, and slapped on the arse to send her on her way. When she had left me earlier that evening she had looked the sexiest little slut that I had ever seen. Now she looked even sexier and certainly sluttier. She simply looked like a well fucked whore. After she got into the car her skirt again rode up, but unlike on the journey there made no attempt to pull it down. I asked her whether she had enjoyed herself and said “oh fuck yes”. She looked so hot. She was leaning back against the door so her knees were pointed in my direction. I could see up her skirt and she helped by opening her legs slightly. I was almost disappointed when I saw she was wearing knickers. But I became very excited when I noticed the crotch was wet and stained. It was obvious that she was enjoying me looking at her. I was emboldened and asked her how many times Bob had fucked her. She said he had cum five times and had fucked her on all those occasions, but that he only came in her cunt three times and in her mouth twice. That is why he would not kiss her on the lips afterwards. Apparently, studs don’t like the taste of spunk, she said. She laughed and said Bob says he leaves the taste of spunk to cuckold husbands. She asked me whether I had enjoyed myself when she was with him. I said that I had. She said that Bob had said that I would spend the evening wanking over her being fucked by him. She looked at me intently when she said that and when I said that I had wanked continually at the thought of them her eyes shone with excitement. When I said that I had not cum she seemed even more pleased, but laughed and added that she was too sore to have my cock in her, even if it was a puny little one compared with Bob’s. With that she couldn’t help herself and went on to say it was massive and must have been at least twice as long and twice as thick as mine. She said she had been in a state of almost continual orgasm when he was fucking her.

We arrived back home. Before we got out of the car Rebecca turned to me, serious for moment. She said “It’s not true what Bob said about cream pies and wimp husbands, is it? You don’t really want to do such a disgusting thing, do you? It’s so disgusting I don’t think I could let you”. She went on and on repeating every few seconds how disgusting it all was and how she had not had any knickers with her so that Bob had made her put on a pair of one his other girlfriends to “keep the pie fresh and in place” as Bob had apparently said. As she wriggled in her seat and went on it was obvious that she didn’t find the idea disgusting at all. Eventually, I managed to get a word in and told her truthfully that I was now a cuckold and it was my duty to clean her up. She shivered, but her eyes flashed and she repeated to herself “How awful. How disgusting”, but she was out of the car in an instant calling for me to hurry up. She grabbed me by the hand and almost dragged me to the house and upstairs to our bedroom. All the time she was asking me whether I really wanted to do it. She shuddered again when she told me that Bob had “cum gallons” and how messy her fanny was.

As her excitement grew so did mine and as we reached the bedroom I almost shouted how desperate I was to lick out her sloppy cunt. With that she flopped on the bed, pulled her skirt up (no time to take it off) and pulled her panties down whilst I ripped my own clothes off. What a sight. Her hairy bush was matted with dried and drying semen. Her pussy was just a red open gash and was oozing fresh spunk. I dived between willing thighs and licked and probed her hole as I masturbated. She came instantly and massively with her juices mixing with those of Bob. I didn’t last long and came with the best orgasm I had ever had. I continued to do my duty and lick and clean her as she went from multiple orgasms to multiple orgasms. I kept it up for most of the night.

She now fucks other men regularly and always brings home sloppy seconds. On occasions I have been allowed to watch so that the cream pies could not be fresher. I am a happy cuckold with a very happy wife.

by: Blue10 - UK

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