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September 19, 2014

Completely Unaware

Completely Unaware

This is a short account of my early married life. Part of it is true, but some of it is just my vivid imagination. I will mention when my fantasy comes in to play. Hope you enjoy

Aren’t you going to make me feel good? These are the words my ex-wife (Sam) spoke almost every night when I returned home from work. The words really meant “please eat my pussy & make me cum”. I had no problem with this as I would rather eat a pussy than fuck it (maybe that’s why she is an EX-wife). She was always extremely wet, but stupid me I just thought “I” had her so turned on. Hey I was young & in lust. I thought she felt the same way about me. It never entered my mind that she would cheat on me. We eventually divorced as she did not seem to be content with one man.

After our divorce I found out just how deep her cheating on me went. One day me after our divorce we were together reliving the good old days (if you get my drift)when she suddenly told me of all her exploits. She said when she first started fucking around she would not let me eat her pussy, and discover that she had a pussy full of somebody else’s cum. One night she says I was very insistent abut it eating her out, so she finally spread her legs & I dove in. I remember her pussy juices had a different flavor & texture to it, but I paid this no or little attention.

As time went on I guess me sucking her pussy clean was easier for her as she didn’t have to take a douche & seeing as how I was “Completely Unaware” of the fact that she had been with another man & was full of his cum.

Needless to say after she told me I had been eating her lover’s leftovers for all these years I was totally pissed off. I guess I was so pissed off, because I didn’t suspect a thing. She had made humiliated & made a fool out of me & there was nothing I could do to reverse what she had done.

She told me of several of her lovers & I confronted one of them about it. As luck would have it one of the guys she had been fucking was one of my “best friends”. As it turns out him “Bill” & two of her other lovers saw the ex & I out taking a walk, and they stopped & gave us a ride. One of the guys she told me about was one of my best friends. When I confronted him he told me that him, my wife & several of her other lovers would often be get together and laugh at me for being such a fool & eating their cum from her pussy without ever suspecting something was going on.

She gave me my first (what is now known as) imported creampie or any other kind of creampie. When I look back on it now I REALLY liked the taste of the cream she had been bringing me. This disturbed me greatly as only queers (this was before gay) liked to eat cum & I was NOT gay, or at least I don’t think I was.

It just dawned on while relating this story, that I AM a cuckold & I am proud of it. Thank you “Sam”.

Now I can only wish my current wife would cuckold me & bring me an imported creampie as I have discovered that I love the taste of my own cum. She said there is no way she would be with another man.

Even though I have no GOOD feelings for my ex-wife most of my fantasies revolve around her, as I feel she is the one girl that would be open to this. Maybe. NOW FOR MY FANTASIES

My ex is now married to one of her lovers “Bill”. I just wonder how he could fall for her as he knows of her checkered past. However he has now become part of my fantasies.

I imagine that the three of us are together & I am sucking her pussy while he is fucking her pussy. I can’t help but lick his shaft “accidentally” once in a while. When he is ready to cum “Sam” tells him to pull his dick out of her pussy and stick it in my mouth. All of a sudden without anymore warning my mouth begins to fill with his nice warm cum. She then “forces” me to swallow all of his cum. Being with her & her “forcing” me to suck dick & eat cum is the only way I can rationalize doing what I truly want.

I even fantasize about two of her other lovers “Brad” & “Steve”. It starts with the five of us all together. The three guys fuck her, then I am called to perform clean-up duties on her used & swollen pussy. She is so full of cum when I get to her pussy, that it is beginning to leak out already. “Sam” then tells me that since I have eaten so many loads of their cum from her pussy, that I should suck all three of their cocks & drink all of their cum.

Another fantasy I have about her is her getting all the men (or boys) she has been with (20-25) by her count. Them forming a circle with me & “Sam” in the center. Each guy would then fuck her, then I would “have” to clean her pussy & their dicks with my mouth & tongue.

Well these are some of my fantasies as well as my true story, but don’t be surprised if I add more of my fantasy’s.

I fantasize about her & her lovers so much that I would suck any of their dicks or eat her used pussy in a heartbeat. Then of course I would drink all the cum they can give me & this is not a fantasy.

I love being a cuckold.

by: wnnabe1

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