August 10, 2014

Wife Cheating Fetish

Cuckold Place Update

The Cuckolding Fetish When Your Wifes Cheating Turns You On

During my early days of marriage no one could have convinced me that I would become a willing cuckold and that I would love the experience and love my wife for providing it to me. Once I was in it and found quite by accident that I was loving it, a whole new world of sexual pleasure opened up to me. Maybe cuckolding is not for everyone, but the old saying ‘don’t knock it til you try it’ sure holds true for this lifestyle. I would have called anyone crazy who would have tried to convince me that I would love it, and here I am now always on the hunt for new bulls to pleasure my wife! I would never want to go back to my old stupid jealous ways. Now I say to other virile well endowed hot blooded men who would do my wife properly ‘bring it on, big guy, she and I both love it’. Just go figure!

I think we are programmed totally wrong by out parents, we are told to look for ‘nice girls’ and hopefully those which have saved themselves as virgins for their future husband. Nothing true about this, in retrospect, when I think back on how much time I actually wasted seeking the traditional one man one woman couple true to each other, I say that kind of thinking was total bull crap. Instead of looking for the ‘nice girl’ I should have instead married the local whore who fucked most of the guys in high school with no strings attached. She would have made me a lot happier a lot quicker, and would have saved me a lot of wasted time on traditional roles. Lucky for me my once ‘nice girl’ finally later came around and turned into a very hot wife for me, but just as easily I could have been left as a lot of wannabe cuckolds who can only dream about their wife doing another guy for them.

Thankfully it works out for some of us, but I honestly feel bad for the guys who crave it and cannot accomplish it. They are left frustrated and wishing things could be different in their marriage. The best day in my marriage was when I came to the realization that I wanted my wife to fuck other men and learned that she was willing to try, and once she did she loved it.

My wife

By: Juanito

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August 8, 2014

Full Service

Faith is Naughty diary update:

Full Service

I was hired on at this hotel to deal with all our high-end clients, ones who spend thousands of dollars with us every year. The company told me to do whatever it takes to make our gold members happy. They never told me what I should or shouldn’t do, so I took it upon myself to make sure they all left satisfied and that they all keep coming back over and over again the only way I know how! All my customers have been loyal with us ever since!








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August 6, 2014

He Fills Her

He Fills Her

I had been workng late nights, working double shifts and often would not arrive home untill late in the evening. I had to be at work early in the morning, and this tight schedule left little room for sleep, leave alone pleasing my wife. She had been working as a secretary in a large company and had soon developed some friendships there, and would occasionally go out with her girlfriends, particularly when I was working late.

My wife and I have a close relationship, and we openly discussed anything without hesitation. She told me about one of her supervisors at work named Kenny and I could obviously tell that she had taken a liking to him by the way she became excited as she told me that he was good looking and that the other girls in the office all wanted him.

One night I called her at home as was my custom, to let her know I would not be home till after midnight. Marie said that would be fine, as she planned on going out a bit with her girlfriends for a few drinks. This was not unusual and we said goodnight.

I arrived home shortly after midnight and let myself in. I undressed in the dark so as not to wake her up, but in the dim light of the room I noticed that the ciggarettes in the ashtray had lipstick on them. This struck me as unusual as her nights out with the girls were strictly casual, and she never seemed to go out of her way on these nights.

I then noticed a smell of alcohol in our bedroom. Marie usually doesn’t drink too much, and I was surprised that she drank to the point that I could smell it. Her clothes were strewn about the floor. Obviously she got undressed and crawled into bed drunk and exhausted. I picked up her panties and immediately noticed that they were soaked in the crotch. I examined further and the crotch was wet and slick, not unlike a mans cum was in them. They smelled of her pussy, a smell I knew so well, but there was a mans odor to them as well. I was of course suspicious that something happened, and was angry, but at the same time excited as my cock hardened while I held her panties in hand.

I was now naked from the waste down as I moved into our bed. She was sleeping face down. I moved my hand over her body, and she was deeply asleep, and did not stir. The smell of alcohol was stronger now, and I moved my hand across her ass to the sheets between her legs. I could feel the same wetness on the bedsheets as was on her panties. I moved my hand closer to her pussy and traced my fingers across her lips. They were sticky and wet with what was now no doubt her and another mans cum leaking from them. Also in the darkness I could feel that the lips of her pussy were swollen, and her hole was gaping open. I placed one of my fingers into her hole and was surprised at how loose her pussy was. I twisted my finger from side to side so that I could feel the walls of her cunt and how far apart they were. As I did this, cum continued to ooze around my fingers and drip onto the bed.

Marie stirred a bit, and turned her head to the other side. She was still asleep. I started to first slowly then more quickly finger fuck her pussy. To my amazement she responded to my fingers by rocking her pelvis against my hand. She sighed and moaned as she did this. I wanted desperately to know what she was thinking about at this time. Did she think it was me or the man who filled her pussy with sperm only hours before? My cock was aching as I did this and I was determined to fuck her.

At this point Marie woke up, and she realized what was going on. She looked at me, with a bit of aprehension in her voice: “I geuss you know what happened” “Who was it?, I asked. “Kenny”, she responded.

At this point I rolled her over onto her back. I knelt between her legs, knelt in the sticky wetness on our bed and pushed my cock into her pussy. I felt no resistance as my cock easily slipped in. I started to fuck her hard, but her pussy was so wide open that my cock slipped out on several occasions. While pumping it in and out of her, the cum gushed out from her used pussy around my cock, and dripped down her ass onto the bed. I could feel the cum clinging to my balls. Although I could tell that she could not feel my cock deep inside of her, I could also tell that she was in pain from the rubbing against her swollen pussy lips. “Please stop, I am too sore”, she told me. “Are you going to tell me what happened?” “Of course”

I pulled out, and rolled over to her side. First I had to have a taste, and lowered my head between her legs and licked at her open slit. The wetness stuck to my face, and the smell and taste of her juices and her lovers cum overtook me. I then lay next to her.

She stroked my wet cock with her hand as she told me the events of that night. She said she did go out with her girlfriends to a local bar, but she also knew that Kenny would be joining them that night, so she dressed up a bit more than usual, including a mini skirt. Things were fairly uneventfull although she drank a little bit more than is her custom. As the night went on the other girls left and Marie and Kenny were left on their own.

As Marie was quite intoxicated by this time, Kenny suggested that he drive her home. She readily agreed, not only because of the concern for driving but for other reasons as well. She got into his car and drove around a bit talking. He asked her how her sex life was at home, and she told him it wasn’t what she wanted or needed and she had been quite unsatisfied recently. He took this as an opening and the soon found themselves parked in a remote lot.

He lost no time in turning to her and kissing her deeply. At the same time he slid his hand up her leg, under her skirt and found she had a G-string, which she liked to wear. G-strings are convennient, and he easily moved the thin material to one side and found her cunt. She told me she was already very wet at this time, and his finger easily slid into her cunt. He spent some time fingering her, and she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He was very stiff already, and she said that although he was of average length, his cock was very thick, much more so than mine, and she was concerned that she would not be able to handle it.

By this time the fingering of her pussy had gotten her wet, and she wanted to feel his cock inside of her. She turned towards the front of the car, with her elbows against the dashboard and lowered herself onto his cock. She told me it hurt at first, but she was very wet and it slowly slipped in. She rode his cock hard, while he thrust up to meet her. She told me his thickness made her feel as though she was stuffed, and when he came, the cum squirted around his cock onto his lap.

I was pulling at my dick myself as she told m this. I asked if she enjoyed it and she told me yes, that she did. She told me she dreamed Kenny was fucking her again when I came in and fingered her. I asked her if his cock felt better than mine and she told me it did, and that fucking me will just not be be the same again. At this point I came hard.

We talked afterwards. She was afraid I would be angry, but I told her that I enjoyed what happened. She did too, and we plan further encounters like this in the future.

by: Ruffkut


August 4, 2014

Six Years In

UK Slut Dogging Wife Rachel Reveals is celebrating 6 years on the net. I’d love to know an approximate number of cocks she’s had in that time. And she’s been Dogging near me in that time. Devils Dyke in Brighton!


Looking back over the last six years at my dogging photo shoots I have had such fantastic times dogging all over the UK in some of the best known places like, Birdlip, Blidworth, Wanford, Devils Dyke and Cannock…. And that’s to name just a few.

Dogging is such a huge buzz, nothing at all beats pulling into a dark car park laden with horny guys with spunk filled cocks that need draining, pulling down my knickers, bending over and offering myself freely for the taking for anyone who wishes to stick their cock in me. I have the best and 100% genuine dogging content on the internet and im always being imitated and having my photos stolen and put on other imitation dogging websites but there is ONLY ONE dogging Rachel and I shall continue to travel the UK meeting my members and dogging all over the country

I have another massive dogging tour planned for early September. Really hope to meet as many of my members as possible and enjoy their member!

I strive to meet as many members as I possibly can as well as non-members when I’m feeling extra naughty and horny! I get a ton of emails everyday which I reply to personally. I LOVE hearing from guys telling me how they want to feel my wet sex wrapped around their shafts.

Sign up right now and view my dogging location diary for September and come along and fuck me…

Rach xx







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August 2, 2014

Lisa’s Slut Days

Lisa’s Slut Days

For the life of me I cannot explain the thrill and the excitement I feel when I’m being treated like a real slut. Maybe it’s a humiliation thing but when I’m exposing myself, being called a slut or whore, having guys take turns fucking me and even having them cum all over me I get so excited I cum. There are some days that these desires are super strong and I just need some relief. I call these my nasty slut days. Thankfully I have a husband that understands but more importantly he gets off on seeing me this way.

Nasty slut days usually mean we take a trip to the adult theater. My attire varies but my goal is to look as slutty as possible. I always wear heels but the rest changes every time. I think the most daring outfit was my heels and a black sheer baby doll top. My tits were clearly visible and my hairy pussy and ass were totally uncovered. We browsed the video/dvd section for a while and I made sure all the guys got a real good show. Having been there several times before I saw familiar faces and said hi to each of them. By the time we made our way to the theater area my pussy juice was running down my leg.

The theater is always very dark when you first enter so we always stand in the back letting our eyes adjust. Being a familiar face the guys are not bashful and soon there are several guys standing around me with their cocks out. As soon as I touch the first cock I have many hands feeling me. This is when I take off whatever I’m wearing and encourage them to play. Over time my confidence has grown and I get quite verbal. I’ll let them know how good their actions make me feel and compliment the assortment of cocks in front of me. Then I usually ask for a couch cushion and as kneel down I’ll ask if anyone wants to let me suck their cock. Almost immediately I have a cock in my mouth and I begin sucking it. I like to look up at the guys I’m sucking and see how much they are enjoying it. To be a tease and to build their excitement level I’ll usually ask them if they want to cum in my mouth or I’ll plead with them to cum in my mouth. Both of these word real good and shortly thereafter I get a nice load of cum in my mouth. In true slut fashion I show off before swallowing and thank the guy for his deposit. Then it’s on to the next. Depending on my mood and the time it takes the guys to get off I usually do 5 to 8 guys this way.

After getting up finding a couch is always fun. Bill and I walk down the aisle, me naked except for heels and maybe stockings taking our time before choosing the seat we want. I always like a couch toward the middle. That way I have to slide in front of the guys occupying the couch’s before the one we chose. Once seated guys are reaching over from behind and playing with my tits. I quickly start playing with the guy seated next to me, couch’s seat 3, so Bill is on the other side. Another thrill is when I spread my legs wide and ask if anyone wants to eat me. I’ve always had takers and while they eat me I let everyone know how good it feels. I also encourage the guys hanging over the couch to cum on me. Some guys in front step up and cum on my tits and the guys from behind get my mouth and face. Being a cum slut I try and get as much as I can in my mouth but having my face decorated is a badge of honor to me. I’ll use my finger to divert some of it to my mouth but the rest is there to show what a slut I am. Being seen like this thrills me. Before I’m ready to fuck I usually have about 5 different guys eat me. It’s exciting to say next and have a new face between my legs. It’s also a powerful feeling knowing they want you.

The first guy I let fuck me is usually one of the guys that has eaten me. I will pull him up toward me and ask him to fuck me. By this time I’m very horny and the thrill of being fucked with so many watching drives me crazy. It doesn’t take long before I have a very good cum. During this time I’m verbal telling the guys how good they feel, that I want their cum, and even pleading for them to cum in me. I’m not a prejudice person but being brought up in a mostly white neighborhood I was taught that whites and blacks should not be intimate with each other. I think that is total rubbish but those old teachings heighten my experiences with black guys because I feel like a naughty girl. I have never met a black guy that didn’t buy into this in one way or another. Most like to ask if I like their black cocks, others like to call me a black cock slut. Those and other verbal exchanges always thrill me and make me cum so much harder. Many times as I suck them I play the game with them and tell them how much I like their big black cocks and that I’m a black cock slut that wants them to cum in my mouth. This always excites them and I get some very impressive loads.

Most nights after fucking several guys I guide one of them to fuck me in the ass. I love to get ass fucked and have some very intense anal orgasms. I only ask that the first guy go slow and open me up so it feels good. On some nights after a couple of guys have fucked my ass I’ll choose a nice big cock and get his permission to mount him and let another guy fuck my ass for a great DP. I do get verbal while they are doing me and I love to see all the guys watching me. Between their cocks and the audience I always have some incredible cums.

When I’ve had enough and it’s time to leave I use a moist wash cloth I always bring and wipe up the excess cum from my pussy and ass. The cum that landed on my face and tits is usually dry buy this time and I like to leave it that way. I like to have the guys that see me in the light see all the dried cum on me. Every once in awhile I’ll bring a dress I can slip into, very short, and Bill and I will stop at a Denny’s or Waffle House for breakfast. The dress and 5″ heels always catch guys attention when we walk in. Once seated we’ll order and I love seeing the looks on the waitresses face when she notices my face and the part of my chest exposed by the plunging neck line of my dress. It never fails that when they go to turn in our order they whisper to other waitresses telling them what they have seen. They all find some excuse to come by our both to check it out. I may be strange but I love the looks I get and I imagine what they must think of me. It excites me. To have even more fun I’ll make a comment to Bill about how many guys there were tonight when the waitress brings our food. I’ve gotten quite a few smiles and several dirty looks. I enjoy both because I know that both mean they know what a slut I am.

After eating Bill and I go home, I clean up real good, and he and I make love before going to sleep. The next morning over coffee we talk about what happened the night before and more times than not we end up in bed having some very good sex.

by Lisa34d

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